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Hermann Göring's wealth and grand style of living required table service and flatware second to none. He and his wife, Emmy, constantly entertained at Karenhalle and Obersaltzberg, as well as their lavish Berlin apartments. This "legacy of opulence" has left much in the way of silver pieces to collect. There were literally scores of different patterns and settings, each bearing Göring's "Mailed Fist" coat of arms. As one of the richest men in the world at the time, we collectors can now enjoy some of Hermann's "previously owned" bounty.

This section also has been expanded to include items from Reichswerke Hermann Göring.

GORINGSILVER #40682C Hermann & Carin Göring Table Linens with Veteran Documentation

This set of table linens is a very rare find coming with complete veteran documentation from the family. The set consists 4 white linen napkins being 24 inches by 24 inches. Each napkin has the embroidered monogram, "HG" and is decorated in the linen pattern with intertwined swastikas. Next are 8 white linen formal napkins being 25 inches by 25 inches with the embroidered monogram, "HG". Lastly is a large formal linen table cloth measuring 51 inches by 65 inches. The cloth is monogrammed "KG". All linens are in fine condition, showing only a little normal age toning.

Accompanying the linen set is a picture of the returning veteran, US Army Corporal William H.S. Farris. Farris participated in the D-Day landing, but other details of his service and where he was in Germany are not known by the consignor, his step son. Apparently, he did not talk about his war experience, which is common among some veterans. Farris was born November 22, 1921 in Detroit and died in 2000 and his buried in Detroit. Accompanying the grouping is a picture of Farris in uniform as well as his Final Payment work sheet when he separated from the US Army. Additionally, there is a notarized letter from his stepson certifying that his step father brought the items home and that they have been in the family since the war. For those of you out there that are familiar with researching US service personnel, there is enough information here to possibly chart the whereabouts of Farris during the battle for Europe and the defeat of Germany. If so, it should be possible to discover from which of Göring's homes these artifacts were liberated.

Over the years, I have never had any linens associated with Hermann other than a napkin from his train, so I believe this discovery to be very rare and also most desirable. The monogram on the table cloth has Carin's initial with a "K" instead of the normally seen "C", but she was Swedish and the "K" initial was also used by her. In fact, one of the outstanding reference books that I use for research, "Encyclopedia of the Third Reich" spells Hermann's Hunting Estate as "Karinhalle".

It is interesting that a table cloth with Carin's monogram would have been saved after her death of tuberculosis in 1931, but Göring was completely crushed as she was the love of his life. If you have never read a biography of Hermann, it is like a romantic novel to read how he met Carin von Kantzow at the home of her brother-in-law, Count Eric v. Rosen, and they proceeded to fall in love at first sight. After coming to power Hermann actually had her body exhumed from Sweden and brought to an elaborate tomb at Karinhalle next to the lake. It was a solemn service attended by Hitler and Germany's elite in 1933. Hermann actually has a casket made for her from pewter that was large enough to also accommodate himself when the day came! Hermann never got over her death in spite of marrying Emmy Sonneman in 1935. The fact that he kept a painted portrait of Carin in the main room of his Berchtesgaden chalet until war's end testifies to his endless love for her. Apparently Emmy understood, otherwise his Schorfheide estate or his yacht would not have born Carin's name.

For those of you out there that can get into these kind of things, I believe that this linen set is a direct touch to Hermann, Karin and Emmy. It was a linen service that they absolutely used in one of their residences, so the new owner can comfortably enjoy this grouping knowing full well that Hermann certainly wiped a little gravy from a delicious venison liver from his chin, or Karin or Emmy may have cleaned a little spilled vintage wine from the table. And surely, these linens were witness to some very alluring conversations. A very exciting offering here and since it is listed for sale in its entirety, the new possessor will be the unique with exclusive ownership of the only known existing Göring fine table linen.

A 100% original, lifetime guaranteed opportunity here!

Excellent Plus, Plus. $6,495.00