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Hermann Göring's wealth and grand style of living required table service and flatware second to none. He and his wife, Emmy, constantly entertained at Karenhalle and Obersaltzberg, as well as their lavish Berlin apartments. This "legacy of opulence" has left much in the way of silver pieces to collect. There were literally scores of different patterns and settings, each bearing Göring's "Mailed Fist" coat of arms. As one of the richest men in the world at the time, we collectors can now enjoy some of Hermann's "previously owned" bounty.

This section also has been expanded to include items from Reichswerke Hermann Göring.

GORINGSILVER #43336C Göring Wax Seal

This silver Wax Seal is about 4 inches tall. The entire stamp has been fashioned into the shape of the Göring coat of arms, namely an arm, clad in armor, holding aloft a ring. The design is quite well done, with individual armored sections including a couter and vambrace.

The arm is affixed to an oblong hexagonal wax seal. The seal itself is the deluxe version of the Göring wappen, with the addition of a shield, plumed helmet, streamers, and topped with a winged version of the arm and ring. It is a very elaborate affair and I've had Göring items with this upscale version of the wappen before.

A very beautiful, original item here, most likely one of a kind.

Excellent Plus. $3,995.00

GORINGSILVER #43537C Göring Field Marshall Engraved Tray

This Tray is oval in shape, measuring about 11 inches long and 8 across. It has a three-stage "rippled" border and smooth center area.

Engraved into the center of the tray is a magnificent rendering of a Field Marshall eagle. The beautiful bird clutches a swastika and is set on a pair of fine crossed batons. The detailing throughout this engraving is simply phenomenal, and even more amazing when studied throughout a loupe.

This tray is not marked but I suspect it is a silvered example. There are some signs of mild wear along the edges but in the main the condition is very fine.

A magnificent piece of period silver here, and a welcome addition to any Luftwaffe collection.

Excellent Plus. $3,500.00

GORINGSILVER #43659 Göring White Linen Napkin

This fine white linen napkin remains in very fine condition. It has a border of open thread and fine pattern in the linen itself.

Embroidered at one end are the initials "HG". This napkin measures 13 by 14 inches.

A very fine Göring piece here, no doubt acquired from one of his many residences.

Mint. $295.00