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Hermann Göring's wealth and grand style of living required table service and flatware second to none. He and his wife, Emmy, constantly entertained at Karenhalle and Obersaltzberg, as well as their lavish Berlin apartments. This "legacy of opulence" has left much in the way of silver pieces to collect. There were literally scores of different patterns and settings, each bearing Göring's "Mailed Fist" coat of arms. As one of the richest men in the world at the time, we collectors can now enjoy some of Hermann's "previously owned" bounty.

This section also has been expanded to include items from Reichswerke Hermann Göring.

GORINGSILVER #39891C Göring Reichsmarshall Dinner Spoon

This Göring Dinner Spoon is in excellent condition. It has a series of swirls on the lower edges and what looks like a rose design further up on the handle. This utensil measures a substantial 8 inches in length.

A striking Reichsmarshall's Eagle is delicately engraved on the bottom of the spoon. The eagle has open wings and looks to the viewer’s left. it clutches a pair of crossed batons with a superimposed swastika in its talon.

The reverse surface of the spoon is marked “800” and “R. Miracholief”.

A very fine Göring item here.

GORINGSILVER #37461C Silver Reichsmarshall Göring Candy Dish

This silver Candy Dish is constructed out of 800 silver, and is beginning to acquire a light patination. It measures 6¼ inches by 4¼ inches. The border rim has lined surfaces with scalloped edges. The interior slopes downward and is plain. At the bottom of this dish is a beautiful engraved Fieldmarshall's Eagle. It is open-winged and clutches a swastika. The swastika is superimposed above a pair of cross Fieldmarshall's Batons.

The reverse of the dish is marked “800” along with two jeweler's hallmarks that I don't recognize. These two hallmarks appear to in the form of animals of some kind, one looking like a rearing horse.

A very rare and very high quality item here. Given his bloated and jiggling stature I'm sure Herr Göring was enormously fond of candy; I'm surprised it isn't a bucket, actually.

Mint. $1,895.00

Excellent Plus, Plus. $495.00

GORINGSILVER #38884 Hermann/Emmy Göring Wedding Ashtray

This beautiful ashtray was no doubt a gift to Hermann and Emmy Sonneman for their wedding in 1935, as the silver lid bears their individual coats of arms on either side of a central handle. The Göring crest depicts a mailed arm clutching an upheld ring. The Sonneman crest takes the form of a shield with a pair of stars at the top and a single star at the bottom, divided by a lined center.

This ashtray is 5½ inches long and just over 2 inches wide. It is 2 ½ inches high. It is constructed of beautiful porcelain and is decorated with colorful flowers. The silvered lid slides to the left and right to reveal the chambered tray, complete with cutouts for resting a cigarette. The whole affair rests on a polished silver plate designed to perfectly fit the tray.

The bottom of the piece is marked “Wellner”, set in a shield that bears the three famous Wellner Gnomes. Apparently Wellner made the lid of this tray. Below the Wellner mark we see “Rosenthal”, along with “Germany” and “D.R.P.”.

A beautiful, original piece here.

Near Mint. $2,500.00

GORINGSILVER #35528C Göring Teaspoon

This Göring Teaspoon is about 5 1/2 inches long. It is a nice example, which appears to me to be of silver, although it is not hallmarked to that extent. The spoon has a slight patination throughout, and the handle is quite decorative, with a raised, vinelike border running around the edges having breaks of leaves here and there.

The Göring crest is engraved at the bottom of the handle having a double scribed shield, and with chained mail fist and ring crest. The reverse of the spoon is marked with the maker name "Koppen". I stand corrected, because there is also a silver hallmark, "800", that is further down the handle, that I did not see originally. A nice teaspoon here.

Excellent Plus. $650.00