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The gorgets worn by the Standard Bearers of Third Reich organizations are extremely interesting, and good-looking artifacts. They make great additions to a collection of edged weapons. The same organizations that used a unique gorget breast piece to represent the traditions of their service branch also carried a dagger for the same reasons; the two go hand-in-hand. They also will prove to be great accent pieces with a dagger collection.

GORGETS #40983C Bahnhofswache Gorget with Chain

The Bahnhofswache was an army-connected military police group that worked within the larger railway stations of Germany and occupied countries checking orders and identification as well as identifying and arresting deserters and those absent without leave. If your papers were not in order, you did not want to see one of these guys heading toward you!

This Gorget and neck chain are quite rare and it is the first example that I have had the opportunity to offer. The face plate is in a crescent shape, having a rolled edge. It is a steel base and is finished in an aluminum color plating. The plating of this example shows a few usage scratches, but overall is still good. Mounted at each of the upper corners is a Wehrmacht-style closed-wing eagle clutching a swastika. Each of the eagles is luminous. In the center, are two sets of numerals. At the top of this example in Roman numerals is "XII", which designates the Army Wehrkreis to which the unit was assigned. The set of numbers below, "99" is the company number. These numerals are also luminous. Below is a green colored ribbon having raised Gothic style luminous letters of the organization, "Bahnhofswache".

The reverse of the Gorget is unmarked and is covered with a green felt cloth. The felt remains in perfect condition with no mothing. Attached at the left upper side is a metal ramp which retains the Gorget in place. A matching metal ramp is positioned at the center. At the left upper area, one end of the neck chain is permanently attached. The chain consists of wire links being the same as we see on the Feldgendarmerie Gorgets. The chain shows some mild age, exactly blending with the age of the face plate. Bahnhofswache personnel also wore a yellow arm band with the name in black letters in place of the Gorget.

A fine opportunity here to acquire a rarely-seen Gorget and a great item to display with other Gorgets or military police-related artifacts. This Gorget is the same as is shown in the outstanding Wilhelm Saris Gorget Book on Page 540 or the Deeter Gorget Book on Page 103.

Excellent. $3,695.00

GORGETS #39785C Political Leader’s Gorget

This Political Leader’s Gorget is in the form a brass, crescent shaped plate with a border of overlapping oak leaves. In the center of the plate is a Political eagle, with open wings that are tipped slightly upward. The recesses of the feathering, wreath, and swastika have been factory darkened.

There are a couple of age spots on this plate, the main one being under the left wing. None of them are too bad, however.

The gorget is equipped with a fine neck chain. The links of this chain alternate between designs of oak leaves and swastikas and Political eagles. The two bottom links are marked “RZM M 1/19”. This chain is comprised or 31 links and it is connected to a pair of tabs on the reverse of the gorget. On of these tabs is marked “RZM M1/102”. This does not match the RZM number on the chain, but we frequently see mismatched numbers on this type of gorget. These chains were not attached in any permanent manner, so obviously they were easily taken off and subsequently mixed up.

The reverse of the gorget has excellent green felt backing. There are a few very minor moth holes but in the main the backing is in outstanding condition.

A nice gorget here that is priced reasonably.

Excellent. $1,095.00(#060118)

GORGETS #39655 SA/SS Flag Bearer Kornet Gorget

This Kornet Gorget was worn by flag bearer's of both the SS and the SA up until 1938, when the SS had their own design. The gorget is heart-shaped and is non-magnetic, being produced of nickel. The edges are rolled. The nickel surfaces show only mild patina, but appear to be in perfect condition beneath.

At the two upper edges of the plate are line-decorated, brass bosses. In the center is a matching brass sunburst with an applied circular nickel emblem. The emblem has twin rope design circles which contain oak leaves. Inside is an early Party eagle with open wings and grasping an oak leaf wreath with sun wheel-style swastika. The reverse of the plate has three nickel stem tabs, two for attaching the neck chain and one for putting behind the shirt during wear. Below is a metal circle about the size of a quarter with a circle and "RZM" raised out.

The neck chain is heavy nickel brass links. The backing to the plate is a black felt material. It is still in mint condition with no mothing. A fine example here.

A great display piece with an SA or early SS dagger.

Near Mint. $1595.00

GORGETS #39322 SA/SS Kornet Gorget

This early Kornet Gorget is the heart-shaped type with fine nickel face plate. The plate has a crisp rim around the edge. At the top are a pair of brass bosses that act to retain the tabs on the reverse.

In the center is a star surrounding a rope-like circle. In the center is an opened winged eagle grasping a wreathed sunwheel swastika.

The reverse is equipped with a closed tab retaining the heavy chain. The other tab is open to allow removal of the chain. In the center there is a third, large tab that was used to secure the gorget to the uniform of the wearer. This gorget is backed with dark, blue-black velvet, which may be a replacement but still looks good.

The chain is a very heavy example and in very good condition. This piece is the same as that shown on page 25 of the Dieter gorget book.

Excellent Plus. $1,195.00

GORGETS #38490 Early SA/SS Kornet Gorget

This early Gorget was initially by both the SA and the SS, although after 1938 a different pattern was adopted by the SS.

This example is heart shaped with fine nickel-plated surfaces. The plating is perfect throughout, with no rust or problems. The gorget has a border, and at the top there are brass bosses on each side. These bosses have a fine floral design. In the center there is a brass sunburst with a circular design that is almost identical to that seen on a SA belt buckle. In the very middle is a early, open-winged Political eagle. This eagle has fine detail and clutches a large wreathed sunwheel swastika. There are traces of the original plating in the recesses of the sunburst.

The reverse of the gorget is covered in blue/black felt. This felt has seen some mothing in the center and about the edges, but overall is about 90% intact. In the center of the felt is an RZM medallion. There are three tabs on this example; one tab retains the neck chain while the other is longer and only acts to secure the chain. The center tab is the longest, and was used to secure the piece to the uniform of the wearer.

Attached to the gorget is the heavy nickel-plated neck chain which is constructed from links of wire.

The gorget is in very fine condition, and a great example to display with SA or SS pieces. It is the same as the example shown in the Dieter book on page 24. We don't see many of these early patterns around any more, so this is a good opportunity to acquire a textbook example.

Excellent Plus. $1,395.00

GORGETS #38489 Political Leader's Gorget

This outstanding Political Leader's Gorget was produced by the famous Assmann firm. It has a beautiful antique bronze finish throughout that shows only the most minor evidence of age. The edges of the 9 inch face plate are beautifully accented with raised, overlapping oak leaves.

In the center is the large, open-winged eagle which is retained by rivets. The bird has a finely up-swept wing tips and clutches a wreathed swastika in his talons.

The reverse is covered in the brown felt backing characteristic of Assmann pieces, as opposed to the more commonly seen green. There is some mild mothing on the bottom portion and edges of the felt. The two tabs that retain the chain are marked with Assmann code, “RZM M5/8”.

The accompanying neck chain has 31 links. These links nicely match the finish of the gorget, and alternate in design between a swastika with oak leaves and a Political eagle and swastika. This chain is marked “RZM M 1/17” on the reverse; it is not usually to see mismatched RZM codes on a gorget. This same code is usually seen on Assmann gorgets, perhaps indicating that they purchased them from another manufacturer.

An extremely nice gorget that will make an impressive addition to any collection. If you have the old Dieter gorget book you can see this type of piece on page 128.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,395.00

GORGETS #36694 1st Style Veteran's Gorget

This 1st Style Veteran's Gorget is identical to the example pictured on page 154 of the Dieter gorget book.

The gorget is steel-based, and is crescent shaped. The breastplate is nickel-plated throughout, and shows only the most minor signs of age. It has a rolled rim that goes around the entire border. In the center there is an enamel shield, which features the Kyffhäuser War Memorial. It is rendered in black enamel, set against a white field, over a red field with a black mobile swastika. There is a small chip in the enamel at the tip of shield. On either side of the shield are the flags of Imperial Germany, two of them at the left, and the flags of the Third Reich, two of them being at the right. These flags are rendered with poles and pole-tops. The area around the enamel Kyffhäuser memorial has a matching gilded wreath. Above the center area of the gorget is the name of the town from the wearer hailed. It is engraved “Erdorf”. At the two crescent ends are matching gilded bosses.

The reverse of the gorget has a dark blue felt covering. The felt is in completely perfect condition. It is possible that this felt is a replacement, as it is hard to believe it can be in this good of a state, but if it is a restoration it does not detract from the piece.

The gorget is complete with a gilded brass neck chain. It consists of alternating swastika and Iron Cross marked links. These links are attached to the reverse of the gorget with a metal tab on the left. This tab is stanmped “2”. This is the tab that is open so that the chain can be removed. The tab on the right side is the permanently sealed type, to which the chain is affixed.

A fine example here of a Veteran's Gorget, as the 1st Style is more difficult to find than the 2nd Style.

Excellent Plus. $1,295.00

GORGETS #35143 2nd Type Stahlhelm Gorget

This lightweight, 2nd Style Stahlhelm Gorget is quite rare, and is the same as the one shown in the Deeter Book on Page 21 ,and also tappears in the new gorget book by Wilhelm Saris on Page 46 and 47.

The gorget appears to be a solid copper crescent shape having rolled border. The center area features an applied silvered image having an oval depiction in the center flanked by a pair of Imperial flags on each side. The flags are equipped with pointed pole tops. The lower portion of the depiction is bordered with laurel leaves. In the center oval, there is an applied steel WWI helmet having the pressed-in lettering in the helmet center, "Der Stahlhelm". Engraved below the helmet is the town/area from whence the gorget was used,"Ortsgruppe/Schönburg". The engraving is professionally accomplished. At the two upper corners of the plate are silvered fluted bosses.

The reverse is equipped with tabs in the upper corners that retain the neck chain. The neck chain consists of alternating brass links in the shape of circles and ovals, each having a geometric design on the front and reverse surfaces. There is no covering material on the reverse of the gorget plate, and it does not look like it ever had any. A very rare gorget coming from the early 1920's, when the war-torn and discouraged German population was struggling to establish a government that looked after the many unemployed and veterans of WWI.

Excellent Plus $1,995.