Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Presentation Goblets
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GOBLETS #42340C Silver Luftwaffe Honor Goblet

This Luftwaffe Honor Goblet is in excellent condition throughout, with no dings or problems. It has a hammered finish, and depicts a pair of fighting eagles on one side. The opposite side has a raised depiction of the Iron Cross, complete with swastika and serrated legs.

Around the lower area of the goblet there is a row of overlapping oak leaves and acorns which run around the circumference. The lower lip of the goblet ireads, "FÜHRER BESONDERE LIESTUNG IM LUFTKRIEG". This translates to something like "For Outstanding Achievement in the Air War".

Above this is the name of the original recipient, "Oberfeldwbel Karl Müller - am 21.3.41". I don't have any information about this man but I believe that he could probably be researched, as he did receive this goblet.

The bottom of the goblet is hallmarked "Joh, Wagner & Sohn", along with the hallmarks of a crescent, a crown, "835", and a Prussian eagle. The silver hallmarked examples are very desirable as the later examples were produced of cheaper Alpaca.

A very fine Luftwaffe example here.

Near Mint. $5,500.00

GOBLETS #42341 Imperial Hessian Retirement Goblet

This Goblet is about 6 ½ inches tall. It is fitted with three balls that serve as legs, and has smooth surfaces throughout, as well as silver hallmarks. The bottom is marked "H. Plümer", "20790", and "800", as well as an Imperial crown.

The obverse of the goblet has a six line dedication. It reads, "Sienem scheidenden Kameraden / Herrn Major Niemeyer / das Offiziercorps / des / Infanterie Regiments v. Wittich / "3. Hessisches" No 83". This dedication basically translates to "A departing comrade / Mr. Major Niemeyer / Officer's Corps / Infantry Regiment Wittich / "3rd Hessian" No 83". The reverse has a beautifully engraved Prussian crown set atop the cypher of Wilhelm I. On either side of the cypher are the dates "1887" and "1897". Below the cypher is the numeral "83". We can assume these dates mark the tenure of of Major Niemeyer.

The engraving is nothing short of spectacular throughout this piece. I would this this goblet could be researched as all of the pertinent information is here.

A spectacular artifact here.

Excellent Plus. $695.00

GOBLETS #35393C Anniversary Presentation Goblet of a National Socialist Comradeship Faternity

This beautiful Presentation Goblet is 6 inches, with a 3 1/2 inch rim. The goblet appears to be a silvered, nickel based example. The base is marked "Original Wellner/ Aug. Wellner & Sohne A.G.".

There is a silver raised band at the upper area which has twin borders of detailed laurel leaves. In the center of the band is the raised inscription in capital letters, "JUBILÄUMSGABE DER KAMERADSCHAFTLICHEN VEREINIGUNG". The inscription is followed by a mobile, raised swastika.

This roughly translates to, "Anniversary Gift from the Comrade Organization". This was most likely one of the many Police or political organizations that existed in Nazi Germany.

A fine Wellner display goblet.

Near Mint. $1,000.00