Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Flag Section
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Mr. Wittmann is pictured with each flag for purposes of scale only. He is not endorsing the NSDAP or their political philosophy.

FLAGS #48970C Marine-Marked Kriegs Flag (100 X 170)

This flag remains in choice condition and is a very desirable size. The flag hoist is marked with the Naval eagle over the letter "M", as well as "Reichskriegsflg 100 X 170", which equates to a size of 39 inches by 66 inches, a livable size for display. The hoist is further marked with the maker, "Pleuzar & Brull K.G. Bielitz". The flag's colors remain factory bright throughout and there are no holes or any flaws.

The rope remains in the hoist with a small loop on each end.

Mint. $995.00

FLAGS #49214C Captured Vehicle ID Flag with Veterans Signatures, Discharge Paper & Various Medals

This important vehicle I.D. Flag is a standard type measuring just over 6 feet by 3 feet. It retains its rich red color and is completely free of holes. It has a couple of tiny stains, but otherwise is perfect. The field is separately sewn to the flag, having a printed swastika in the center. The flag is equipped with four brass grommets, one in each corner.

But, the great thing about this flag are the veteran's names and hometowns of the G.I.'s that captured this flag. Looking throughout the field, there are about 11 G.I. names and towns inked throughout the white field. The flag was brought back by PFC Carlyle W. Merrick of Company A / 112th Engineer Combat Battalion. I don't see his name on the flag, but I could have missed it. Additionally the flag includes Merrick's discharge paper as well as a series of medals and awards that belonged to Merrick.

This flag is a terrific artifact for those of you that like to research these things. I would assume that finding the names of the members of the 112th Engineer Combat Battalion would no doubt yield the names of the signers of this flag.

Excellent. $1,295.00

FLAGS #42579C Large Hitler Youth Banner

This Hitler Youth Banner is in choice condition throughout. It measures 3 1/2 feet by 9 feet in length. The original bright colors are still all there and are most impressive. There are no flaws, holes or stains on this banner.

The center area with the white HJ swastika is a separately sewn piece with a printed swastika.

A real beauty here being in mint condition.

Mint. $1,195.00

FLAGS #48971C Unissued NSDAP Flag

This NSDAP flag is in complete unissued condition with the fabric still being completely new-like. Obviously, it has its rich original red colors and remains completely perfect throughout - none better. The flag measures 30 inches by 46 inches, a very good displayable size.

It features a separately sewn white field and a printed swastika. Absolutely the best of condition.

Mint. $495.00

FLAGS #48807C Red Velvet Political Banner

This banner is all in red velvet on one side and a satin type red velvet on the other. The banner measures 17 inches by 11 and three quarter inches and the center of the bottom has a tip on it with two inch gold bullion fringe. On the obverse center is a white separately sewn field with a separately sewn black swastika.

The swastika is outlined on the edges with a gold bullion thread. The banner is equipped with three snap clips at the top.

Quite a showpiece here!

Mint Minus. $495.00

FLAGS #48737 NSDAP Podium Banner

This podium banner is in fine red color throughout and measures 39 inches by 32 inches. It is laid out with a separately applied white with a black printed swastika. There is a two inch white silk strip that runs around the inner edges of the banner and at the bottom there is two inch white fringe.

At the upper portion the banner is equipped with three hanging rings. It is in perfect condition throughout and ready top display with your collection.

Mint Minus. $595.00

FLAGS #48412 Large NSDAP Party Banner

This large banner retains its original bright colors and is double-sided. It has a large separate filed with pirnted swastika. This flag is 12 feet by 5 feet. The hoist area is equoipped with a series of round brass rings which are sewn to the flag and meant for hanging. The flag is in really nice condition with just minor hole.

It is also an unusual size and design, so it must have served a specific use. A fine display example if you have the room.

Excellent. $595.00

FLAGS #48395 NSDAP Flag

This NSDAP flag is double sided showing actual period wear from use.

The flag measures 5 feet by 7 and a half feet and it has a few very minor holes. The color remains good despite the wear and tear.

It is quipped with the usual rugged canvas hoist and looped rope.

A good, basic example here.

Good Plus. $295.00

FLAGS #48262C Weimar Period Flag

This Weimar flag is the standard type, striped in red, white, and black.

This flag measures 4 feet by 12, a size that lends itself to display.

This flag shows age and unfortunately has a few minor holes. One the the original mounting straps is intact.

These flags were flown in the 20’s and early 30’s, and occasionally cropped up on Kriegsmarine vessels.

Good Minus. $350.00

FLAGS #48470 Luftwaffe General's Car Pennant

This rare pennant was once the property of a Luftwaffe general. It is double-sided and is produced a fine blue wool fabric material. There are a coupl,e of very minor holes on one side of the pennant. (The pennant measures 17 inches by 9 inches. The center of both sides displays a heavily woven gold Luftwaffe Eagle flying to the viewer's right and clutching a swastika, Beautiful work here. The three edges of both sides of the pennant are covered with a gold bullion brocade which features swastikas inlaid into the masterial throughout the length. The pennant remains in fine condition, but is missing the support bracket and also the celluloid shield which would have once covered it. A great display item with a Luftwaffe collection.

Excellent. $1,395.00

FLAGS #48407 Veteran-Signed NSDAP Banner

This banner is the perfect display size being only 24 inches by 33 inches. The colors remain factory bright throughout with no issues whatsoever. There is no hoist, so I assume this must have been a table display piece, although it is double-sided. The white fields are separetly sewn and the swastikas are the pritned type. The really interesting part about the flag is the fact that it has veteran capture information inked into the white field of one side. At the upper part of the field at 12:00 o'clock, it is pritned in ink pen, "G" Co. 3D / 272D TPA 1th SQD" . Below this and running along the lower leg of the top swastika leg are the inked numbers, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9". Next to the "8' is ink-printed the name, "Bob McNary". It appears as though the capturing vet was going to get the names of his fellow shoulders, one next to each number, but somehow things went array, and the only name there is McNary. Kind of interesting. I think there is probably enough information on the flag to possibly research this vet bring-back, but I don't know. If so, it is a beautiful mint conditioned piece and with research could be really exciting.

Mint. $695.00

FLAGS #48389 Large NSDAP Gateway Drapery

This pennant is in a shape that I have not seen before having a curved portion at the top as it goes into the pennant shape. It is quite long and must have been hung from a large window or possibly over a street. It is 12 foot long by 6 and a half inches wide at the upper part of the pennant. The flag is in very choice condition with no holes and it has a red canvas style hoist which is equipped with 5 separate hanging straps all in good condition. Further there is a maker label “Fahnenfabrik Wallichs”. The fields are separate on both sides with printed swastikas. A great flag here if you have the right place to suspend it and as I say it is a very unusual shape which you should be able to see on our pictures.

Near Mint. $595.00

FLAGS #48372 Vehicle ID Flag

This vehicle ID flag is in extremely choice condition. The colors remain clean and bright.

The field is applied, with a printed swastika. It measures 6 feet by 3 feet and is single sided. The usual grommets are present on the edges. One the grommets looks to have been placed too close to the edge and an extra, correctly placed grommet seems to have been installed next to it.

A really fine example here.

Mint Minus. $695.00

FLAGS #48385 Large Hitler Youth Pennant

This HJ pennant is quite nice and still has good bright colors. It does have a hole, which is a shame.

The HJ diamond fields and swastikas are applied pieces. It measures 36 inches long and 20 inches across the hoist. The brigade numbers are woven in white on both sides, “10/164”.

It has a sturdy canvas hoist which feels like the ropes are still inside, although they have been cut off at the ends.

A fairly scarce pennant here.

Good. $795.00

FLAGS #43820C Studentenbund Banner

This very rare and ornate banner is quite a looker. It measures 56 inches by 48 inches. It has bright colors throughout featuring the extended swastika of the Studentenbund being in the center area with white stripes that adjoin. All of this work is done with quality separate construction. Running along the three edges is fine 2 inch bullion fringe. There is a tunnel hoist at the top, but I think the banner would have been originally suspended from some type of hooks. Other than a couple of extremely small age holes, the banner is still perfect. It is a very impressive item here and rarely seen.

Mint Minus. $1,495.00

FLAG #47690C Marine Marked Kriegsflagge

This kriegsflagge has the naval eagle stamping with the M beneath. It is also printed on the hoist Reichskriegsflagge as well as the dimensions of 1.5 X 2.5. This translates to 59 inches by 98 inches. The flag still retains its good colors showing some minor usage.

There is a small amount of wear in the field area with very small holes. The hoist contains the original rope, with a loop at one end.

Good Plus. $895.00

FLAGS #47893C RAD Long Pennant

This RAD pennant is not seen too often being quite long measuring 84 inches by 48 inches wide. It is double sided and is a printed type.

It has a few larger size holes but not too bad. It retains its good color and is equipped with a canvas hoist which still contains the original rope with eyelets. A rarely seen pennant here.

Excellent. $350.00

FLAGS #47601 BDM Black Pennant

This pennant is in outstanding condition and very impressive. It is all black cotton measuring 38 inches by 22 inches. On both sides there is a separately applied Hitler Youth insignia which is all made up of separate pieces. The insignia is in first rate condition on both sides having its original red white and black swastika colors.

In the canton section of both sides of the flag is the group unit of this BDM group being 28 over 56. The hoist is also of black cotton and it is in good shape originally being fitted with three snap clips but the upper clip is missing whereas the center and bottom clip are still in place. A great display example here which is very impressive.

Near Mint. $950.00

FLAGS #47113 NSDAP Single Sided Banner

This banner is in nice condition throughout and of quality construction. The cotton fabric still retains its bright colors and there are no holes in the piece.

There is no tunnel hoist on this example so apparently it was meant as a table display type or to be hung in some other manner.

the field is a separate example and the swastika is printed on to it. Lots of color here and a good display size being 36 inches by 28 inches.

Excellent Plus. $395.00

FLAGS #46103 Hamburg City Flag

This Hamburg city flag measures 39 inches by 50 inches and has a hoist with small rope in it at one end.

The flag is all printed being double sided with the Hamburg castle coat of arms which has a swastika flag below and the initials A. O. E.

There are some holes and age throughout the flag but it is not too bad. There is also a maker tag on the flag "Fahnen Fleck, Hamburg".

An interesting item here that is rarely seen.

Excellent. $650.00

FLAGS #46530C NSDAP Auto/Motorcycle Pennant

This pennant measures 11 inches X 8 inches. It is made of red canvas and is double-sided.

One side has some minor stains, but is in otherwise acceptable condition.

The round field is separately applied with its black swastika.

The field edges are trimmed with a white twisted cord and there is a black canvass hoist.

An excellent example for display.

Excellent. $695.00

FLAGS #45825 BDM Pennant

This black BDM pennant is quite a nice example being shaped more in a flag than a pennant. The item measures 31 inches by 21 inches and has extra sewing in each of the corners.

At the two fly ends the original black strapping is attached for hanging. The obverse of the flag has a separately applied Hitler Youth insignia. The insignia is all separate construction as to the red and white background white diamond field and black swastika. To the right of the emblem is the grouping in three lines all done in white yarn sewing “BDM / Schar 1 / Brambaur”. The sewing is extremely well done.

On the reverse there is also a Hitler Youth insignia also being of separate construction but the rest of the reverse flag is plain.

This flag is in exceptional condition with no tears or holes and is ready to display in your collecting room. A rarely seen example here.Excellent Plus. $895.00

FLAGS #45572 NSDAP Pennant

This pennant is in choice condition not looking to have been used. The red color are as bright as the day it was made and it is also affixed with a white hoist on the one end.

The pennant measures 14 inches by 9 inches. It has a separately applied white field on both sides with a printed swastika.

A very good decorative item to enhance your collection.

Mint. $295.00

FLAGS #45461 Harbor Pilots Flag

This harbor pilot flag was flown by a pilot in a harbor who was responsible for meeting ships as they arrived at the entrance and getting them into proper docking. These flags are quite rare to see and are unique.

This flag measures 19 inches by 24 inches. It shows usage but no fraying. It has a few small age holes but they are extremely minor. The flag has a factory patch sewn in the corners where it attaches to the canvas hoist to give it strength. The hoist is of quality canvas having its original rope inside with a loop on each end. Attached to each loop is a very large thick hook meant so the flag would not come off during rough seas and wind. The canvas hoist is marked “LOTSEN-FLG. 0.5X0.8”.

A difficult flag to find and good size for display in a collecting room.

Excellent. $495.00

FLAGS #45262C Large DAF Flag

This DAF flag is in nice condition throughout measuring 16 feet long and 5 feet wide.

It has all separate construction to the DAF emblem which is sewn in a position more towards the beginning of the flag than the end. The flag has a few small holes but nothing serious whatsoever.

This is a very well made item and would have been flown in factories particularly those who were making munitions where the DAF was present.

A very scarce flag to find and quite a good looker of highest quality.

Mint Minus $995.00

FLAGS #44938C Heim Ins Reich Pennant

This pennant is not seen too often and it has the same details as the party badge that was also issued with the same saying. I understand that this pennant applies to foreign personnel that had become party members.

The flag is of red canvas being double sided. It has a white canvas hoist and the rope is still within the hoist. Separately applied to both sides of the flag are the insignia consisting of a black bordered circle with white field and black swastika. Around the black portion of the circle is "Heim Ins Reich".

A nice item here if you are collecting party related things. This is the first example I can recall having to offer so I do not think these are common pennants.

Near Mint. $495.00

FLAGS #44705 High Ranking Naval Car Pennant with Staff

This car pennant apparently belonged to a naval admiral. It has a dark blue canvas base and the edges are lined with a gold type tress.

There is a little fray along the edges but not too bad.

In the center area is a woven gold naval eagle. The naval eagle is done quite intricately but it appears to some age has gotten to it and there are some portions of the eagle where the thread has gone to time. The image though is still perfectly visible being an eagle looking to the viewer's left clutching a wreath with swastika.

The pennant is mounted over a wire metal base and also the staff portion at the end is still intact.

This pennant measures 19 inches by 9 inches. Quite a rare item here.

Excellent. $995.00

FLAGS #44642C Hermann öring Personal Car Pennant as Prussian Minister of the Interior

This one-of-a-kind car pennant is an extremely rare artifact. The pennant is contained in its original leather frame with antenna rod. The frame is covered with celluloid plastic which amazingly, is still 100% intact. At the left side of the frame, the leather folds over and secures the pennant inside with three working snaps. As far as I know, the pennant has never been out of the leather covering. The pennant measures 11 inches X 6 inches. It appears to be an off-white, yellowish color cotton. The car pennant is double-sided and is embroidered with the Prussian Minister's eagle which we also know as the Feldjägerkorps Polizei eagle seen on Police Bayonets coming from this brief era in 3rd Reich history. The eagle is of black weave with open wings and looking to the viewer's right. The bird's beak and talons are yellow. The bird's eye is white, as are feather details and the mobile swastika emblazoned on his breast. The bird's talons contain two lightning bolts on the left and retain a sword in the right talon. Above the bird's head is a black ribbon which in white lettering appears the slogan, "Gott mit uns". The pennant shows a couple of minor stains, but overall, it is in fine condition.

In 1934, G√∂ring was appointed Prussian Minister of the Interior where he consolidated Nazi power by filling the Prussian administration with Party members. At the same time he founded the political police of Prussia using mostly SA members, which became known as the Feldjágerkorps. At the same time he was responsible for the institution of the Gestapo under Himmler and Heydrich. It was also during this administration that G√∂ring formed the first concentration camp for political prisoners..Hermann was at his prime then, having the full confidence of Hitler and used this office to go on as leader of the Luftwaffe, and in 1936, Hitler appointed him Plenipotentiary for the Implementation of the Four-Year plan, where G√∂ring became one of the richest men in the world. Next to Hitler, Hermann was the most important man in the 3rd Reich.

A very historic pennant here and a highlight for an advanced Göring collection.

Excellent Plus. $6,500.00

FLAGS #44432 NSDAP Pennant

This small NSDAP Pennant measures 13 inches long and 7 across the hoist.

It is a high quality piece, with unfaded color and made with a tunnel hoist. It is double sided, with stitched on fields and grosgrain swastikas.

There are no holes anywhere on this piece.

A fine Party example here.

Near Mint. $195.00

FLAGS #43750C General Admiral's Flag

This very rare flag shows usage throughout and has a few minor age holes scattered about the cotton construction. It measures 56 by 56 inches.

The flag is a printed, double sided example. In the center of the flag is a large Iron Cross that takes up the full width. Above the cross and in the canton there is a set of yellow crossed swords with brown highlights. On the guards of both swords is a fouled Naval anchor. The flag also has reinforcing patches coming off the canvas hoist. The original looped rope remains in the hoist.

The hoist is marked "General-Adm. 1,5 X 1,5". There is also an ink stamping of a swastika within a circle about the letter "M", also in a circle.

For those of you that are serious naval collectors you will definitely want to consider this flag.

Excellent. $2,495.00

FLAGS #43744C NS Frauenschaft Pennant

This Pennant is quite an interesting looking item, measuring 30 inches by 28 inches.

It is double sided and made with applied black and white cloth on each side. On each side there is a red swastika trimmed in gold bullion cord. At the top of the pennant, on each side, there is a black area which is also trimmed in this cord. Embroidered in yellow on these black patches are the words "NS Frauenschaft Ost".

The pennant hoist is equipped with four bullion hanging cords.

A high quality item here.

Excellent Plus. $895.00

FLAGS #43743C NS Frauenschaft Pennant

This pennant is double sided and quite colorful. It measures 48 inches by 34 inches.

The obverse features applied black and white cloth patches each bounded in woven yellow. At the top of the pennant, also woven in yellow, are the words "Nat. Soz. Frauenschaft". In the center is a woven red immobile swastika flanked by the letters "C" and "H". Below the swastika is the letter "L".

The reverse of the pennant features the woven yellow text, "Kreis Gruppe Siegen-Stadt". The upper portion of the pennant is equipped with a narrow tunnel hoist.

A great display example here.

Excellent. $995.00

FLAGS #43108C Single Sided Kreisleiter Vehicle Pennant

These vehicle pennants were usually double sided, but this one only has a single side. It measures about 10 by 10 inches.

It has a red border, with a brown field bisected by a pair of white diamond points. At the union of the field and diamonds is a fine bullion Party eagle, being an early example that looks to the left. This bird has a striking geometric design and clutches a wreathed swastika, with all of the details trimmed in striking black accents. To the left and right of the bird respectively are the initials "K" and "L", for Kreisleiter.

There is some moth damage spread on the white sections, but the brown portions, being cotton, were left undamaged by these creatures.

The pennant is mounted on a backing of black cardboard. On the reverse of the pennant is a Weimar flag in black, white and red. In the center is a printed wreath with a portrait of Hindenberg in the center. The entire grouping is contained in a plastic mounting to protect it from damage.

This identical pennant is shown on page 148 of the fabulous book "Uniforms of the NSDAP" by Jeff Clark.

Good Plus. $1,550.00

FLAGS #42451C Vehicle ID Flag

This Vehicle ID Flag is in new-like condition, measuring 4 feet by 3. As it is a VID Flag only one side has a separately sewn white field with a black printed swastika. It is bright and unfaded, with no holes or other issues.

Each of the corners of this flag has been fitted with a brass grommet, the standard configuration for a VID flag.

A choice Vehicle ID Flag here.

Near Mint. $595.00

FLAGS #42457C Large NSDAP Banner

This long NSDAP Banner would have most likely been flown off a building or the like. It is in choice condition throughout, and measures 10 feet by 5.

It is double sided, with no holes or flaws. There is no hoist on this example; instead the flag has been constructed with hanging straps. The fields are separately applied and printed with black swastikas.

A really great flag here, and one that was obviously well preserved.

Mint. $695.00

FLAGS #40624C NSDAP Pennant

This NSDAP Pennant is a fine example with quality construction. It measures 20 inches long and 12 across the hoist. There is extra stitching running across the center under the field.

The pennant retains fine, bright red coloring and is double sided. On each side is large separately stitched white field with a printed black swastika.

The hoist of the pennant is constructed from stout canvas and retains the original rope.

A nice pennant here, the type of which I have not seen in the past.

Near Mint. $225.00

FLAGS #40653C Large BDM Pennant

This BDM Pennant is double sided and quite large, measuring 33 inches long and 19 inches wide at the hoist. It remains in perfect condition throughout.

It is constructed of black material with a Hitler Youth diamond sewn to each side. The diamond is beautifully constructed from individual components.

There is a sturdy canvas hoist which retains the original rope, complete with snap clips at both ends.

A choice BDM Pennant here.

Excellent Plus. $895.00

FLAGS #39008C DDAC Auto Club Pennant

This canvas DDAC Pennant is in choice condition throughout. It is extremely well made, double sided and with the the German colors of red, white and black crossing one side of the pennant. A DDAC eagle and swastika logo is superimposed over these stripes. The initials of the organization, "DDAC" are splashed across the breast of the bird.

The hoist of this flag retains the original rope, which is complete with the original snap clips.

An extremely fine DDAC example here.

Near Mint. $495.00

FLAGS #38388 Unusual NSDAP Pennant

This NSDAP Pennant is quite unusual in that the reverse is different from the obverse. The pennant is constructed of a canvas-like material with a hoist on the left side. It measures 12 inches by 26 inches.

The red colors are still nice and bright and there is a separately applied white field (with a printed swastika) sewn to the center. This flag is in fine condition, with no holes or damage and showing little age.

The reverse is split into the colors of red and white. At the top there is an illegible name or word written in what appears to be Sütterlin script. It is embroidered in red against the white background. At the the bottom of the red field, embroidered in white, is the word "Nürnberg".

A very fine, unusual variant here, perfect for a collection of NSDAP flags.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $595.00

FLAGS #38354 NSDAP Banner

This Party Banner is in perfect condition with no holes. It is long and narrow, measuring 31" by 78".

It is one sided, having a separately applied field and swastika at the lower end. Apparently this is the type of banner that would have been hung from a ceiling or possible from a window sill.

An outstanding banner here; it would make a great backdrop to a collection.

Near Mint. $395.00

FLAGS #37070 Podium Banner

This Podium Banner shows a little age and usage but overall is still all there. It measures 28 inches by 21 inches, having a white cotton fringe at the bottom.

The banner has a printed swastika in the center, as well as a white cotton border separately sewn around the edges. There are three thumb tack scars at the tunnel hoist at the top of the banner.

A good item for display here; podium banners are a welcome addition to any flag collection.

Excellent. $495.00

FLAGS #34949 Early NSDAP Decorative Table Banner

To me this piece appears to have been used for putting around a round table to decorate the furniture piece. Most likely, the party leaders would have sat at a table so decorated. This banner is about eight feet long, and about one foot wide, having a one inch gold fringe that goes along the bottom of the banner, as well as the two ending sides. The banner is all of red cotton, with a white border at the bottom, to which the gold fringe is sewn. Spaced throughout the entire length of the banner are six swastikas on round white fields, and five printed busts of Hitler appearing to be from about 1925 or 1926.

Hitler is shown as a younger man with his ridiculous comb-over hairstyle, ludicrous moustache, political shirt, cross strap, tie and party eagle with swastika. It is a great depiction here, and something not seen too often. The Hitler bust is all printed on a white background, and has a black border that runs around the oval portrait, having 51 mobile swastikas on round, white fields in the border. Since there are five of these oval Hitler busts between the round swastika fields, that is a lot of swastikas for your money here!

This is the first time I have seen a banner like this, and I feel that it is an extremely interesting artifact, and most historical. It is possible that it could also be one of a kind. A great chance here to enhance a fine, NSDAP collection.

Excellent Plus. $1,995.00