Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Faithful Service Medals
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FAITHFULSERVICE #47157C 25 year Faithful Service Cross with Ribbon

This 25 Year Faithful Service medal is in the shape of a Maltese cross having an oak leaf wreath in between the legs. The Maltese cross has pebbled legs and a silvered finish. In the center, there is an immobile black enamel swastika.

On the reverse, the wear is about the same and the medal is nearly identical except the purpose is in three lines replacing the swastika “Für / treue / Dienste”. This, of course, means “For Loyal Service”.

There is a blue ribbed ribbon with a pin attached at the top loop.

This example shows some wear to the silvering.

Excellent. $75.00

FAITHFULSERVICE #40146C 10 Year Faithful Service Cross

This 10 Year Award is the heavy bronze type. The cross is Maltese style with sunbursts between each leg. In the center is an open-winged eagle and a wreath. The reverse is the same but replaces the eagle with the words "Treue fur Führers und Volk". The reverse is slightly oxidized.

The original brown and white grosgrain ribbon is attached to the cross.

A good quality example here.

Excellent. $295.00

FAITHFULSERVICE #37605 NSDAP 15 Year Long Service Cross with Ribbon

This fine looking Long Service Cross is in the Maltese style with sunbursts between each leg. Each leg is covered in a pleasing blue enamel. In the center is a enamel wreath with a superimposed Party eagle and swastika. The cross is silvered.

The reverse of the cross is the same with the exception of the center. It reads “Treue für Führer und Volk”.

Attached to the loop at the top of the cross is a blue grosgrain ribbon with dual white stripes on both edges.

A good looking medal here, with some mild patination.

Excellent Plus. $550.00