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DISCS #45680C Gestapo Disc of the Geheime Staatspolizei

This original Gestapo disc is in extremely fine condition. It has the oval shape with border and is drill at the left with a hole which was meant for the carrying of an attached chain.

The obverse of the disc depicts a open wing political eagle clutching a wreath with raised swastika. The detail to the eagle is exceptional throughout and literally shows almost no wear at all.

This disc is made of nickel silver as all originals were. The disc is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Don Bible the well known Gestapo disc guru. It is Don’s opinion that the disc is 100% original, The C of A is dated September 22nd 2004 and accompanies the Gestapo disc. A great opportunity here for someone to acquire one of the rarely offered Gestapo discs and this one in very choice condition.

Near Mint. $9,995.00