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DISCS #47590C Geheime Statspolizei Gestapo Disc

This Gestapo Disc is produced of nickel-silver and is non-magnetic. It shows some usage and does not appear to have been cleaned. There is age residue very visible through an eye loupe to the areas between the raised lettering on the reverse side. The reverse has the two raised title lines in the center being in capital letters "GEHEIME / STATTSPOLIZEI". The letter "S" is positioned slightly below the starting point of the next letter "T" as we see on these original discs. At the bottom of the disc is the Gestapo agent's assigned stamped number, "5330". The numerals are in the specific shape used for these discs. Beneath the numbers is a straight line, being a usual for these discs. The disc has a drilled hole at the right side to accommodate a chain. The disc has a raised rim around it. The obverse disc presents a raised open-winged political eagle clutching a wreathed swastika, Some detail is worn to the bird's surfaces, but overall, it is good.

Attached to the disc is a fine nickel chain link chain measuring approximately 9 1/2 inches. A snap clip connects to the disc and at the other end is a round loop with spring-loaded opening catch. I don't know whether the chain is original to the disc, but it conforms to the variety of chains seen with original discs in the past.

A fine original Gestapo Disc, seldom offered.

Excellent Plus. $9,995.00