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DISCS #42085C Gestapo Disc with Low Serial Number

Gestapo Disc is the proper, all-nickel type, in very crisp condition. The oval disc has a raised rim and features an opened-winged Political eagle on the obverse. The detailing throughout this bird is outstanding. To the left of the bird is a drilled hole meant to accept a chain.

The reverse of the disc reads, in raised lettering, "GEHEIME / STAATSPOLIZEI". On the bottom edge of the disc is a very lower serial number, "1670". Like we see on all original discs there is a faint line beneath this number.

This piece comes with a letter of authenticity written by the warrant disc "guru" Mr. Don Bible. This CoA was written on May 5th, 2018, and certifies that it is indeed original.

A scarce, high quality Gestapo Disc here, in choice condition.

Near Mint. $9,995.00

DISCS #41158C Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) Identity Disc

This Gestapo identity disc is in exceptional condition being die-struck in nickel-silver and being an oval shape. The obverse contains the open-winged Party-style eagle, looking to the viewer's left and clutching an oak wreath with raised mobile swastika.

The finish at eye level remains brilliant, but when looking through an eye loupe, the history of the disc's carrying time shows on the surfaces of the metal. To the left of the eagle is a precisely drilled hole which was used to retain the wearer's pocket chain.

The reverse of the disc features the dreaded two-line, full name of the Gestapo, "GEHEIME/ STAATSPOLIZEI". The word "Gestapo" is derived from these words. Interestingly, it was none other than Prussian Minister Hermann Göring who created this feared organization back in the organizing days of the Reich in 1935. After Himmler was given full charge of the Polizei in 1936, he, of course, fine-tuned the ruthless duties of this organization. But, I digress.... the first letter "S" in Staatspolizei is located slightly lower than the letter "T" next to it. At the bottom of the reverse disc is the accountability number of the agent, "11053". The number is precisely stamped and there is a vague line beneath the number which was built into the die to give the number stamper a straight- line position to do his work.

The accompanying pocket chain assembly appears to be the original example. It is made of non-magnetic nickel links with one end attached directly to the disc and the other having a spring-loaded circular device containing an opening bracket. This chain measures 11 inches in length.

This original Gestapo disc is accompanied by a letter written by the well-known author/researcher and Gestapo disc authority, Don Bible. The recent letter is dated May 5, 2018. In the signed letter, Don states that he has personally examined the above disc, compared it to other known originals, and it is his opinion that this disc, #11053, was issued between the period 1937-1945.

An outstanding opportunity to acquire a truly fascinating original piece of history. These discs are extremely rare and desirable. An outstanding potential investment for the future, as it would be hard to believe that collectors will not always be interested in items from this infamous, sinister organization. Think of the shutters experienced by the unfortunates confronted with the site of this disc coming from the pocket of a black leather over-coated Gestapo officer - "Papers Please!"

Mint Minus. $8,495.00

DISCS #41030C Staatliche KriminalPolizei (KRIPO) Disc

The Staatlche Krimanlpolizei discs are struck in bronze and are much more commonly seen today than the rarer Gestapo discs. Apparently the "stigma" attached to the ownership of a Gestapo disc was far greater than that of a KRIPO official, thus the fact that these disc types have survived in far great quantities.

This disc is non-magnetic. The obverse portrays a raised open-wing eagle clutching a wreath with mobile swastika. The detail is excellent showing only modest wear. The reverse is struck with two-line capital letters, STAATLICHE/ KRIMINALPOLIZEI. Below is heavily punched the number of the carrier, "2444". There is a narrow line beneath the numbers. At the obverse left is a carefully drilled holes which would have been used to attached a pocket chain.

A very fine original example here, in perfect condition.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,795.00

DISCS #41029C Staatliche KriminalPolizei (KRIPO) Disc

The Staatliche Kriminalpolizei discs are struck in bronze and are more commonly seen today than the rare Gestapo discs. Because of the "stigma" attached to the Gestapo, these agents were more likely to dispose of their discs and this was not so much the case with the KRIPO.

The obverse displays a crisp open-wing eagle looking to the viewer's left and grasping a wreathed mobile swastika. There are a few minor "taps" in the bronze here and there, but overall the obverse is in fine condition. The reverse has the two-line raised capital letters, "STAATLICHE/ KRIMALPOLIZEI". At the bottom of the disc is stamped the owner's serial, "8985". The stamping is extremely concise and crisp.

There is a vague straight line beneath the numbers. There are also some minor taps in the surfaces of the reverse. For some reason this disc has a hole drilled in both of the outer edges. The original hole done by the producer is at the left of the eagle. The other hole is just the slightest bit smaller, so it can be assumed this was drilled by the original owner for reasons of his own, or perhaps it was drilled sometime in modern times. The disc is non-magnetic.

A good, original KRIPO example.

Excellent $1,595.00