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CUSTOMS #40857C Land Customs Official's Dagger - Rudolf Büchel

This Land Customs Dagger is from a rarely seen producer, Rudolf Büchel. It is equipped with fine aluminum hilt fittings.

The pommel is excellent shape and has a good, clean upper portion. The standing oak leaves on the pommel are nicely hand enhanced and have pointed tips. These leaves also appear on the ferrule. The crossguard eagle look to the viewer's left and has nicely upturned wing tips. This bird clutches the usual wreathed swastika, The details throughout the guard are exceptional and show only minor traces of wear.

The grip is constructed of carved wood with eight ribs. It is covered in green leather which remains in excellent condition, with only mild wear and no serious cuts. The grip is tightly wrapped with twisted aluminum wire.

The scabbard shell is constructed of steel and is straight throughout. It is covered in excellent green leather which matches the grip. The scabbard fittings are steel, factory tones to resemble aluminum. The upper and center mounts are in good condition, with decorative accent lines on the obverse edges. They seem to be retained by a form of glue, as I do not see any screws. Additionally the upper mount has a flared throat built into it.

When we received this piece there was no lower mount. We restored it with an example in our parts bin which, while original, is the type with an accent line running all the way around. We do see this occasionally on original examples. This mount is retained by a flat head screw.

The blade is an outstanding example, with good bright and all the original crossgrain. It remains in mint condition. The marking is that of the Rudolf Büchel firm; an oval encloses a diamond and "starburst" triangles containing the initials "RBS", along with the the full name and location of the firm, "Rudlof Büchel Solingen Meerscheid". The original washer is in place.

If the next owner can locate a proper lower fitting it would add a a lot of value to this piece, given the rarity of the maker. Given the restoration it is priced accordingly.

Excellent. $1,595.00

CUSTOMS #40833 Land Customs Official's Dagger - Carl Eickhorn

This Land Customs Dagger is pristine. If you are a condition fanatic and interested in superbly preserved rare daggers, this is the piece for you.

The hilt mounts of the dagger are constructed from aluminum. The pommel cap shows only modest traces of use and features twelve standing oak leaves. Each and every one of these oak leaves have deeply hand enhanced veins. They are the pointed leaves associated with Customs pieces, as opposed to the style used on the Army dagger.

The ferrule also features pointed oak leaves, all of which are hand enhanced.

The crossguard depicts a very fine, open-winged eagle, with upswept wing tips. The bird looks to the viewer's left and has extremely fine hand enhancing to the breast and wing feathering, talons, and wreathed mobile swastika. The reverse of the guard shows no trace of wear.

The grip is constructed of wood and has 11 ribs, a trait unique to the Customs dagger. This grip is covered in dark green leather and remains in perfect condition throughout. It is tightly wrapped with twisted silver wire.

The scabbard shell is steel and completely straight. It too is covered in green leather which matches the grip. This leather is in perfect condition, with the original grain. The scabbard mounts are nickel-plated steel. The plating remains perfect and there are no traces of wear to be seen. They feature accent lines running along the lower obverse edges. The mounts are retained by headless screws which are set into the left side of each. The upper and center mount have matching smooth eyelets and small hanging rings.

The blade is as nice as you will ever see. It is completely mirror-mint, with full crossgrain and a needle-like tip. The reverse has a darkly etched 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark, and the original small brown leather blade washer is in new-like condition.

Again a top notch example here from a top notch company. A beautiful Land Customs example here.

Mint. $3,695.00

CUSTOMS #40768C Sea Customs Officer's Dagger

We don't see many Sea Customs Daggers so it is a pleasure to offer this original piece to the collecting community.

The hilt of this example is produced of aluminum having a gilded finish. The gilding on the hilt mounts is good, butshows some wear-through to the aluminum around the rim of the pommel and to a few of the high points on the crossguard. The pommel is the typical Customs variety having twelve standing oak leaves running about the circumference. Each and every oak leaf has hand-enhancing to the veins and, of course, the leaves are the Customs variety having the points at the top of the leaf. The ferrule also has matching leaves that are also enhanced.

The crossguard is the Customs type having the eagle's wings tipped upward at the ends. The open-winged eagle still has good detail to his head, breast and wing feathering, talons, wreath and swastika. The wood base grip features the eleven ribs unique to Customs daggers. It is wrapped with deep blue Moroccan leather being in nice condition throughout. The grip is tightly fitted with twisted brass wire. A fine hilt here.

The steel-based scabbard shell is straight throughout. It is covered with original matching blue leather showing only minor usage signs, but no problems. The scabbard mounts are the steel-based variety, having a gild finish. The gild is thinning in places, but each and every mount has good quantities of the gild remaining. As a guess, I would say that about 90% overall of the original gild remains. We see the same wear on the aluminum-like finish to Land Customs varieties having steel based mounts. These mounts have the accent line that is only on the obverse. The mounts are retained with headless screws being on the left edge of each.

The unmarked blade is a standard polished type showing minor age to the brightness, but still good, rating at excellent. The original large-style brown leather blade washer is in place.

Not a mint dagger here, but a very presentable original example that is priced accordingly. At any one time, there were only about 250 Sea Customs Officers qualified to wear this dagger. Given the rigors of the war, very few remain and today, and as a result, these Sea Customs daggers are easily one of the rarest of any of the standard daggers made during the period.

Excellent Plus. $5,995.00

CUSTOMS #38700 Land Custom Official's Dagger – Clemen & Jung

This Land Customs Official's Dagger has aluminum hilt mounts and nickel-plated steel scabbard mounts.

The pommel shows some minor traces of usage here and there, with a good, smooth top. The standing oak leaves that go around the perimeter are the pointed variety typical of a Customs piece. The matching ferrule has similar pointed oak leaves with some hand enhancement evident on the veining.

The crossguard depicts the Customs eagle, looking to the left and with wingtips that point slightly upward. The eagle has fairly nice detail throughout, showing some minor wear to the surfaces. The breast feathering still has deep engravings where it was hand enhanced. There is also some hand work remaining on the areas of the wreathed swastika. The reverse of the guard is nice and smooth and the quillon ends have a fine swirl.

The grip of this dagger is of carved wood, having eleven ribs and being covered in a dark green leather. This leather shows some minor traces of wear but has no real problems and remains in good condition. This grip is tightly wrapped with twisted silver wire.

The scabbard is constructed of steel, straight throughout and covered in matching green leather. There are some scuffs to this leather down at the lower left edge, as well as a tiny missing piece near the lower obverse mount. Overall it is not too bad, though, and it retains the original grain throughout. The steel scabbard mounts have excellent nickel plating. These mounts are in fine condition, having the single decorative line on the edges that where they meet the shell. These mounts do not extend to the rear, although on some original examples they do run all the way around. The mounts are retained by flat head flush mount screws set into the left edge.

The blade of this dagger is a typical Clemen & Jung example. These blades were made for Land Customs Daggers with a matte finish. I have had several C&L pieces in the past and they have all had these matte blades; for some reason this must have been the norm for Customs daggers. I have a Sea Customs Dagger by C&L in my personal collection and it also has a matte finish blade. This blade remains in excellent condition and has a needle-like tip. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the firm's name, while the obverse has the Crown and “Z” trademark. The original leather blade washer is in place.

Overall a Land Customs piece that shows period usage but remaining in collectible condition.

Excellent. $1,995.00

CUSTOMS #38330C Land Customs Official's Dagger – Paul Weyersberg

This Land Customs Dagger is one of the initial production types with silver-plated mounts. All of the mounts are deeply patinated and I would say with certainty that this dagger has never been cleaned.

The pommel shows some age at the upper portion but all of the silvering appears to be intact. The standing oak leaves are the style that have the points at the top, a design trait typical of Customs pieces. The ferrule has matching pointed oak leaves.

The crossguard features a Customs eagle which looks to the viewer's left and has upturned wing tips. The detailing throughout this bird are exceptional, particularly to the head, breast and wing feathering. The wreathed swastika is a fine example as well. The reverse of the guard shows a little bit of age but 95% of the silvering remains.

The grip is constructed of wood with has been covered in dark green leather. The leather is in very fine condition throughout, still being mint. The grip is tightly wrapped with springy silver wire.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell also has outstanding original leather; it has a few bumps and signs of usage, but is free of cuts. The silvered steel scabbard mounts are also in very fine condition. These mounts have accent lines that run all the way around the fittings; we see many reproductions that have this same trait, but we also now know that some of the early pieces also have these lines running entirely around. These fine mounts are retained by headless screws in the left edge. The throat is a built-in type, and the eyelets are plain with matching silvered carrying rings.

The blade of this dagger is very beautiful, being a high quality nickel-plated type. The plating is in full mint condition and is mirror-bright throughout. The reverse ricasso is etched with Weyersberg trademark; a pair of wheat stalks flanking a downward pointing sword. The original brown leather blade buffer is firmly in place.

A nice, untouched, 100% original Land Customs Dagger here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $2,595.00

CUSTOMS #36839 Land Customs Official's Dagger – Carl Eickhorn

This Land Customs Official's Dagger is of all aluminum construction, to include the scabbard and hilt mounts. Normally Eickhorn daggers will be found in all aluminum.

The pommel shows no hits to the rim, and has a good, smooth upper surface. The standing Land Customs oak leaves have hand-enhanced to the veins, as well as to the casting seam on both sides. The ferrule has the same workmanship to the oak leaves that run about the circumference.

The crossguard of this example has the usual raised, open-winged Land Customs eagle; the wingtips of this bird point slightly upward. There is much handwork evident to the both the breast and eye, as well as to the talons and wreath. A fine crossguard here, still in nice condition.

The grip of the dagger is constructed of leather over a base of carved wood. The Land Custom grips actually have more ribs than those of an Army dagger, 11 in total. This particular example has had the leather of both the grip and scabbard professionally recovered. The leather restoration job is truly outstanding; I doubt that you would know it was done if I didn't mention it! The leather has a very fine grain, and appears to be identical to the leather used originally. We did not perform this job in-house, but whoever did the work was truly an excellent craftsman. The grip is wrapped with springy wire, something we don't normally see on an Eickhorn dagger; twisted brass wire is normally associated with Eickhorn pieces. This wire was the thing that initially called my attention to the restored leather work. The wire looks quite good, though, so it is probably best to just leave it alone.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout, and, as mentioned above, the leather restoration work is absolutely perfect. The scabbard mounts are the aluminum type. The upper and center mount have eyelets which is built into the casting. The mounts have the decorative lines on the edges which meet the scabbard, but only on the obverse facing. They are retained by flush mount side screws. The two carrying rings are also of aluminum.

The blade is a fine example, having a polished surface and a a needle-like tip. This blade shows only the most minor signs of age and is still in good condition. The reverse ricasso is darkly etched with the 1935-41 squirrel logo. The rodent looks to the left, and clutches a downward pointing sword in this paws. Above the animal is the word “Quality”, and below the firm's name and location, “Eickhorn / Solingen”. The original brown leather blade buffer is in place.

A really nice Land Customs Dagger here, which if you did not know the leather had been restored would be worth at least a thousand dollars more than our asking price.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $2,995.00

CUSTOMS #36671 Land Customs Official's Dagger

This Land Customs Official's Dagger is an interesting dagger in that the grip base is not wood, but rather is constructed of shaped aluminum. We see this type of grip used later in the war, used on Helbig glider daggers as well as on swords made by the Clemen & Jung firm. In fact, it is possible that this dagger comes by Clemen & Jung. It is hard to tell though, as the blade is unmarked.

The upper hilt of the dagger is fitted out with standard aluminum hilt components. The pommel is in choice condition throughout the upper area, which shows little to no use. The edges have no hits and are still smooth throughout. The sides of the pommel are decorated with standing oak leaves. As is usually the case, there is some hand-enhancing accenting these leaves. The ferrule is a matching aluminum type, also having hand-enhancing to the leaves that run around the circumference. The crossguard features an open-winged eagle, with his wingtips upward. This bird has nice, hand-enhanced detail throughout. The reverse guard is totally smooth throughout. A good looking hilt here.

The aluminum base grip has been covered in dark green leather. The leather is still in perfect condition, and is tightly wrapped with springy aluminum wire.

The scabbard features a steel shell, covered in matching dark green leather with also remains in totally perfect condition. This original leather has fine pebbling throughout the surfaces. The scabbard mounts are of nickel-plated steel. Each mount has the decorative lines cut into the edges where they meet the scabbard shell. The lines run only on obverse facing of the mount. These mounts have separate eyelets with matching nickel rings. The mounts are retained by headless flush-mount screws, all of which are on the left side. The scabbard throat is build into the top mount, as is usual with Land Customs scabbards.

The blade of this example is still nice and bright, showing only the most modest indications of age. It has a needle-like tip, and most of the factory grain is still in the surfaces. The original brown leather buffer is in place, showing some minor age.

A really interesting Land Customs Official's Dagger here, the first I can remember having an all aluminum based grip.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $2,795.00

CUSTOMS #33414 Land Customs Official's Dagger - Clemen & Jung

As a rule, the firm of Clemen & Jung did not make a lot of edged weapons, but they were fairly prolific with Customs Daggers. This example features early silvered fittings throughout. The pommel is fairly clean across its upper surfaces, still having a good crisp rim. The standing pointed style oak leaves used by the Customs are hand enhanced throughout. A very nice pommel here. The matching crossguard has a fine eagle featuring tipped wings. The bird shows a little bit of modest wear to the head and the breast feathering and talons, but the eye is still there, as is the cross checkering that was hand done for the breast feathering. The bird clutches a raised mobile swastika in a wreath. This mount is also a fine silvered example. The matching ferrule above features pointed oak leaves around its perimeter, also having hand enhancing. The grip is a carved wood base, having eleven ribs. The grip is covered with a green leather that still is in very fine condition. Some of the graining still shows in the surfaces. This grip is tightly wrapped with twisted silver wire.P

The scabbard shell has a steel base and is covered with green leather. The leather shows quite a bit of wear to the surfaces and some old carrying signs here-and-there, but basically it is still all there. The original green color has started to turn a darker tone, but we do see this with Land Customs shells. The shell is fitted with silvered steel mounts. These mounts have decorative lines running across the edges of the obverse only. The eyelets are the type that were applied to the mounts and they are equipped with matching silvered rings. The mounts are retained by headless flush mount screws, all on the left side of the fittings. The blade of this example is a typical Clemen & Jung. The grain shows running toward the tip rather than horizontal. This is an anomaly we see with this company and I have noticed it many times in the past. This blade shows some age and some mild usage, but it is still in pretty good shape being mostly bright. The tip has just a little bit of a ripple towards the end, but it is not bad. Overall, this blade grades at excellent to excellent plus. The obverse ricasso is deeply stamped with the shield, having a crown over the top with a “Z” in the center. The reverse ricasso is stamped in two lines in capital letters, “CLEMEN & JUNG/SOLINGEN”. The original washer is also in place. This washer has a slight green tone to the leather, but it may be just my imagination. A good original piece here that shows wear of the period, but it is still all there and is priced accordingly.

Excellent. $2,795.00