Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Cuff Titles
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CUFFTITLES #40898C Führerhauptquartier Cuff Title

This most impressive original cuff title is in choice condition and is the second style used by this elite group. The cuff title was worn by personnel that were assigned to Hitler's various headquarters during the war. Obviously, only the best people were chosen for these duties.

The cuff title is composed of a fine black wool with aluminum Russia-braid edging. The text, "Führerhauptquartier" is executed in hand-embroidered aluminum thread in Sütterlin script. The detail work is outstanding. This cuff title is the same as the one that appears in the Bender - Gordon Williamson Cuff Title book on Page 95 lower, and also shown in color at the top of the back cover of the book.

A very rare original cuff title in pristine condition.

Mint. $1,895.00

CUFFTITLES #40818C Hitler Youth Staff Headquarters Cuff Title

This cuff title is extremely impressive looking. It is full length and constructed from a stiff black wool-like material. It is trimmed with twin bullion cords on the edges.

In the center, in Sütterlin script, are the words "Hitler Jugend". The bullion lettering is extremely tight and fine.

I had this cuff title expertly vetted and it is indeed a genuine example. This is a very rare item and a grand opportunity to acquire an original.

Mint Minus. $1,895.00

CUFFTITLES #40570C Reinhard Heydrich SS Cuff Title

This SS Cuff Title has been vetted as original and authentic.

It is constructed of the usual black woven cloth, with six rows of bullion stitches on each edge. In the center is the name "Reinhard Heydrich" done in a very fine, closely woven gray thread

The reverse of the cuff title has cleanly cut ends. There are no RZM tags on this piece.

A very fine example here, rarely seen and a perfect addition to an SS collection.

Near Mint. $1,350.00

CUFFTITLES #36510C SS Cuff Title “5”

This SS Cuff Title is a nice original, still in uncut condition. It is the normal seven wire stitches on each edge, and is a fine, black woven item.

The standarte of the original wearer is tightly woven into the title in vaulted aluminum bullion, “5”. The reverse of the title has the remnants of the original RZM tag. About half of the tag remains, and the original portion with the run number “3725” can still be seen.

A good, original cuff title that would look great displayed next to a nice early dagger.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,195.00