Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Cuff Titles
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CUFFTITLES #46273C "BRANDENBURG" Cuff Title on Original Lower Sleeve Cut from Tunic

Although produced in the form of an SS cuff title, this "Brandenburg" cuff title is not SS. The "Brandenburg" were special forces made up of foreign German nationals who were convinced Nazi volunteers, as well as being familiar with the way of life in the area of operations where they were deployed. They were subordinated to the Army groups where they served. They were active in Eastern Europe, N. Afrika, Afghanistan, Middle East and in the Caucasus. Their job behind enemy lines was to create havoc with the enemy's command communications and logistics. The Brandenburg group was actually part of the Abwehr. Ultimately, the regiment was expended to divisional size and incorporated into Panzerkorps Grossdeutschland.

The cuff title remains in perfect condition being of black cotton fabric with twin edge lines of separate bullion stitching's. It appears to be an officer's example. The organization name "Brandenburg" is formed of closely braided bullion letters. This cuff title comes from a very rare organization and really has the "look" still being sewn to the bottom sleeve of the original wearer's tunic.

Near Mint. $1,195.00

CUFFTITLES #42519C Unissued SS Cuff Title

This unissued SS Cuff Title is in mint condition. It is very fine example, with textured black cloth and seven bullion stitches on each edge.

In the center is an extremely finely woven "3"; the workmanship is incredible. On both ends of the reverse is a paper SS tag. The first tag is stamped "373" and has a run number of "325988". The second tag is stamped "149" and a run number of "460243". I do not know why there would be two issue tags on one title but they look original to the piece and are in mint condition.

It is interesting to note the reverse material behind the "3" there is an applied cloth buffer, presumably to protect the fine weaving.

An outstanding, original SS Cuff Title here.

Mint. $695.00

CUFFTITLES #36510C SS Cuff Title 5

This SS Cuff Title is a nice original, still in uncut condition. It is the normal seven wire stitches on each edge, and is a fine, black woven item.

The standarte of the original wearer is tightly woven into the title in vaulted aluminum bullion, 5. The reverse of the title has the remnants of the original RZM tag. About half of the tag remains, and the original portion with the run number 3725 can still be seen.

A good, original cuff title that would look great displayed next to a nice early dagger.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,195.00