Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Collar Tabs
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COLLARTABS #39590C Deutsche Reichsbahn Collar Tab

This DR Collar Tab is rarely seen example and is quite impressive looking.

The tab consists of a blue-black velvet backing that shows quite a bit of wear. It has a red cord that runs about the top and left side. The right side and button look to have perhaps lost this cord.

This tab bears a winged, brass train wheel and a matching brass pip.

A very rarely seen collar tab here.

Fair. $495.00

COLLARTABS #39425C SS “Freiwilligen Verband Nederlande” Officer’s Collar Tab

This collar tab has the bullion Wolfsangle associated with the Nederlande regiment. The bullion has an extremely tight weave against the black background.

This tab looks to have been cut right from a collar, although the condition is still very choice. It is backed with the usual burlap.

A very rare tab here.

Mint. $895.00

COLLARTABS #39426 SS “Prinz Eugen” Gebirgs Division Collar Tab

This “Prinz Eugen” Collar Tab is in good condition, displaying the Odal rune of this volunteer mountain division. The thread used on this tab is extremely tight and sewn into a background of black velvet.

The reverse of the tab has the usual backing of burlap.

A very fine SS collar tab here.

Mint. $395.00

COLLARTABS #39427C SS Division “Langemarck” Collar Tab

This SS Collar Tab features a runic symbol in the form of a triskele, a three legged affair not unlike an elongated swastika. This rune is tightly woven in white thread, set against the usual black background material.

The reverse surface of this tab is done up with the usual burlap backing.

A very good looking SS tab here, which appears to be unissued.

Mint. $425.00

COLLARTABS #39429C SS Enlisted Man’s Collar Tab

This SS EM Collar Tab has very good runes, rendered in finely woven thread, set against a background of black velvet. It looks very much as if it was cut from a tunic.

The reverse of the collar tab has the usual burlap backing material. Clinging to a portion of this burlap backing is what appears to be the remains of the original issue tag.

A fine SS Collar Tab here, perfect for display with a good dagger.

Excellent Plus. $550.00

COLLARTABS #39076C Woven NCO’s Totenkopf Collar Tab

This collar tab has a fine background of black wool, sewn to the usual burlap backing.

Thie tab features a smiling Death’s Head woven in gray thread. Judging from the condition this collar tab appears to be unissued.

A very nice Totenkopf Tab here.

Mint. $600.00

COLLARTABS #38981C Reichsbahn Collar Tab

This Reichsbahn Collar Tab appears to be cut from a uniform; it has a dark blue backing.

The tab itself is black, with a black and yellow cord around the edges. In the center is winged Railway insignia and a swastika, done in aluminum.

The reverse of the tab has a burlap insert to which the wool backing has been sewn.

A fairly rare collar tab here.

Excellent. $250.00

COLLARTABS #39073C Ostturkische Waffen-Verband der SS Wolf Head Collar Tab

This Wolf Head Collar Tab appears to be unissued. These tabs were worn in the IDL-Ural, Turkestan and Crimea areas.

The wolf's head on the front is woven in an extremely fine gray thread; the detail is extraordinary. It is woven to a black wool backing sewn to a burlap insert.

A really good looking item here!

Mint. $375.00

COLLARTABS #38940C Waffen-SS Dirlewanger Collar Tab

This collar tab was worn by the Dirlewanger division consists of a pair of woven gray rifles crossed over a stick grenade.

The weaving on this tab has been done on black backing and affixed to the usual burlap insert.

This item appears to be unissued.

Near Mint. $500.00

COLLARTABS #38719C Latvian SS Fire Cross Swastika Collar Tab

This collar tab is covered in fine black felt and features a a swastika rendered in white thread. This tab was worn by the Latvian SS. It appears to be unissued.

The backing of this tab is constructed of the usual burlap, with the overlapping black felt stitched in white thread.

A very scarce example here.

Mint. $800.00(#101716)

This collar tab has a fine black felt base and features a double swastika insignia. Himmler ordered that these tabs be worn after June 27th, 1944 by Army and Luftwaffe troops acting as temporary KZ guards.

The reverse of this tab is stitched in white thread over a burlap backing material.

Near Mint. $225.00

COLLARTABS #38483C Single Panzer Collar Tab

This Panzer Collar Tab has a background of fine black felt. The edges of the tab are trimmed in pink. The skull and bones insignia is an aluminum example with the mounting prongs bent over on the reverse.

The backing of the tab is the usual burlap. There is visible stitching retaining the felt base material.

Near Mint. $250.00(#072016)

COLLARTABS #38713C Pair of Matching Luftwaffe General Major Collar Tabs

These Luftwaffe General's Tab are in choice condition throughout, having a fine white felt background. Woven on to the background is a full bullion wreath with a single interior wing. These tabs are piped in a very fine gold cord.

The reverse of the tab is the usual burlap. The ends of the gold cordage are tightly sewn to this backing material.

A very fine set of original tabs here.

Near Mint. $995.00

COLLARTABS #38715C SS Enlisted Man's Runic Collar Tab

This SS EM Runic Collar Tab has a fine, black velvet background, with he fine SS runes are in woven in white. There is a slight patina on the runes but they are otherwise in very good condition.

The reverse of the collar tab has the usual burlap backing material, free of any flaws or damage.

A very appealing SS Tab here.

Near Mint. $500.00 (#092916)

COLLARTABS #38049C Matching Pair of SS-Untersturmführer Collar Tabs

This set of SS Collar Tabs are matching throughout, with fine black velvet on the obverse facing of each. The tabs have fine aluminum bullion cord running the edges. One tab has a very tightly sewn set of aluminum bullion SS runes, and the other bears 3 silver pips which has long ago acquired a dark patination. The pips have the prongs shoved through the tab and are bent over on the reverse.

The reverse of both tabs shows the usual burlap style backing, in sound condition.

A fine set of guaranteed original SS Officer's Tabs here.

Excellent Plus. $2,595.00

COLLARTABS #38029 Army Officer's Collar Tabs

This set of Army Officer's Collar Tabs is constructed with a base of very fine green wool.

The litzen on these fine tabs has a quite striking bullion treatment, with brown thread in the center. I believe this would indicate that the original wearer was a non-technical instructor in an Army school.

An interesting set of tabs here; they appear to have been on a tunic at one time, but remain in very collectible condition.

Excellent Plus. $75.00

COLLARTABS #37718C Single Collar Tab for Medical Branch Luftwaffe Hauptmann

This beautiful collar tab has a blue velvet background and is piped with a fine bullion cord. There is an elaborate bullion wreath decorating this tag, as well as a single woven bullion gull in the center.

The reverse of the tab has the usual burlap backing.

Near Mint. $150.00

COLLARTABS #37719C Single Collar Tab for Luftwaffe Flak Hauptmann

This collar tab has a fine red velvet background which has a aluminum bullion cord around it. Inside is a small embroidered bull wreath with three bullion gulls set above it.

The tab has the usual burlap backing.

Excellent Plus. $125.00

COLLARTABS #37721C Single Luftwaffe Administrative Leutnant Collar Tab

This collar tab is constructed of fine brown velvet that has been piped with aluminum cord. There is a small embroidered wreath at the bottom with an embroidered single gull set above it.

The reverse of the tab has the usual burlap backing.

A nice example here.

Excellent. $100.00

COLLARTABS #37722C Luftwaffe Flak Leutnant Collar Tabs

This pair of Flak Leutnant Collar Tabs have fine red velvet backgrounds and are piped in aluminum cord. At the bottom is a small embroidered wreath with acorns, and above is an embroidered gull.

On the reverse of these tabs the usual burlap base can be seen.

A nice set of matching tabs here.

Excellent Plus. $165.00

COLLARTABS #37723C Luftwaffe Communications Leutnant Collar Tab

This Luftwaffe Communications Leutnant Collar Tab has a good green velvet background and is piped with bullion cord. The lower wreath and acorns are of embroidered bullion. Above the wreath are two triangular bullion pips.

The reverse of the tab has the usual burlap backing.

Excellent Plus. $125.00

COLLARTABS #37724C Luftwaffe Warrant Officer's Collar Tab

This Luftwaffe Warrant Officer's Collar Tab is a green felt background and is piped with green and aluminum bullion. In the center is a small wreath and acorns of woven cotton. Above this are four triangular pips.

The reverse of this tab has the usual burlap backing.

Excellent. $95.00

COLLARTABS #37137 Pair of Unissued Gau-level Collar Tabs

This collar tabs are the rank of Einsatzleiter of Political Leader at the Gau level.

The tabs are most beautiful, having bright red velvet backgrounds with a crimson cord that signifies the Gau level. Applied to each tab is a mint gold Political eagle clutching an immobile swastika within a wreath. Each tab has three gold pips which have a Political eagle in the center.

The reverse of one tab has a off-white, blue printed RZM sticker which is stamped with “21” and the run number “190495”. The backings are the standard burlap type.

Attached to the two tabs with string is a circular metal RZM tag, and then there is also round disk which has the numbers “03 40” and “5433 / 51” stamped at the top and bottom respectively. This string is run through the actual tabs themselves.

A really great set of tabs here to add to an advanced Political Leader collection.

Mint. $695.00

COLLARTABS #36998 Railway Collar Tab

This single Railway Collar Tab has a black velvet backing with a cord around it that is black and gold. At the top of the tab is a winged train wheel with a swastika below. The wings have excellent detail to the feathering, and the swastika also has fine pebbling in the surfaces.

The backing appears to be a Masonite-like material; the insignia is pushed through this material and bent over with prongs.

A nice tab here to dress up a Railway Dagger display.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $65.00

COLLARTABS #36513C Single Wartime SA Gruppenführer Collar Tab

This Gruppenführer Collar Tab was the type that was used during the war. It has an off-red velvet background, having a narrow aluminum cord running around the edges. The collar tab has a three leaf oak leaf sprig, with three acorns variously placed. On the stem of the oak leaf sprig is a runic symbol designating this collar tab as a wartime issue.

The reverse of the tab has folded over material with the burlap style inside. The original RZM tag is still attached. It is of off-white color paper with blue print, and bears the rubber stamping “264” and a run number of “035290”.

An excellent item to display next to a fine SA dagger.

Excellent Plus. $695.00

COLLARTABS #36229 Luftwaffe Secret Field Police Collar Tabs

This set of Luftwaffe Secret Field Police Collar Tabs is still sewn together, which indicates that they are unissued. The collar tabs have a rich, dark green felt background, and are trimmed with aluminum officer cord. The tabs have an aluminum bullion woven oak leaf at the bottom and in the center area there are three aluminum pips.

According to Angolia’s Luftwaffe book (on page 50) these tabs belong to the “Feldpolizeikommissar” of the Luftwaffe Secret Field Police. I would imagine that these tabs are fairly rare and they are in top condition and would make a great addition to a Luftwaffe tab collection.

Unissued Mint. $225.00

COLLARTABS #29813 RAD Collar Tab

This RAD Collar Tab is for the rank of Unterfeldmeister. It consists of a black velvet covering which is woven with an aluminum bullion thread. The thread is extremely tight and most impressive. If you are ever wondering how to tell good German weave craftsmanship from the reproduction stuff, this woven bullion should be studied. It is so tightly constructed that it almost appears to be a solid piece of metal. The insignia is flat on one end with a small tip on the other. There are larger aluminum dual cords which run through the center of the insignia, giving it a nice accent. The reverse of the collar tab reveals the covering is over a burlap fabric.

Excellent Plus. $95.00

COLLARTABS #29812 Customs Official's Collar Tab

This Custom Official’s Collar Tab is nicely done, having a lined green base fabric. The fabric is trimmed with aluminum bullion shaped like saw teeth which run with the teeth inward around the entire border of the tab. At the bottom horizontal area, there is a bullion symbolic wreath. Above the wreath, there are two aluminum pips applied which go through the tab and are folded over on the reverse. The fabric is covered over a brown manila-like substance. A nice looking tab here.

Near Mint. $75.00

COLLARTABS #31844 Single Police Officer's Collar Tab

This single Police Officer's Collar Tab is a darker pink color background having two silver style bullion designs indicative of a police officer. The tab is still in a mint state. This would be a fine display item with a police bayonet or other police memorabilia.

Mint. $45.00

COLLARTABS #32608 Single Political Leader Collar Tab

This single collar tab is a high ranking Reich level rank being that of Bereichsleiter or zone leader. This beautiful tab is piped with a gold cord and it has a pinkish red velvet background. Woven into the tab is a most beautiful eagle clutching an immobile swastika. The weave is a bullion with a lighter nylon color for contrast. The workmanship is outstanding throughout. Below the eagle is a set of two oak leaves with two acorns. These leaves are created with beautiful bullion work contrasting with nylon weave. The reverse of the collar tab has the original paper issue tag. The tag is rubber stamped, “A/112” and it has a run number of “274164”. A most beautiful tab that would display extremely well with some other political leader memorabilia. This is a very rare collar tab.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $695.00

COLLARTABS #29579C Single Artillery Officer's Collar Tab

This Artillery Officer’s single collar tab consists of the dual aluminum braiding and a red center area designating artillery. The aluminum braiding is sewn to a green wool backing. The wool backing covers a burlap-like substance. The original threads are still on this tab from where it was taken from a tunic. If you are missing on this might fill the bill.

Excellent Plus $50.00

COLLARTABS #26005C Set of SA Oberführer Collar Tabs

This set of SA collar tabs has a red wool backing. In the center of each is a beautiful set of brocade aluminum oak leaves. There are two of them and at the stem are three bullion acorns. Beautiful work here! The tab is bordered with a white twisted cord. On the opposite side, the tabs reflect hand-stitching to a burlap material which shows in the center. This is an outstanding set of original SA General's collar tabs. It would make a great display with a full Röhm dagger.

Excellent Plus. $1,195.00

COLLARTABS #26199 SS Handschar EM's Collar Tab

This black collar tab has a felt-like backing with cotton threaded detail. The detail consists of a hand and wrist holding a scimitar style middle eastern sword. Above the sword is a mobile swastika. The cotton weaving is beautifully done. The reverse of the collar tab shows the burlap style material in the middle. There is also stitching visible where the black felt material is sewn to the burlap. Fine original collar tab.

Near Mint. $395.00

COLLARTABS #31957C Single Luftwaffe Major Flight Collar Tab

This single collar tab shows a little bit of mothing on the yellow felt background. There are maybe two small nips. The collar tab is framed in a narrow aluminum cord and in the center is one bird. There is a full oak leaf and acorn wreath that encloses the bird all made of aluminum bullion thread. The reverse of the tab has some cloth still sewn to it and appears as though this tab was cut off of a uniform. A fine item to display with a nice Luftwaffe dagger.

Excellent. $100.00

COLLARTABS #31955C Army FLAK Leutnant Collar Tabs

This set of collar tabs has a dark green base and two fine aluminum arrow like devices having red thread inserts in the center of both. The bullion shows a little bit of age and some oxidation but not bad. The board’s base is a burlap like material. Nice looking tabs which do not look to have ever been sewn on a uniform.

Excellent Plus. $175.00