Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Campaign Shields
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CAMPAIGNSHIELDS #48827 Damaged Krim Shield With No Backing

This damaged Krim shield is non-magnetic. There is wear to the front of it.

The four prongs are still on the reverse, but the backing is gone to time.

Some condition issues but it is what it is.

Fair. $95.00

CAMPAIGNSHIELDS #48826 Kuban Campaign Shield

This Kuban campaign shield has a very coppery surface and it is attached to a steel backing with four prongs bent over at the back.

It features the step Russian countries involving the Kuban campaign and is date 1943 with an open winged eagle and swastika at the top.

A decent example here.

Good Plus. $135.00

CAMPAIGNSHIELDS #47328 Krim Campaign Shield

This campaign shield is a fine bronze over steel base. The majority of the bronze is still intact with some wear to the high points.

It is headed by the German eagle clutching a laurel wreath surrounding a swastika, flanked by the dates 1941 and 1942. This sits on a backdrop of the Crimean peninsula, bearing the word KRIM.

The badge is mounted on army green wool in good condition and on the reverse the metal backing with prongs is intact.

A nice example here.

Excellent Plus. $195.00


This Krim Shield is magnetic, with a bronze finish. This finish has aged and oxidized but remains clear.

It features an open-winged eagle with wreathed swastika over the top of a mapped area. Stamped into the area is the word, “Krim”. To the left and right of the bird’s legs are the raised out dates, “1941” and “1942” respectively.

One of the mounting prongs is missing from the reverse, but the other three remain.

A fine, original Krim Shield here.

Good Plus. $150.00