Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Breast Eagles
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BREASTEAGLES #38805C Army NCO's Flat Wire Breast Eagle

This Army Breast Eagle is quite beautifully rendered, with an aluminum bullion eagle that looks to the viewer’s right. It clutches a wreathed swastika.

The bullion work is delicately done, having a separate type of weave to the head, breast and wreath area which contrasts with the bullion used in the wings. There is also black thread that further enhances the details.

The bird is sewn to a piece of dark green cotton.

Near Mint. $95.00

BREASTEAGLES #38712C Luftwaffe General's Bullion Breast Eagle

This Luftwaffe General's Bullion Breast Eagle is quite impressive, having a dark blue wool background; it appears as though the eagle was cut from a uniform.

The eagle itself is constructed of woven bullion thread. There are lighter threads in the feather to provide contrast. The beak, talons, and swastika are also rendered in a brighter bullion thread. This eagle is extremely well rendered and quite beautiful.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $950.00

BREASTEAGLES #38024 NCO's Flat Wire Breast Eagle

This Breast Eagle is woven with from flat bullion wire and has fantastic detailing throughout.

The bird has been sewn to a backing of fine green wool.

A very fine NCO'S Breast Eagle here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $75.00

BREASTEAGLES #38026 Woven NCO's Breast Eagle

This fine Woven NCO's Breast Eagle is the type with gray woven thread (naturally) on a green silk-like background.

Overall the tab is in fine shape and looks very good.

An excellent example of the type here.

Near Mint. $50.00

BREASTEAGLES #35653 Naval Breast Eagle

This Naval Breast Eagle is the type of insignia that would have been worn with the naval summer white tunic. It is the type of insignia with pin on the reverse, so that it could be taken off while the item was washed.

The eagle has very little of the original gilding left on the surfaces; actually, most of the bird has turned black with age. There are small specks of gilding in the recesses of the wings, as well as around the wreath and swastika. The reverse of the eagle has a brass pin.

Excellent. $95.00