Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Breast Eagles
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BREASTEAGLES #45522C Naval NCO Breast Eagle

This breast eagle has a fine open winged naval eagle woven in yellow thread on to a naval blue woolen background.

The eagle has the highlights of the bird filled in with black thread.

The insignia is in excellent condition throughout and would display well with a naval dagger.

Excellent Plus. $75.00

BREASTEAGLES #45476C DLV Breast Eagle Insignia

This insignia is quite large being nicely made and of solid metal.

The insignia is quite wide featuring a set of feathered open wings with propellor in the center. In the middle is a black enamel mobile swastika. Surrounding the areas in the background is a red enameled circle.

The pin has a safety pin style catch on the reverse and it is marked “2-50” “RZM” “Gesch Gesch”.

This is not a easy pin to find and quite decorative. It would look well displayed with a DLV knife.

Excellent. $175.00

BREASTEAGLES #44123C Army NCO's Breast Eagle

This Army Breast Eagle is made of high quality aluminum bullion. The bird is enhanced with gray threads throughout the wings and wreathed swastika.

The eagle is mounted on a background of field gray wool.

A good looking, high quality Army example here.

Near Mint. $95.00

BREASTEAGLES #44122C Coastal Artillery Breast Eagle

This Coastal Artillery Breast eagle is rendered in woven yellow thread. The bird looks to the viewer's right and clutches a solid wreath and swastika.

The feathering of bird is highlighting in green thread.

The insignia is woven to a background of green wool>

Mint. $95.00

BREASTEAGLES #44013 Army NCO'S Breast Eagle

This Breast Eagle is woven in white thread on a green cotton background.

The weave is tight and the detailing throughout is very good.

The eagle and wreath are picked out in green thread.

Near Mint. $45.00

BREASTEAGLES #42073C Naval Officer's Breast Eagle

This Naval Officer's Breast Eagle is woven in gold bullion thread on a backing of dark blue wool. The detailing throughout the bird are enhanced with dark threads. It shows mild age but remains in good shape.

This insignia looks to have been removed from a uniform.

Excellent. $175.00

BREASTEAGLES #41356C Kriegsmarine NCO's Breast Eagle

This fine Breast Eagle is unissued, with a rectangular baking of dark blue wool.

The bird is beautifully rendered in gold thread, with crisp black highlights. The breast feathering is nicely textured.

Some beer fine workmanship here, and a perfect item to display with a nice Naval Dagger.

Mint. $75.00

BREASTEAGLES #40499C Naval Breast Eagle

This Naval Breast Eagle is most impressive, being woven from fine, yellow-gold thread.

The eagle is on a blue background which in turn is attached to a piece of blue silk. The bird has detailing picked out in black thread.

A very fine Naval Breast Eagle here.

Mint. $85.00

BREASTEAGLES #40498C Army Panzer NCO's Breast Eagle

This Army Panzer NCO's Breast Eagle is woven in fine white thread on a black background that is attached to a black silk backing. The eagle is quite beautifully done, with fine black thread detailing.

There are a couple of minor holes in the black backing along the upper edge.

A hard to find breast eagle here.

Excellent. $195.00

BREASTEAGLES #40406C Coast Artillery NCO'S Breast Eagle

This Coastal Artillery NCO's Breast Eagle is in the form of an open-winged eagle looking to the viewer's right. The eagle is rendered in gold thread and grasps a wreathed mobile swastika. The feathering on the bird is enhanced by means of green thread.

This insignia is attached to a piece of dark green material.

A beautiful Breast Eagle here.

Mint. $95.00