Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Breast Eagles
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BREASTEAGLES #48677 Army NCO Breast Eagle

This breast eagle is done in all white thread on a background of green wool.

The insignia appears to have been on a uniform and shows some wear across the surfaces.

A good example here.

Good. $75.00

BREASTEAGLES #36035 Army NCO Breast Eagle

This army NCO’s breast eagle is the usual type, with an angular bird woven onto a green backing.

There is some fraying around the edges of the swastika but in the main this insignia remains in collectible condition, looking to have been cut from a uniform.

Excellent. $45.00

BREASTEAGLES #48032C Army NCO Breast Eagle

This breast eagle is sewn to a green cotton background.

It is of white woven thread depicting the eagle looking to the viewer’s right with open wings and clutching a wreathed swastika.

There are some moth holes in this insignia.

Good. $40.00

BREASTEAGLES #44309C Army Officer Breast Eagle

This breast eagle features fine bullion work throughout.

The beginning sections of the eagle's wings are done in a contrasting weave giving a very nice effect to the bird.

This insignia shows some modest wear and appears as though it may have been originally a uniform.

Excellent Plus. $195.00

BREASTEAGLES #44291C Luftwaffe NCO Breast Eagle

This breast eagle is all of woven gray thread depicting the eagle flying to the viewer’s right and clutching a swastika.

The image is portrayed on a gray wool base.

A decent Luftwaffe insignia here.

Mint. $95.00

BREASTEAGLES #47617C Veteran’s Aluminum Eagle

This is a wide winged aluminum eagle worn by veterans the eagle looks to the viewer’s right and has outstanding details to his head feathering wreath and swastika with a pebbled background.

At the eagle's breast is a pair of crossed swords and superimposed over the swords is an enamel Iron Cross.

The reverse has a long pin and is marked “2” over Gesch Gesch.

Mint. $75.00

BREASTEAGLES #46527 Luftwaffe General’s Bullion Breast Eagle

This general’s breast eagle is most beautiful, being made of bullion on a dark blue backing.

The eagle has contrasting gold thread in the feathering, beak, and claws.

I don’t know if this piece was ever worn on a uniform as it remains in perfect condition.

Mint. $995.00

BREASTEAGLES #44122C Coastal Artillery Breast Eagle

This Coastal Artillery Breast eagle is rendered in woven yellow thread. The bird looks to the viewer's right and clutches a solid wreath and swastika.

The feathering of bird is highlighting in green thread.

The insignia is woven to a background of green wool>

Mint. $95.00

BREASTEAGLES #42073C Naval Officer's Breast Eagle

This Naval Officer's Breast Eagle is woven in gold bullion thread on a backing of dark blue wool. The detailing throughout the bird are enhanced with dark threads. It shows mild age but remains in good shape.

This insignia looks to have been removed from a uniform.

Excellent. $175.00

BREASTEAGLES #40499C Naval Breast Eagle

This Naval Breast Eagle is most impressive, being woven from fine, yellow-gold thread.

The eagle is on a blue background which in turn is attached to a piece of blue silk. The bird has detailing picked out in black thread.

A very fine Naval Breast Eagle here.

Mint. $85.00