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BOOKS #44944C Hitler in Seiner-Heimat

This book consists of about 100 pages all depicting outstanding photographs by Heinrich Hoffmann and the commentary is by Doctor Otto Dietrich who was Hitler’s press secretary.

The book depicts outstanding photographs of the entry in Austria and many of the ceremonies around the wonderful statues there and huge crowds that came to see Hitler. There are also great photographs of Hilter visiting villages with his ardent participation by the local citizenry.

Great studies of uniforms here and very historical coming from the year of 1938 when Hilter was beginning his campaign of Europe. The book is in soft cover but remains in good condition throughout.

Excellent. $150.00

BOOKS #44943C “Das Deutche Herr in Manover”

This is a 1936 printing of a cigarette book which pictures the maneuvers of the German army as they were just beginning to grow in 1936.

There are a few photographs missing but for the most part the book is complete. This cigarette book is fairly rare and is the first copy I can remember offering.

A good study of this rise of German might.

Excellent Plus. $100.00

BOOKS #45338C 2 British Anti Third Reich Humorous Booklets

These booklets are about 7 inches by 5 inches with cardboard paper covers. The one cover shows Hitler struggling to paint a house with paintbrush and bucket in hand and the other shows Hitler giving a salute with a silly expression on his face and big red nose.

The booklets have about 100 pages and are filled with little humorous stories taking jabs at the Nazis and most of their leadership. As an example in on book it states "Göring got himself a new uniform and was eagerly waiting for a suitable opportunity to wear it. The opportunity came when the Führer suddenly ordered a military parade. While dressing Göring called out to his valet, "Johanne, my decorations!". "Yes Sir!" replied the valet, "I'm taking them off your pajamas as fast as I can."

There are many many stories of this nature and somewhat humorous to read them all as it gives you a pretty good look into what the British felt about the Nazis circa 1939. Somehow if these booklets were printed a couple of years later these little excerpts would not have been nearly so funny.

A couple of nice things to have with your collections.

Excellent. $75.00

BOOKS #37735C Reproduction W. K. & C. Catalog

This reproduction catalog is the same size as the original turn of the last century example, being about 14½ inches by 11 inches. It is about 100 pages and in color.

It contains copies of all of the beautiful line drawings as well as the gate-fold pictures of the elaborate swords produced by this firm. This copy, though, does not have the applied blue and gold blade treatments seen in the original.

This is an excellent reference for those who collect Imperial swords, one that will provide many hours of enjoyment.

Near Mint. $90.00

BOOKS #44880C Himmler Autographed Book on Freemason Banning

This book is entitled "Die Freimaurerci" and it was basically produced by the SS and it explains why the Freemasons were banned in Germany.

The SS did not want the Freemason around mostly because of all of the secret rites that they performed within the organization and also Himmler felt it was a Jewish run group.

The book is softcover and has 64 pages. The book is autographed by Himmler on the first page using his favorite green pencil which he used quite a bit. Beneath his signature he has dated it 15 XI 38.

The book comes with a pretty good translation done by assumedly an American giving the reasons why the Nazis eliminated the Freemasons. In addition to this there is a hand written letter dated 27 May 1945 from the soldier that brought the booklet home. He explains how he picked the booklet up in Himmler's home and that the signature is definitely that of Himmler.

Coming with this grouping is Picture of Himmler in a small frame.

A very rare item here and for those of you out there that have been wanting a copy of Himmler's signature this is not only a good opportunity to acquire that but also so acquire a veteran documented rare SS book.

Excellent. $1,595.00

POTPOURRI #44725C AH Fiftieth Birthday Edition of Mein Kampf with Inked Dedication from Viktor Lütze with Autographed Lütze Photo

This fiftieth birthday edition of Mein Kampf is in nice condition throughout having the fine blue leather cover embossed with a gold sword pointing upward and the title "Mein Kampf" beneath. The outside binder has a gold embossed sunwheel style swastika and below in gold on top of a red strip is "Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf". The pages are in perfect condition throughout showing just normal age toning. The first binder page has a dedication to Obergrüppenführer Knickmann with four lines of verbage with the date which appears to be possibly Christmas 1939 and then there is the bold signature of Viktor Lütze. This is all done in pen and ink. Knickmann was a very high party leader and I know of him personally as I once handled a dagger that was dedicated to him by Rudolf Hess upon the opening of a bridge in Germany. Much information can be found about Knickmann through normal Google and other historical searches. Naturally it is very rare to have a Mein Kampf with this signature and dedication to Knickmann and it adds great interest to the book. The fiftieth edition was printed especially to celebrate Hitler's fiftieth birthday on April 20th of 1939. Accompanying the Mein Kampf book is a framed photograph of Viktor Lütze. The photograph is also personally signed in ink by Viktor Lütze. It is nicely framed and will make for a great display next to the book. If you are a Mein Kampf enthusiast or collector of these book this book should be of very high interest as not many items exist with Liktor Lütze's signature let alone this book and the photograph.

Excellent Plus. $4,995.00

BOOKS #44022 Auf Dem Weg Zur Feldherrnhalle - General Ludendorff

A rather uncommon period book here, the title translating to "The Road to the Feldherrnhalle" in English. Written by General Ludendorff and publish in 1937, it details the exciting events leading up to 9th of November 1923, specifically detailing Ludendorff's personal involvement. When the police opened fire at the Feldherrnhalle only Ludendorff and his aid continued marching unscathed through the police fire; the rest of the leaders in the forward ranks wilted under the hail of bullets. It is 156 pages long, in German.

This copy retains the original dust jacket, complete with a rather grim looking photograph of the author, in full general's regalia, and with a posture so rigid he looks almost as if high voltage current is being pumped through his body. The dust cover shows wear but remains intact.

It is interesting to note that the reverse cover has a fantastic photograph of the pair of lions that guard the entrance to the Feldhernhalle, in full color.

Excellent. $50.00

BOOKS #44059 The First of the Best - Early and SS Prototype Daggers - ERM Publications

This 28 page booklet has been authored to inform collectors of the recently discovered existence of Prototype SS daggers. We have known of the SA "Christmas" Prototype daggers for some time now, and it has only been in the last year or so, that we have discovered that the SS also had Prototype daggers produced either at the same time (December 1933), or shortly thereafter. The first Prototype SS example was brought to my attention a couple of years ago by a veteran family member who had an example, (he didn't know what is was at the time) and was good enough to send me photographs. It was an astounding discovery and one of the most important edged weapons to surface to the collecting community in many years. I had the pleasure of conversing extensively with the individual that owned it, and in fact gave him an idea of its worth after he sent me some photographs. The owner, once he realized the value, (like people seem to do), did contact various members in our collecting community, and was successful in selling the Prototype for slightly more than the figure I felt it was worth. It was a good deal for both people!

As things go in this hobby, new discoveries tend to cause the surfacing of other pieces that may have languished for years being unidentified in collections or family treasures. Now that three of these SS Prototypes have come to the attention of the collecting community, ERM publications have extensively studied the three originals and have published the results in this excellent primer. The booklet is done in a simple-to-understand basis and includes many photographs of these ultra-rare daggers including the special grip eagles as well as the different letter fonts that were used on the SS motto, as well as the Röhm inscriptions. (All Prototypes to include the SA and SS types bore the Röhm inscription). The author also has published period photos of SS Generals wearing these Prototypes. Obviously, this is the first time that this information has been made available to the collecting community. Also included are many subtle observations regarding early SS daggers, in general. The average collector will find this booklet in its entirety extremely useful, as many of the observations address areas that are mysteries or cause curiosity by collectors, and are not available in any other reference.

So, if you are a student of SS daggers, you will find this booklet absolutely fascinating, as it brings our cherished hobby to another level on the collecting scale. As the owner of two original SA Prototype daggers myself, I was extremely pleased to see this subject finally addressed and available to the collecting community. I only have a dozen of these booklets available, so if you would like one, please act accordingly. Believe me, there is a lot of meat for the money here!

New. $25.00

BOOKS #43579 Eickhorn Kundendienst

This copy of the Eickhorn Kundendienst is a real beauty. The orange canvas binding remains in excellent condition, as does the nicely gilded title. The 1935-41 Squirrel trademark also retains fine, original gilding.

This copy is 100% complete, full of fine images of the various edged weapons offered by the Carl Eickhorn firm. The original color foldout featuring various blade etches and a price list is present.

A must-have for the serious collector. There is nothing like original material to enhance your collection.

Mint. $425.00

BOOKS #43117 SS Dedicated "Deutsche Schaffen in aller Welt"

This 400 page hardback is filled with pictures and text showing Germany's influence throughout the world as well as in their colonies. It is a most interesting book to thumb through seeing swastika flags in areas of Africa and the like.

But what is particularly interesting to the collector is the fact the the forward page in the book has a hand done calligraphy dedication which is signed by an SS officer. The calligraphy is done in black writing with the person's first initial for his first name and last name done in read. It is dedicated Dem Pg. / Dr. Walter Moser / in dankbarer annerkenung / siener miltarbeit beider / Betreuung Der Umfiedler and then the dedication is signed in ink "FR. Gissible" and beneath this in calligraphy is SS-Oberstürmbanführerleiter der Sweigstalle / Liztmannstadt / des Reichspropagandaamtes Warthland and the document is signed from the city of Liztmannstadt, dein 1.7.42.

The calligraphy is totally masterful and this book plate is most impressive. Obviously Gissible was in charge of the one of the Propagandaamtes based in Warthland. Looking on his SS record he was indeed an Oberstürmbahnführer holding with the SS number of 309 051. His birthdate was 9.3.03. He is listed as being with the staff of Abschnitt XXXXIII. He is listed as being a holder of the Golden Party Badge was well as the SS Honor and also the SS Honor Sword. I have enclosed a copy from the Deintsalterliste citing his record.

An interesting book here and a nice addition to those who are interested in SS related literature and signatures.

Excellent. $495.00

BOOKS #43112 Headgear of Hitler’s Germany, Volume 3 – Wilhelm P. B. R. Saris & Jill Halcomb Smith, with Otto Spronk

Weighing in at 593 pages (and at least two pounds) this text, coauthored by some of the biggest names in militaria writing, is one of the definitive works on the subject of Third Reich headgear. You will be surprised by exactly how much you don’t know after reading this book!

This edition delves deeply into Political Leaders, NS-Frauenschaft, DAF, and SA examples. The amount of material on these organizations alone is staggering.

This 1st edition hardcover copy remains in pristine, new-like condition throughout.

Mint. $65.00

BOOKS #41242C Die Trommel / SA Geditche (The Drum / SA Poems) - Heinrich Anacker

This small volume is, as unlikely as it may seem, a collection of SA poems. To me poetry is the last thing that springs to mind when I consider the roustabouts and jack-booted thugs of the SA, but it just goes to show you that truth is always much stranger than fiction.

This is one of the later editions, published in 1940. The condition is generally good, with the flaws being limited to some soiling on the back cover and typical page yellowing. In the main, however, the book remains quite sound. It spans 127 pages, with about a poem per page. The tortuous Faktur font makes easy reading an impossibility for most, but I'm sure a determined individual could decipher it. From what I can make out the subject matter is, in the main, the sort of militant nationalism, marching songs, and maudlin sentimentality that seems to have been wildly popular with the Nazis. It includes such uplifting titles as "Brown is Our Combat Garment", "The Torch Goes Hand to Hand", "England's Hour is Struck", and "The Dead Comrades".

Heinrich Anacker was one of the most active and successful propaganda writers of National Socialism, and one of the first to write poetry about the Nazi movement. The former member of Wandervogel was personally acquainted with leading National Socialists such as the infamous Julius Streicher, who did much to promote his writings. He managed to escape prosecution at the end of the war, living until 1971.

A scarce title here, and perfect as an addition to any SA collection.

Excellent. $175.00

BOOKS #40810C Hitler baut Grossdeutschland - Heinrich Hoffmann

This softcover volume is a 64 page photo study deals with the Anschluss.

There are the usual images of cheering masses, seas of billowing banners, and the usual fanfare. Also the great Hitler Mercedes (a car of truly epic proportions) makes a noteworthy appearance. There are also a great many outstanding in-wear uniform images.

A very good Hoffmann title here.

Excellent. $95.00

BOOKS #40812C Hitler in Seiner Heimat - Heinrich Hoffmann

This is a softcover edition, 64 pages long. In English the title of this book would read, "Hitler in his Homeland", a very touching title that shows the more sensitive side of one of the most infamous men in history.

This book is loaded with images of the usual suspects: Hitler, of course, as well as Göring and his Wedding Sword, Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, Reichsstatthalter Dr. Arthur Seyss-Inquart, Hess, and the rest of the jolly gang.

You'll have to choke back your tears at the carefully staged propaganda shots of Hitler at his parents grave in Leonding. After you're regained your composure you'll see images of Hitler's youthful stomping grounds of Braunau am Inn, Linz, and Melk, as well as the usual obligatory masses of wildly cheering Germans.

An effective propaganda title here, and textbook Hoffman.

Excellent. $95.00

BOOKS #40813C Ein Volk ehrt seinen Führer - Heinrich Hoffmann

This volume is in softcover and is 64 pages long. In English the title would read "A Nation Honors its Leader".

It features many images coming from Hitler's gala 50th birthday celebration on 20 April, 1939. There are plenty of in-wear shots and photos of the usual infamous people, as well as the obligatory beaming masses of German "volk".

A good item for the collector of period books here.

Excellent. $110.00

BOOKS #39802C Adolf Hitler Cigarette Album

This Adolf Hitler Cigarette Album measures 12 inches by 9 inches having orange hard cover with gold embossing of the title, “Adolf Hitler”. The cover is quite worn.

These albums were given out by cigarette companies and as cigarettes were purchased the pictures which were to be put into them were given out. The book is 133 pages. This particular volume is not in very good shape at all, but might still be useful if you'd like to salvage the images.

These cigarette albums were Party propaganda publications and the pictures contained within look identical to genuine photographs. If you have never seen one of these photo albums you are in for a real treat. The album details in photography, as well as printed text in the German language, the rise of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor. The album covers the first few years of the Party, being printed in 1936. Just looking at this book for about a half an hour will get you all excited about this hobby and the history behind it all.

An original period album here, with condition issues but priced to sell.

Poor. $50.00

BOOKS #36464 Deutschland Erwacht Cigarette Album

This Deutschland Erwacht cigarette album is missing the dust cover and does show some wear. The album consists of 153 pages of text, in Germans, as well as hundreds of outstanding photographs of the period.

These albums cover the rise of Hitler and the Nazis to power in 1933. They are very exciting and meant to instill enthusiasm in the viewer. This is one of the few albums that remains where the original Röhm photographs are still intact. Most of the time the Röhm photos were removed and his replacement Viktor Lütze replaced him.

This album is complete and also has the large pull out picture of the Nuremberg rallies.

Good. $195.00

BOOKS #39081C Period Gebruder Gräfrath Catalog

This fine period catalog is not an easy title to obtain. It mostly features the firm’s line of Hunting knives, but it also contains, SA, Hitler Youth and Bayonet sections.

The catalog spans 12 pages and measures 11 ½ by 8 inches.

A scarce period catalog here, in very collectible condition.

Excellent. $50.00

BOOKS #39080C Paul Seilheimer Catalog

This period Seilheimer catalog measures about 11 ½ by 8 inches. The cover is clean and bright, with green printing.

This catalog is 7 pages long and details the Seilheimer line. Detailed within are both of the company logos; a dog with a sword in his mouth and the champagne glass and sword. Depicted inside are assorted swords, Army Daggers and hangers, Luftwaffe daggers, bayonets, Naval Dirks, Land and Sea Customs daggers, HJ, SA and NSKK daggers as well as Forestry/Hunting pieces.

A very fine period catalog here, of special interest to those collecting Hunting a Forestry pieces; Seilheimer examples are very much in demand.

Near Mint. $75.00

BOOKS #38372C Seven Volume “Das Dritte Reich” Chronicles

This set of seven books is the first of the type I have encountered over the years. The first volume covers from 1918 through 1933. After this, each book covers an individual years from 1934 through 1939. They are all leather bound and have finely gilded titles.

The book, of course, are all in German and average over 400 pages each. At the end of each book there are approximately 50 pages of photographs. There images are fantastic, most of which I have never seen before. Many are very exciting, as they depict the interesting events of each years during the rise of the Party up until the outbreak of the war. These books are a treasure trove of information for someone who reads German, to be sure.

I believe that a this set of books could be an outstanding asset to a military library. A great opportunity here to acquire a very importmant set of historical volumes.

Excellent. $1,495.00

BOOKS #33629 Deutsche Heldenflieger (German Pilot Hero)

This period book, Deutsche Heldenflieger, has a semi-hard cover, featuring a fine color photograph of the famous Imperial pilot Adolf Victor von Koerber.

The book consists of 34 pages which picture many of the famous (and infamous) Imperial flyers, as well as many Blue Max winners.

This booklet was apparently produced as a series as there are others listed on the inner cover having various topics. This book is in absolutely brand new condition and is a nice addition to an Imperial flying collectors library.

Mint. $125.00

BOOKS #34009C Book of Prints “Maler und Zeichner”

This folder containing fifteen prints is an off-white textured paper with an embossed open winged eagle with swastika. The folder containing the prints shows mild usage.

The prints inside are in perfect condition some being in color and other being in the form of pencil drawings. There are some very beautifully done scenes of war destruction as well as soldiers in action. Any one of these prints could be framed and make a nice highlight to a collection. Each print is mounted on a paper backing. An excellent set of works probably done early in the war.

Excellent Plus. $215.00

BOOKS #36295 Weapons of Warriors - Vic Diehl & Hermann Hampe

At nearly 400 pages, Weapons of Warriors is a definitive photographic study of the most renowned, prestigious, and historic Arabic and Turkish swords from the 12th through the 19th century. Each and every sword featured in this book has been professionally photographed, in the highest resolution and truest color. Each weapon has been lovingly displayed at multiple angles, many at actual size, with two-page spreads to provide the reader with the most detailed appreciation of the craftsmanship and artistry involved in the creation of these famous Shamshirs, Kilics, Nimchas, Yatagans, and Saifs. I cannot overstate the beauty of these images; this book is a feast for the eyes.

The world-reknowned Askeri Military Museum of Istanbul, Turkey, has set a new standard in cultural exchange by opening its entire collection to the authors. The museum staff provided every assistance to be certain that their most magnificent and important weapons were photographed for this study; the museum Director of Edged Weapons even took the time to pen an essay (included herein) on the Turkish Yatagan! Working with the authors was an international team of writers from Germany, India, and Egypt who provided additional information on the science and craftsmanship involved in the creation these historically significant blades, the mechanics of traditional "Koftgari" decoration, as well as the translation of ancient passages and Quranic verses that adorn the examples featured in this study. It is truly a comprehensive work.

This beautiful, large format book (measuring 13" by 9") is produced for everyone who loves the lore and lure of edged weapons, whether they are beginning students, historians, collectors, or connoisseurs.

New. $95.00

BOOKS #36164 Czechoslovakian Edged weapons 1918-1953 - Jan Zeleny and Jiri Smejhkal

This large format hardback book has 479 pages and is in full color. All text is in both the English and Czech language. The book features amazing period in-wear photos mated with outstanding edged weapons photography featuring many pictures of each dagger, hanger and even daggers in a take-down state. Includes sections on Czech daggers from the post WWI period, and then all of the Army and Air Force edged weapons worn by Czech and Slovak Forces, Customs Service, State Forest Service, Army Forest, Kuratorium, Government Army, Hlinka Guard, Slovak Diplomatic and many presentation daggers.

Many of these Czech daggers enjoy high collectivity interest and are often quite valuable. A great book to add to your library. An extremely worthwhile reference and a top-notch, quality book. Highly recommended!

$85.00 + Shipping

BOOKS #35349 Third Reich Tableware - James Yannes

This book covers the tableware and silverware used throughout the NSDAP organizations, Party Hotels, Railway system, German Wehrmacht organizations and personal monograms. The book contains a total of 636 pages with most interesting commentary and little known facts by the author and collector, James Yannes.

There are literally hundred of patterns pictured, with fine close-up photos of monograms and organization markings. For the first time, these patterns of flatware and table items frequently encountered can be accurately identified and appreciated for their true significance. I collect flatware myself and am very pleased to finally see a well-researched volume of this caliber.

This book is sure to have a positive affect on this growing marketplace. An excellent book to expand your knowledge and appreciation of this previously little-known collecting field.

$65.00, plus $15.00 domestic shipping.

BOOKS #33355 German Swords and Daggers - Xu Xin

This nearly 300 page full color reference is the first serious effort by the Chinese to promote German edged weapons in China.

The author, Xu Xin, has gone to great lengths to take photographs of many rare and beautiful Imperial as well as Third Reich edged weapons. His purpose with this reference is to introduce Chinese collectors to the workmanship and the elegance of the swords and daggers made for Imperial and Third Reich Germany. Although the captions are all in Chinese, it does not take much understanding to comprehend beautiful photography and color.

The book is reasonably priced and is a bargain considering the pleasure and value you will receive looking at these beautiful photographs for many years to come. It is also a good opportunity to support our hobby in Asia, as the Chinese are doing quite well and on their way to a sound middle class society. There is no reason why they will not grow to appreciate the hobby as much as we do in the west.

The book measures 10¼” x 10¼” with hard back and color dust cover. An excellent value.


BOOKS #32416C Iron Fist / Classic Armored Warfare Case Studies - Bryann Perrett

Since its development in the early 20th century, the armored tank has played an pivotal role in warfare. This title examines the evolution of these vehicles, their effects on the science of war, as well the ways battle has shaped the tank.

Perret selects prime examples of armored action from the two World Wars, the Middle East, Vietnam, and the Gulf War, and vividly re-creates the swirling chaos of the battlefield, all the while telling the story of mechanized armor. Among the compelling case studies: 1991's Operation Desert Sabre in Kuwait. In hardcover with dust jacket.

Excellent Plus. $35.00

BOOKS #25849 Deutsche Uniformen und Seitengewehre (German Uniforms & Bayonets 1841/1945) - Claus Lübbe

This is a great hardback reference for the collector wanting to identify the German uniforms and bayonets of all periods covering Imperial through Third Reich Period.

There are over 650 fantastic, clearly defined photographs showing uniforms and bayonets, guns, swords, and medals in-wear. Many of the clear photos show blow-ups of the edged weapons themselves. There are 161 Pages. All captions are labeled both in German and in English. I have learned a lot about German uniforms, regiments, spiked helmets, and bayonet varieties just looking at these photos, and you will too.


BOOKS #16785 Flags & Standards of the Third Reich - Brian Leigh Davis

This book is indispensable for the accurate identification of any of the command, swallowtail, and other assorted flags used by the Wehrmacht.

Many of the photos show period in-use examples, not to mention a host of choice Mercedes cars packed full of Field Marshalls! It is 160 pages of photos and text, laid down by one of the leading militaria experts in the world, Brian Leigh Davis. This book was first published in 1975, and is just as an exciting read today as it was over 30 years ago!

This copy is complete with the original dust jacket.

Excellent Plus. $175.00

BOOKS #25823 Guide to Military Dress Daggers, Volume 1 - Kurt Glemser

This softback format is 160 pages of excellent photos and text. For the first time, the foreign daggers of both WW1 and WW2 are finally identified. Although the Milestone chapter in Tom Johnson's great series is excellent, it is tremendous to have a first rate reference devoted to this area.

In addition to the foreign pieces, Kurt also covers German Damascus makers and their tang marks, German Imperial Naval pieces, fantasy pieces and even the current reproductions coming out of Texas. An extremely worthwhile addition to your reference library. The price is a "song" compared to the value you will receive from this book. Highly recommended.


BOOKS #25843 Guide to Military Dress Daggers, Volume 2 - Kurt Glemser

This second volume continues the picturing and identification of many of the Axis and some Imperial German and Austrian rare variations. It includes lots of great photographs and text, all in a hardback format with beautiful dust cover.

Many of the daggers covered are not seen in any other references. There is even a chapter devoted to the beautiful Damast blades made during the Imperial heydays of Germany. 160 Pages. Volume 1 of this book sold well, so should this one. Don't miss out as productions runs are limited. Highly recommended reference.


BOOKS #25820 Guide to Military Dress Daggers, Volume 3 - Kurt Glemser

Kurt Glemser continues his outstanding efforts with Axis and Foreign daggers with the recent introduction of Volume 3 of his series. This hardbound, 260 page book, in 6" x 9 1/2" format, comes with beautiful color dust cover.

For the first time in his series, Glemser addresses the beautiful Italian Naval Cadet dirks, Romanian edged weapons are detailed from their inception, new information is disclosed on the Austrian Pilots dagger, the Croatian daggers of former Yugoslavia are discussed in detail, the true beauty of the awesome Czech and Slovakians Pilots daggers of the former Czechoslovakia are revealed.

If this were not enough, there is an extensive chapter on the extremely well-made Swiss Army daggers, a chapter on Polish daggers, and finally the art of Damascus is discussed with Egon Dinger, the son of the famous Damascus smith family active during Imperial and Third Reich Germany.

A tremendous effort here, and a must for every serious edged weapons collection library.


BOOKS #26113 Edged Weapon Accoutrements of Germany, 1800/1945

A fantastic 154 page hard bound book that helps identify German portepees, bayonets, troddels, and other accoutrements from 1800 through the end of World War II. This reference contains wonderful rare period photographs of soldiers and officers in full dress regalia accompanied with their corresponding accoutrements. There is a vast index of troddels to help answer which sword or dagger they may of belong to and to which region of origin they were made. There is also various color groupings of knots.

For collectors of the Third Reich there is gigantic photographic evidence of how accoutrements appeared and how they were worn on their respective dagger or sword. Information on Prussia, Bavaria, Hesse, Mecklenburg, Saxony, Wurttemberg, the Empire, Portepees, Hangers, and Knots. Glossary of terms is included. Published in 2002 by Reddick Enterprises.Contributing authors include Heinrich Kreutz, Rolf Hofmann, Thomas M. Johnson, and J. Rex Reddick. A must have reference guide for the serious collector.


BOOKS #26135 Uniforms of the Third Reich, a Study in Photographs

A Schiffer Military History, hardbound, pictorial book. 258 pages of wonderful photographs of some of the finest uniforms of the Reich.

The book contains uniforms from the Army, Luftwaffe, Kreigsmarine, Waffen-SS, Allgemeine-SS, Hitler Youth, and Political Leaders. Fine detail of accommodating accoutrements as well. Great book, hard to put down. Authored by Arthur Hayes and Jon Maguire, and published in 1997.