Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Award Documents
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AWARDDOCS #38135C Large Third Reich High Award Document Cover

This large document cover measures approximately 17½ inches in length and about 13 in width. Embossed on to the center of the cover is a gold Political-style eagle which is about 5¾ inches high and 4¼ inches wide. This bird has half-opened wings, looks to the viewer's right, and clutches a wreathed swastika; a very beautiful embossed eagle here.

The cover itself is a reddish leatherette which has be stretched over hard composition board. The corners of the cover show some wear throughout. The inside of the cover has an off-white paper lining on both the endpapers. The original string which was made to retain a document is intact. The cover has made by the famous artist Frieda Thierson; her name is embossed in very small gold lettering on the lower edge of the interior cover.

If you have an original document of high order this cover would be an excellent accompaniment. A rare opportunity here to acquire an original document cover.

Excellent. $2,795.00

AWARDDOCS #31747C Certificate for RLB Defense Medal

This RLB Defense Medal Certificate measures approximately 12-inches by 8 ½-inches. It was awarded to Walter Lau from “Hersfeld”. Mr. Lau’s title is quite impressive being, “Gemeindegruppenführer im Reichsluftschutzbund”. This title would be equivalent to a general in the RLB.

The document is dated "26 Juni 1942" and was presented in Berlin. The document has a facsimile signature of the state minister Meissner. There is also an embossed seal featuring an open winged eagle with swastika within a circle.

A very fine document here which would look really great with the appropriate RLB defense medal.

Excellent Plus. $85.00

AWARDDOCS #31744C Widow’s Certificate for Hindenburg Cross

This Widow’s Certificate is a manila style paper that measures about 8 inches by 6 inches.

It is filled out in fine pen and ink to a woman from Weisenerbach. The document is dated in pen and ink, “25 Februar 1935”. It is also rubber stamped with a Prussian style eagle with swastika on his breast.

A nice document here if you happen to have the Widow’s Hindenburg Cross in your collection.

Excellent Plus. $30.00