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ASSORTEDMEDALS #48549 National Sports Badge

This sports badge is round and has a open center with the Reichs sports eagle affixed in the middle. The eagle has half open wings and a large swastika on its breast. Around the rim of the medal is written Deutsches Turn-u-Sportfest Breslau 1938. The reverse is marked "ROB. NEFF / BERLIN W. 35". The medallion has a safety pin type catch on the back.

Excellent Plus. $125.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #48846C Croix de Guerre with Ribbon

This fine French medal was designed by sculptor Paul-André Bartholomé. It is a bronze cross with swords, showing the effigy of the republic.

The original red and green ribbon is attached, affixed with a single star.

An excellent French example here.

Excellent. $75.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #48838C 1936 Olympic Medal

This Olympic medal has a white enamel finish with gold highlights. It depicts the Brandenburg gate in Berlin with the 1936 date above and below are the five enamel Olympic rings. The piece is unmarked on the reverse and has a small safety pin style catch.

Excellent Plus. $125.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #49662 Cloth Sports Championship Badge

This cloth is circular and is on a black background. It feature a gold borderline around the edge and in the center there is a gold embroidered sports eagle having a black swastika on its breast.

Excellent Plus. $75.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #49944 World War One Female Winter Help Badge

This badge is an interesting looking example in the form of an Iron Cross. It has raised out writing indicating that it was issued for female winter help workers during the Great War in the years 1914 and 1915. In the center is a raised out globe that has snakes around it.

The reverse of the edge has a safety pin style catch.

Excellent. $50.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36045C Reichsbund Deutscher Kleingärtner Pin

This little pin is lozenge shaped. At first glance I thought it was made of copper and covered with verdigris, but Ob's close up photographs revealed that it had actually started out life covered in a green enamel which has since begun to deteriorate.

In the center of the pin is an eagle and swastika. There is text at the top and bottom which reads, "Reichsbund Deutscher Kleingärtner".

Initially I was told this was a “horticultural pin” and I had no compelling reason to dispute this claim. Upon looking into it I learned that the Reichsbund Deutscher Kleingärtner, or "The Association of Small Gardeners", was, in fact, not a sinister cabal of dwarf botanists as the name initially had lead me to believe, but rather was an organization of private citizens who had offered up their gardens and growing plots to aid food production. I'd be willing to bet that their voluntary efforts were in many cases mandatory.

The reverse of the pin is marked with the makers name, "Frank & Reif Stuttgart", and is fitted with the usual safety pin.

Excellent. $75.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #47343 Italian Africa Campaign Badge

This badge is a fine bronze strike on one side featuring the two men pulling an alligator out of the water and on the other side having a building with a immobile swastika on its right and a fascist symbol on its left.

The original ribbon is red in the center with white and green stripes on the right and white and black stripes on the left.

A nice example.

Excellent Plus. $165.00

ASSORTEDMMEDALS #47134 Brass Driver’s Badge

This brass driver’s badge is a good strike with nice detail to the steering wheel and laurel leaves which surround it.

The center area is pebbled.

There is no cloth backing on the reverse of this badge.

Good. $85.00


This smaller size pin is a stamped hollow back brass variety and it features a single winged airplane diving over a house which within the perimeters of the house is a first model RLB insignia with sunburst behind the letters and swastika.

Printed around the medal is Luftschutz Tutnot.

The reverse has a safety pin style catch.

Excellent. $50.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #47230 Imperial Prussian Merit Cross with Ribbon

This merit cross is a zinc style example having excellent detail to the legs with pebbling in the center. The obverse features the Kaiser Wilhelm cypher and the reverse indicates the purpose of the award.

These crosses were awarded for patriotic war service regardless of rank. The medal is complete with its original ribbon which consists of black and white stripes with edges of red.

A nice looking example here.

Excellent. $80.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #47161C Stahlhelm Style Pin

This small pin the first of its type that I have seen. It is about the size of a nickel and appears to be stamped from brass having a hollow back.

It is also cut out in the center with a Stahlhelm style helmet in the middle superimposed over a mobile swastika.

At the bottom of the pin is raised out “NSD FV51”.

On the reverse it is marked “EB Gesch Gesch”.

Excellent Plus. $65.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #47163C 1st Class Gold Driver’s Badge

This army driver’s badge is in newlike condition featuring the steering wheel placed between a wreath of laurel leaves.

98 percent of the gilding remains throughout the depiction.

It is backed with green wool indicating army service and on the reverse has two prongs.

A good looking driver's badge here.

near Mint. $125.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #47165C Silver Driver Efficiency Badge

This badge depicts a driver’s wheel within the center and is surrounded by laurel oak leaves.

The badge is attached to an army green wool background.

The original paper covering still remains on the reverse.

A very nice example here.

Mint. $125.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #43997 Small Bronze Sports Shooting Award

This small bronze award consists of a wreath of oak leaves that surround a target as well as a sports eagle with swastika on its breast.

The target has the raised out abbreviation "D. Sch. V.". There are four drilled holes in this example that are for mounting the badge onto something.

Assumedly this badge when won would have been mounted on to some type of trophy.

it is in complete crisp condition throughout.

Excellent. $50.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #44098C Social Welfare Medal with Ribbon

This social welfare medal is about the size of a fifty cent piece featuring a half open winged eagle clutching a swastika positioned over a Geneva cross.

The reverse has the purpose of the medal raised out in three lines.

Attached to the loop above is the original satin ribbon having a red center with white edges.

A decent example here.

Excellent. $165.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #44097C RLB Badge with Ribbon

This badge consists of a grey zinc medallion about the size of a 50 cent piece. The medallion is rimmed with overlapping oak leaves and in the center is a raised out mobile swastika.

The verbiage around the swastika indicates that it was given for service in the RLB. The reverse of the badge has the same oak leaves and then in the center is the date "1938".

The original ribbon is attached. It has a white purple center with stripes of red white and black on each side.

These are RLB badges are quite difficult to acquire a nice example here.

Near Mint. $250.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #44102C Civil Glider Proficiency Badge

This badge is about the size of a nickel.

It has a silver outside border with a attractive blue enamel featuring two white gulls having silver borders around their wings and body.

The enamel remains in perfect condition. The reverse of the badge has a button for applying this to a lapel on suit jacket. The button is marked "83606".

A very nice example here.

Mint. $195.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #41382 Eastern Peoples 2nd Class Medal with Ribbon

This Eastern Peoples medal was given out for acts of bravery. It features a star shaped medallion and wreath of oak leaves surrounding a flower-like design.

There is an undamaged loop at the top which retains the original green and red grosgrain ribbon.

An uncommon medal here.

Excellent Plus. $165.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #39757 Shooting Prize Award Medallion

This Shooting Prize Award Medallion is fashioned in the form of a silvered sunburst. In the center is a plain surfaced, round area which is engraved, “II. Preis Horn B. Kl. / Uebath”.

Attached to the top of the medallion is a small mounting ring. We frequently see these medallion attached to shooting chains; this medallion most like was one installed a chain itself.

A nice item to display with a Shooting Cutlass.

Excellent. $40.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #37404 Imperial 1916 Prussian Cross of Merit for War Aid with Ribbon

This Prussian Cross of Merit is in the shape of a Maltese Cross and appears to be fashioned out of zinc. It has the initials “FR” on the obverse and is marked “FUR / KRIEGS – HILFSDIENST”. The cross is still in excellent condition, despite the very dark, dull finish.

The original ribbon is attached to the cross, being a series of black and white stripes with red on both edges.

Excellent. $85.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36910 Gilded Augusta Victoria Cypher Pin

This gilded pin is quite a beautiful item, and most have been a popular accessory among the ladies of the Imperial era.

The pin depicts a crown at the top, highly detailed, with a cross on the upper surface. The crown sits above the “AV” cypher of Augusta Victoria, who of course was the last German Empress and Queen Consort of Prussia, the wife of Kaiser Wilhelm II.

This is a fine pin to add a touch of sartotial (and Imperial) elegance to your suit.

Near Mint. $50.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36344C Italian Albanian Campaign Medal with Ribbon

This bronze, round Italian Albanian Campaign Medal is about the size of a fifty-cent piece. It features soldiers raised out on the front with an airplane behind them. The reverse of the medal has an eagle at the top and a double headed eagle at the bottom. In the center are the countries, “Italia” and “Albania”.

The ribbon attached to this piece is a series of black and red stripes. An interesting medal here, from a largely forgotten campaign.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $165.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36345C Italian Valor Medal with Ribbon

This Italian medal is in the shape of a cross and is in a black patina color. The obverse features a raised star in the center with lines running outward into all of the legs.

On the reverse are the raised words, “Valore di Guerra”. Above are the letters “RI” and below are oak leaves. Attached to the loop is a blue lined satin ribbon. This award was apparently given to all Italian soldiers.

Near Mint. $50.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36312C Silesian Shooting Award with Ribbon

This impressive award consists of a half open-winged eagle which is all done in black enamel with gold feathering. The bird looks to the viewer’s right. Positioned on the breast of the eagle is a raised out crescent with a cross at the upper center of the image. Raised out over the talons of the bird is a band, “FÜR SCHLESIEN”.

Attached to the bird is a ring which has a satin lined ribbon. The ribbon has a white center with yellow stripes on each edge. The reverse of the medal is not marked but has a nice vaulted look to it. This is a good looking award.

Excellent. $150.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36310C 2nd Class Fire Brigade Award with Ribbon

This fire brigade award is in the shape of a cross having white enamel throughout the legs. Within the white enamel are red flames on each leg. In the center there is a separate round medallion having a black border with white enamel and black mobile swastika. Within the legs of the cross is a circular silver band which has the raised inscription, “FÜR VERDIENSTE IM FEUER LÖSCHWESER”.

The reverse of the medal is plain. The enamel work is perfect throughout. Attached to the loop above is a satin lined ribbon which is white in the center having two colors of red stripes making up the edges of both sides. A nice looking device here that would go great with a Fireman’s Bayonet.

Excellent. $325.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36247 Brunschweig Pennisula One Hundred Year Anniversary Badge with Ribbon

This Brunschweig Pennisula One Hundred Year Anniversary Badge is about the size of a fifty-cent piece. On the obverse it depicts Friedrich Wilhelm the Duke of Brunschweig and on the opposite side it has a great looking skull and crossbones positioned over the banner having the word “Pennisula” and the dates “909” through “1909”. The badge has a very nice brass surface to it and is still crisp throughout.

The accompanying ribbon was probably attached to the loop at one time via thread but it has now come off. The ribbon is in the shape of a bow and it is made of cotton material having yellow and black stripes. A very fine Imperial medal here in choice condition.

Excellent. $150.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36233 British World War I Commemorative Medal with Ribbon

This medal is about the size of a fifty-cent piece. It was issued by Great Britain to commemorate World War I. The obverse shows an angel which is raised out of the medallion. On the reverse there is an oak leaf border that has the four line slogan, “The Great War for Civilization 1914-1919”.

Attached to the medal is a long original ribbon. The ribbon has colors of red in the center with lines of yellow, green, blue and purple that run out at both edges. This medal still retains nearly 100% of its original gold finish. A very nice example here.

Near Mint. $50.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36235 French Third Napoleonic Commemorative Medal

This beautiful medal is about the size of a fifty-cent piece. It has the head of the French idyllic woman raised out on the obverse and around the border is the slogan, “Patria Non Immemor”. On the reverse there is the French rooster symbol looking at a rising sun.

This medal appears to have a lot of silver in it and it is highly patinated. It is in very choice condition having a great look to it. The medal was designed by, “D Roty” whose name appears below the French woman’s head figure.

Near Mint. $95.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #36236 British George V World War I Participant’s Commemorative Medal with Ribbon

This round medallion is about the size of a fifty-cent piece and it portrays the British king George V looking to the viewer’s left. Around the border of the medallion is raised out, “Georgivs V Britt. Omn. Rex Et Ind Imp”.

On the reverse is depicted a nude warrior on horseback. Around the border are the dates “1914” and “1918”. Around the edges of the medal is the number, rank and name of the man this commemorative medal was awarded to, “134650 GNR G.C. Smith”. There is also a ribbon attached which is orange in the center with stripes of white, black and blue.

Excellent Plus. $95.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #34403 1936 Winter Olympics Badge

This Olympics Badge is really a great looking ornament. These badges were used during the winter Olympics that were held in Garmisch in 1936. The top of the badge features a nice looking edelweiss flower positioned over a banner. The banner is curved upward in an arch and has enameled writing designating the exact spot of the Olympics, “GARMISCH PARTENKIRCHEN”. Beneath the arch is the five intertwining Olympic circles all done in blue, yellow, black, green and red.

The badge shows quite a bit of patina and some age but it is still in nice condition. The reverse of the badge has a safety pin like catch. There is some writing on the medal block that secures the catch but it is difficult to see because of the patination. A great piece to display with some other Olympic memorabilia.

Excellent. $150.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #34410 Case Only for French Award of 1918

This case has a very fine leatherette covering of dark green color. It measures approximately 3½ inches by 2½ inches. The lid is embossed in gold, “MINISTERE / DE LA / GUERRE / M. ME M. B. MILLS / 1918”. There is a steel push-in metal catch on the front edge. The inside lid of the box is padded in a red satin and the lower portion of the inside of the box is red velvet and is cut out for a medal with a ribbon. This is a very nice conditioned box here and if you have the medal to go with it I’m sure it will be a desirable mate.

Near Mint. $50.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #34411 Case Only for French Second Class Award

This case measures 4 inches by 2½ inches and is in very fine condition being a blue leatherette. The upper lid is embossed in gold with “2me Classe”. There is a steel push button to open the case. The inner liner is finished in padded silk. The lower portion has a dark blue velvet bottom with no cut out for the medal so it must have sat flush in the case. A very nice box here if you have the award.

Near Mint. $40.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #28937C Cased Austrian Military Merit Award

The case of this Austrian Military Merit Award is quite important looking, being square on three sides and rounded on one end. It is in a red leatherette covering with black bottom. There is also double-line decoration which goes around the top border. Embossed in gold into the center of the upper lid is a double headed eagle with a crown above the bird. This is the symbol of the Austrian monarchy.

The inside lid is of white satin and is padded. Embossed into the satin material in gilt is the maker name “zimbler wien VII”. Beneath this is the title “K.u.K.hof-lieferant”. This literally means “supplier to the Emperor”. Beneath this is the street address “Burggasse 33”. Apparently, Zimbler of Vienna was well though of. The inside bottom of the case is cut out to accept the award and is in a black velvet material. The award is a beautiful medallion style medal, being about the size of a fifty-cent piece. In the center, there is a raised out bust of the king with beard. Above the medallion is a replica of the Austrian crown and then there is a ring which accepts the triangular shaped red and white striped ribbon. Applied to the ribbon is a set of crossed swords. A most impressive medal here.

Near Mint. $450.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #28376C Set of 11 Discharge Buttons

This collection of regular and reservist Discharge Buttons is composed of specimens from the Civil War to the Spanish American War, WW1 and WW2, with the balance being from more recent times. There are several of unknown origin, but they appear to be American in origin. There are a total of 11 buttons in this grouping, all in excellent condition.

Excellent. $250.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #31639 Model 1916 French Observer’s Badge

This Model 1916 French Observer’s Badge is a round circular shape, having a border of oak leaves on the left side and laurel leaves on the right side. On the open center, stretched across on a 45-degree angle, is a star with one wing attached to it. The wing is well feathered and the star has good ridges to each of the point arms. The reverse of the badge is unmarked and it has two closed loops, one at each end of the diameter. There is no pin in-between, and I’m not sure whether one would have been there. Perhaps these were sewn to the tunic?

Excellent. $80.00

ASSORTEDMEDALS #29333C Imperial Good Conduct Medal

This Imperial Good Conduct Medal consists of a blue satin ribbon background which is lined and also has borders of black. Positioned in the center of the ribbon is a bronze bar which has the letters raised out “F.W.III.”. These letters stand for Friedrich Wilhelm, who was the son of Kaiser Wilhelm I and the father of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Apparently, this good conduct medal may have been instituted to honor Frederick, as he only lived for 90 days after being made Kaiser. A nice looking medal here.

Good. $50.00