Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Assorted Insignia
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ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #40832 Luftwaffe Cape Eagle

This massive Luftwaffe Cape Eagle is a real beauty, measuring about 7 inches wide. The eagle is constructed of finely woven aluminum bullion on a dark blue base. The bird has a slightly open beak and it clutches a mobile swastika.

The reverse of the insignia has a paper backing stamped "Karl Lotz / Muhlheim / Main".

A great item to display with a Luftwaffe collection, or to complete a rare Luftwaffe cape.

Mint. $595.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #40131C Gilded Metal "Blitz" for SA Collar Tab

This gilded metal "blitz" would have been affixed to a SA Nachtrichten collar tab.

Both of the original mounting prints are intact on the reverse.

Excellent Plus. $50.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #40132C Metal Crossed Flags for SA Collar Tabs

These metal Crossed Flags would have been worn on the collar tabs of a SA Reiter. The crossed flags are complete with the original mounting prongs.

An interesting SA insignia here.

Excellent Plus. $50.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #39529 Naval Petty Officer’s Anchor Insignia

This insignia has a fine brass colored fouled anchor with a bullion chevron below it. It is applied to a brass wool base cloth and is oval in shape. Looking at the edges of the wool it looks to have been cut loose from a tunic.

The back is of paper and the prongs from the applied brass insignia poke through and are bent into place.

A great looking Naval insignia here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $75.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #39530 Naval Gunners Woven Insignia

This Naval Gunners Insignia features a yellow-gold woven anchor with a winged artillery shell in the center. The design has been woven to a dark blue velvet background.

This insignia looks to have been cut free of a tunic.

Near Mint. $45.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #39528 Police Sleeve Eagle

This Police Sleeve Eagle consist of a gray wool backing with a woven, open-winged Police eagle on the front. This fine looking bird is colored green.

A good item to flop next to your Police Bayonet.

Near Mint. $65.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #38977C Bavarian Pickelhaube Faceplate

This faceplate is made of nickel and was designed to be worn on the front of a Bavarian helmet.

The plate depicts a Bavarian coat of arms in the center with a large Bavarian crown above. The crest is flanked by roaring lions, each topped with a crown. Below is a ribbon with the Bavarian motto “In Treue fest”.

The reverse of this item has two “U” brackets that were designed to be pushed through a pickelhaube shell and then retained by leather thongs.

This piece is all set to be added to your pickelhaube.

Near Mint. $195.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #37248 Unidentified Wings with Swastika Insignia

This set of wings is a gilded color. It has an immobile swastika cut out in the center with an upward pointing wing on either side.

The reverse has a single prong, the other has gone missing. I do not know the pedigree of this set of wings; perhaps it comes from the German commercial airlines?

Excellent. $30.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #37187 Gold Driver's Insignia

This set of insignia is basically in a round shape, having laurel leaves that make up the border. The inside has a pebbled surface and depicts a steering wheel.

The reverse has only one prong remaining, the other being lost to time. The gold color driver's insignia would have been the highest grade of this type.

Excellent Plus. $45.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #32216 Army Long Service Ribbon with Button Back

This Army Long Service Ribbon is a blue color with a small silver open-winged eagle and swastika attached at the front. The detail to the bird is quite good despite its diminutive size. The ribbon itself is neatly shaped in the form of a bow. It has a button back, presumably for application to a lapel of a civilian suit.

Excellent Plus. $35.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #29440 RLB Member's Door Identification Marker

This RLB Member’s Door Marker measures 3 inches in diameter. In the center it is vaulted outward and features a silver sunburst having a black mobile swastika in the center. This was the insignia of the RLB. There is a lined border area which has the raised out name of the organization and the purpose all in black on a gray background. It is printed in Gothic letters, “Reichsluftschutzbund Mitglied” or “Government Air Raid Organization Member”. This disk has been factory lacquered so that it would have been protected from the elements as there are two holes on the diameter where nails or screws would have been placed to apply the insignia to the owner’s front door area. The insignia is together with its original paper separator as I’ve purchased a number of these still in the paper directly from the 101st airborne veteran who brought them back. These RLB member’s identification disks make for a great decorator item to display next to an RLB dagger or other memorabilia. Each insignia comes with the original separating tissue paper.

Unissued Mint. $150.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #30417 Hohenzollern Veteran's Club Insignia

I am not exactly sure what this insignia is but I do know that the Prussian crown as well as the Hohenzollern family crest and that is what appears in the center of the is insignia. It is a gilded brass design with an open-winged eagle atop the crown. Below the family crest is a set of crossed canon. There is a double band which no doubt tells the meaning of all this for those out there who may be able to translate it. “Krieger & Landwehr Verein / Hohenzollern Halberstadt”. This fine gilded brass insignia is attached to a round woolen device and on the reverse is a vertically running pin. I think that this may be a club that consists of possibly veterans who worked for the Kaiser’s family but I am not sure. I have never seen this insignia before and I think that it is quite interesting.

Excellent Plus. $125.00

ASSORTEDINSIGNIA #29663C Aluminum Propeller Insignia

This Propeller Insignia has good detail throughout and it appears meant to be attached to a collar tab, presumably to designate flight personnel. The reverse of the insignia is marked with an RZM within a circle in the center. This would lead me to believe that the insignia was made for one of the political organizations such as the SA or Hitler Youth, both of which had flying sections. An interesting piece here with two prongs intact on the reverse.



This DAF Pin has a silvered surface and it is about 3/4 inches in diameter. The borders of the pinhave the toothed cog wheel and inside is a floating immobile swastika. The swastika has some visible texturing to its surfaces. On the reverse of the pin there can be seen single prong, which would have been used to attached this insignia to uniform.

Excellent. $25.00