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ART #39902 Small Bronze SA Man

This bronze figure is measures 3 inches high and has an integral bronze base.

Despite the diminutive size this bronze has outstanding detail throughout. The SA man wears a kepi complete with the National eagle on the front. His belt, cross strap, tie, and collar tabs are easily discerned. He wears the standard SA breeches and high boots, and his right arm gives the infamous Hitler salute.

A great item to add to an SA collection.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $325.00

ART #39905 White Marble Bust of Mussolini

This bust measures 6 inches high. It depicts the “unforgettable” face of Il Duce, who is dressed in uniform complete with a helmet marked with a Fascist flag. He wears a military tunic, tie, and the usual smug expression.

An extended panel on the base reads “Benito Mussolini Dux”. I don’t see any other markings on this bust.

A great item to add to an Italian Fascist dagger collection, or as a paperweight for bills you’d rather not look at.

Near Mint. $495.00

ART #39822C Life Sized Oak Bust of Julius Striecher

This oak likeness of Julius Streicher is extremely rare and was probably carved near the time when Streicher was first given the position of Gauleiter for Franconia in 1925, by Hitler, which included the city of Nuremberg. I believe it is an early bust as Streicher is portrayed with hair, and as we know him in later pictures from the 1930s, he appeared to have been bald or shaved his head. He is however, portrayed with the small "Hitler" style mustache which he wore all of his life. The bust is professionally carved and is artist signed, "OM", on the reverse. It is life-size and is quite heavy. The bust is 14 inches high and measures ear to ear at 10 inches. The bust is mounted on a wood base which is expertly carved, "GL J. Streicher", the "GL" letters standing for Gauleiter. There are a couple of age cracks in the wood, but nothing that is threatening.

If you have done your studying of the period, most collectors know of Streicher, probably one of the most repulsive individuals of any of the leaders of the 3rd Reich. In others he aroused extreme loathing. He was dishonest and corrupt. He was brutal, violent and sadistic. His sexual appetite bordered on psychopathic. Streicher printed a vehemently antisemitic newspaper know as "Der Stürmer" which also featured pornography and ritual murders. He was universally hated by nearly all Party members, but Hitler, despite having to reprimand him numerous times, allowed him to keep his job until 1939, when he was finally relieved as Gauleiter. He continued to publish "Der Stürmer", though, and it is said that Hitler never missed an issue. At the Nuremberg trials Streicher was tried for crimes against humanity and he was hanged. There is no question that he certainly was a horrible person, but other than his thoroughly despicable manner, really had no part in the mass murders and war crimes of the Nazis heads. He may have gotten a raw deal, but then again, there could not have been many Germans that were not glad to see him go.

Anyhow, an opportunity here to acquire a rare bust of a very infamous character. Because of his universal dislike by everyone, it is hard to imagine many busts or bronzes were made of this guy! A real conversation piece here as there are endless stories around the excesses of this man.

Excellent. $2,295.00

ART #39334C Silvered Marksman's Shooting Stature

This statue is about 11 inches high overall and is mounted on an off-white marble base being 1 1/2 inches high and measuring 3 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches in diameter. The silvering remains at 100% across the surfaces with only a couple of small areas where air has penetrated the finish. The original bolts and nuts connect the statue to the base at the lower area beneath the marble.

It is a magnificent piece, having some of the best detail one is likely to encounter. The marksman is fully outfitted in service uniform. He is aiming a K-98 rifle. Every detail is visible to the rifle as are the soldiers finger's and nails which hold the barrel from the stock. The soldier wears an M-35 double decal helmet. The Wehrmacht eagle and swastika decal is clearly visible on the helmet's left, as is the State shield decal on the right. The shooter wears a four-pocket tunic with full details visible to the buttons, pocket flaps and even include the eagle and swastika breast eagle.

He also wears a rucksack with all kind of things attached to it; there is even a pair of hob-nail boots! The rucksack is a separately applied part. The shooter wears a detailed bayonet, a six pouch cartridge case around his belt, a canteen at the rear and some kind of a side bag at his right, all terrific detail. The folds the soldier's britches are realistic as are the riding-style boots he wears.

If you are a guy that loves details and the finest of workmanship you will really enjoy owning this shooter statue; it is easily one of the best of its type I have seen. This example has everything, and its fairly large size is also most desirable. If you are looking for a piece of military art to truly accent your collection, you are likely to find this piece to be irresistible.

Near Mint. $1,195.00

ART #39556C Large Brass Political Desk Eagle

The large size of this Desk Eagle makes for a very impressive looking piece. The bird is open-winged and clutches a pierced mobile swastika within a fine wreath. The detailing throughout the eagle is very good, with hand enhancement visible on the feathering and wreath.

I notice that the wreath has been signed by the artist. It appears to read, “D. Palst”, but I could be wrong as it isn’t very legible.

This eagle has a wingspan of 12 inches and stands ten inches high. It is mounted to a period base of swirled black marble. This base is in generally good condition, with just a single small chip on one corner. We added a felt pad to the bottom of the base to prevent scratches to the marble and/or desk.

If you are in the market for a real highlight of a desk piece, this is a terrific example. It is easily one of the largest desk pieces we’ve ever had.

Excellent Plus. $2,850.00

ART #39487 Bronze Bust of Adolf Hitler

This bronze bust is about 3/4’s life size. It is in generally fine fine condition, except for a small hit near the end of Hitler’s nose, but this is barely noticeable. It measures 11 inches high overall.

The bust is mounted to the original black marble base. This base is in perfect condition throughout, with all of the corners intact.

The bust is signed by the artist, “H. Linz”.

An exceptional example of a Führer bronze here. I recently acquired this piece from a friend in Austria.

Near Mint. $3,495.00

ART #39515 Mounted Political Eagle with Torpedo Boat Dedication

This Political Eagle is extremely stunning, being done in a style I’ve never seen before. It looks to be made of silvered bronze. This silvering looks to be all there, with lots of traces of the original frosting.

It is quite tall, measuring 12 inches, with a 4 ½ inch wingspan. It stands on an extremely wide wreath with a mobile swastika on the obverse. The reverse has been pebbled. The bird has very detailed feathering, while many areas showing evidence of fine hand work.

The bird and wreath are attached to a small round pedestal, which in turn is attached to a two-tiered gray marble base. This marble is in good condition, with some minor wearing signs. The corners remain intact, however.

Attached to the front of the marble base is a brass plaque which reads, in very fine script, “Als Anerkenung Torpedo / Schiefsabschnitt 1938 / Torpedoboot “98”. This script is very light and rather difficult to see; hopefully I got all the words rights! So, apparently what we have here is an award of recognition for Torpedo Boat 98, either to or from (it’s unclear) the “Sector Chief”.

This eagle is extremely striking. I’m sure someone out there who is interested in Naval items or who is looking for a heck of a desk piece would love this fine bird.

Excellent Plus. $2,995.00

ART #39456 White Marble Mussolini Bust

This statue of Mussolini is rendered from the breast up. It shows Il Duce looking slightly to the viewer’s right. It is an extremely well executed likeness and is in perfect condition throughout.

The reverse of the bust is signed by the artist, “P. Leononi / Dep. Oto Roma”. The bust is also marked “Mussolini” on the front near the breast.

The marble of the bust flares out slightly at the bottom, and is attached to a black marble base.

This piece is in perfect condition throughout. If you are a collector of Italian militaria this piece would make and outstanding addition to your collection. It’s not one of the small types normally seen, instead being 8 inches high.

A fine item here.


Excellent Plus, Plus. $495.00

ART #37491 Bronze Fencer Presented by Reinhard Heydrich to 1936 Olympic Fencing Champion

This bronze has an outstanding eye appeal, and the fact that it is associated with SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich certain adds more than a modest degree of interest to the piece.

The statue is about 14 inches in height, and spreads (with the base) over an 18 inch area. It is extremely heavy, probably weighing at least 20 pounds. It is in the likeness of a fencer, foil in hand and caught in the midst of a lunge. The figure wears a set of tight fencing knickers, fencing shoes and not much else; he is bare from the waist up, ala Burt Lancaster's Captain Vallo. The face of the fencer actually resembles Heydrich, although the nose is not as large and is considerably less crooked.

When we took possession of this piece the foil was slightly bent. We managed to repair it and this work is quite literally undetectable. There was also no felt on the bottom of the base, so we took the liberty of adding some in order to preserve both the stand as well as the surface on which it will be displayed.

The base is of heavy black marble which is 1¾ inches thick, with attractive veins shot through the dark stone. Attached to the base is a silvered plaque which bears the professionally rendered engraving “Zur Erinnerung an die XI. Olympiade Giulio Gaudini Berlin, Aug 1936”. Below the dedication is a fine Heydrich facsimile signature.

As we all know Heydrich was a fencing enthusiast as well as a champion fencer himself. He also started a fencing academy for the SS based in Prague. The Italian fencing champion for the 1936 Berlin Olympics was indeed Giulio Gaudini, who took a gold in Individual Foil and had the honor of being the Flag Bearer for Italy. One can only imagine the admiration that Heydrich had for this man.

This rare and inspiring Heydrich-presented bronze is accompanied by a mounted and framed photo series. The mounting and frame are very old and appear to be period. The photographs portray the Italian team as well as Heydrich himself with foil and SS fencing outfit. The framed presentation includes an ultra-rare Reinhard Heydrich signed dedication to the Italian fencing team as well as Heydrich's calling card, "Reinard Heydrich/ SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei/ Berlin."

This grouping of Heydrich fencing-related items is just outstanding and truly one-of-kind. When I first acquired the bronze fencer, I was unable to purchase the accompanying photographs and other material. Now, after a little pressure, the set is complete the way it should be. It includes the most impressive bronze with Heydrich presentation plaque and facsimile signature, the period photos with Heydrich dedication and an original signature, and lastly, an original Heydrich calling card. Anything directly related to Heydrich is extremely rare and very, very desirable by SS collectors. This is a grouping not to be missed. Just think what a bang this grouping will add to your SS collection!

Excellent Plus. $6,995.00

ART #28469 Reservist Soldier Bust on Marble

This Reservist Soldier Bust on Marble would make a fine desk piece. It is only about 3½ inches high by about 3 inches wide.

As the name would imply, this is a silvered bust of a solfier. He has excellent detail to his helmet, face, collar tabs, pockets, and even the 3rd Reich eagle can be seen above the man’s right pocket. This depiction has a silver finish, and must of the original frosting still clings to it.

The bust is mounted to a white marble base, having a white felt bottom. The base has a crack running through it, but does not look like it is going to separate any further.

A nice looking desk piece here.

Excellent Plus. $125.00

ART #37561C Hermann Göring Portrait Plaque

This plaque depicts a profile of Hermann Göring, done in nickel or brass and colored black. It is mounted in a walnut base. The plaque measures 8 by 11 inches, and it is quite heavy.

The image of Hermann is very well done, and he is looking to the viewer's left. This type of plaque would have been displayed in an office or the like.

The reverse has a bracket for mounting the piece, and the bolt that hold the head in place is visible.

A great item here to spice up your Luftwaffe collection.

Excellent Plus. $495.00

ART #36024 Generalfeldmarschall Goering Porcelain Portait by Rosenthal

This beautiful Rosenthal portrait features Field Marshal Hermann Göring taken from the famous painting by Willy Exner. The portrait is 7 7/8 inches by 9½ inches. I had it professioanlly framed, and with the frame, they measure 10½ by 12½ inches.

This Rosenthal porcelain is of absolutely outstanding quality and would make a great addition to any collecting room. The portrait is marked on the reverse with the Rosenthal insignia and beneath is the title of the porcelain. Absolutely stone mint condition and could not be nicer. Fantastic porcelain portrait.

Mint. $1,595.00

ART #36122 Imperial Large Bronze Solider with Dedication on Wood Base

This impressive looking bronze measures overall about 18inches high. The soldier along with the base he is standing on is bronze while the structure below although it looks like marble is actually black painted wood. The soldier is a completely outfitted Prussian pre-1916 participant. The soldier is an officer and he is dressed with a finely detailed pickelhaube with spike. The detail is so crisp on the pickelhaube that it is easy to see that the faceplate is that of a Prussian eagle. The soldier wears his chinstrap in place beneath his jaw. He wears a well detailed tunic which has large shoulder boards with buttons having the number “63” engraved into the boards. The tunic has lots of detailed buttons running down the front, and also along the cuffs. He wears a belt with two cartridge containers attached and a cross strap with buckle. The belt even has an imperial buckle attached which has excellent detail. Behind him the soldier wears a blanket type affair along with what appears to be possibly a bread basket. Attached to the side of the belt is an outstanding detailed bayonet which is an 1871 Prussian model. The bayonet is complete with “shaving brush” troddel which is also easily discernible. At the reverse is a canteen being the type that has cross straps.

I can’t emphasize how great the detail is throughout this bronze. The solider further wears britches that are tucked into boots. He carries a K-98 rifle with his finger at the trigger and his left hand supporting the rifle beneath the stock. Again, the detail is outstanding throughout the muzzle, sight and the action of this rifle. Even the barrel end is cut out! The solider stands on a small metal base which appears to be part of the casting. This bronze base has a circular logo at a rear corner which has the name of the producer, “Belaire Berlin”.

The bronze portion is mounted onto an elaborate wooden pedestal. This pedestal is painted black and gives the look of marble. On the face of the center of the pedestal is a fine wreath which is laurel on the left side and oak leaves on the right side. In the center of the wreath is a brass plate that has a dedication consisting of nine lines. The dedication reads, “Dem / scheidenden Kameraden / Premier Lieutenant / Roerdansz / die Offiziere / und Sanitäts-Offiziere / des 4. Oberschlesisebeu / Infauterir – Regiments / No 63.” This dedication would basically translate to, “Our Retiring Comrade Premier Lieutenant Roerdansz from the Officers of the Medical Division of 4. Oberschlesisebeu Infantry Regiment 63”. Obviously this fine bronze was given as a retirement gesture to the recipient. This bronze is a bit dusty but overall it is in fine condition and you will not see better detail anywhere. A really outstanding artifact to highlight an imperial collection.

Excellent Plus. $1,695.00

ART #28117 Hermann Göring Color Portrait on Porcelain - Rosenthal

This portrait on porcelain of Hermann Göring is a fantastic work of art. It was produced by the famous Rosenthal porcelain company and is in a beautiful color format. The portrait itself measures about 10 inches by 12.5 inches, and in its modern day frame is about 12 inches by 15 inches overall. The portrait depicts Göring from the left side dressed as a Luftwaffe Field Marshall. The detail to Hermann's blue eyes, hair and facial features is second to none; Hermann was handsome man and Rosenthal has really captured his best side!

Hermann is dressed in the great coat of a Luftwaffe Field Marshall, which places the date of the work at about 1938 or 1939. The Luftwaffe great coat, of course, is a gray-blue in color, having the white lapels designated for general officers and Field Marshalls. The collar taps also are most interesting, featuring a beautiful oak leaf wreath with an eagle in flight over the top area of the depiction. Below is a swastika positioned over what appears to be a pair of crossed Marshall's batons. The collar tabs are in white, matching the lapels. The shoulder boards are the heavy braided type, having a set of crossed batons at the top left. There is a hint of Göring's Blue Max showing at his collar, but since the portrait is in profile it is not really identifiable. On Göring's left breast there is some sort of a very high Order, which has a star burst style background with a round center. In the background there is sort of a muted drape or some other treatment that enhances the colors and artistic feeling of the personage portrayed.

I do not know how many of these portraits were produced by Rosenthal but this is the first one that I have seen portraying Hermann Göring. A wonderful work of art here that would be stupendous gracing the proper collecting room wall. I doubt that Rosenthal would own up to actually making this portrait, but, let’s face it, it indeed was their work and history is history, regardless of the principles involved. A beautiful, investment quality artifact.

Mint. $1,795.00

ART #36142C Bronze Italian Eagle

This eagle appears to be Italian in orgiin, at least to me. It is cast of solid bronze and mounted on a solid bronze base. Although the eagle is only 8 inches high with a 9 inch wing spread it is quite heavy weighing about ten pounds. The eagle has his wings outward and swept slightly backward. The bird looks to the viewer’s left. He has outstanding detail throughout his head, breast feathering and talons.

The bird rests on a bronze plate which has the corner trimmed on the reverse. There is a raised out wreath of laurel leaves which surrounds the lower portion of the eagle. A great looking depiction here and something which should really set off an Italian collection.

Excellent. $1,595.00

ART #35933AC Large Bronze Eagle on Marble Base

This choice eagle in flight features a 15 inch wing span, and is about 11 inches high. The bird is of all solid bronze with outstretched wings and head turning slightly toward the right. The detail is outstanding throughout the feathered areas of both sides as well as to the brow, eyes, beak and talons of the bird. The bird appears to be clutching a large rock which is part of the bronze casting.

The bird and rock are mounted on a black marble base. The marble has some minor chips on the reverse edges but the obverse is in good condition. Looking beneath the statue the marble is retained by a large bolt and screw. This fine work of art is signed by the German artist “H. Pabst”. This eagle would make a great accent coming into your collecting room. I suspect that it was probably produced sometime during the 1920's and is definitely German in origin.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $2,995.00

ART #35214C Open-winged Bronze Eagle on Marble Base

This Bronze Eagle is quite beautiful, having the look of taking off from a rock. The bronze is nice dark tone, and has lots of detail to all of the eagle's feathers, and features to the head. There is a small, open ring in the eagle's beak, which indicates to me that this item was probably used as a pocket watch stand. It was popular to put your pocket watch at night on a position at rest where it could be seen. Below the eagle is a simulated bronze rock, where the eagle's claws are clinging to its surfaces.

Below the bronze rock is a fine piece of marble. The marble has been left rugged on its outside surfaces, and the upper portion has been smoothed. The marble is a beautiful, black color, with some lighter strains running through the surfaces. The base of the bronze is covered in a green, felt like material. This bronze eagle is quite heavy and is about 7 1/2 inches high, with a wingspread of 8 1/4 inches. A great item here to display a war related pocket watch, or perhaps if you own a pocket watch yourself, this would be fun to use on your bureau at home at night. I believe that this eagle is circa 1920's. A fine art object here.

Near Mint. $995.00

ART #35213C Open-winged Bronze Eagle

This Bronze Eagle is standing on a pole, attempting to fly off into the sky. The pole appears to be possibly a tree stump likeness, which is attached to a base, which resembles the ground. The entire piece is made of bronze, and the surfaces have a nice, rich patina.

The details to the eagle's feathers on the upper and lower part of the bird are quite extraordinary. The same is true of his head. The bird appears, given its posture, to be in the act of giving a screech. Attached to his beak is a hook, which is there to accept the owner's pocket watch, or possibly a set of keys. This would make for a great bed stand, or a nice addition to a hobby room with a military related watch attached. A very nice, decorator piece here, almost certainly from the 1920's.

Excellent Plus. $395.00

ART #34385 Imperial Navy Chinese Silk from Tsing Tau

This Imperial Navy Chinese Silk is really a spectacular piece. It was made in the German Chinese colony of Tsing Tau for a Vice Admiral that apparently was assigned there from 1906 through 1909. The silk measures approximately 4 feet by 2 ½ feet. It is a blue background silk material to which have been sewn beautiful figures all completely hand done. The silk features a long flag pole at the left holding the admiral’s flag. The admiral’s flag was a white background with an Iron Cross and one dot in the upper left field of the flag. Stemming outward from the flag is the remembrance slogan in a white textured ribbon and done in blue lettering, “ZUR ERINNERUNG AN MEINE DIENSTZEIT / TSING TAU / CHINA / 1906 1909”. Beneath this is a brocade hand done beautiful Imperial crown with two silk scarf-like lengths below and underneath this is a magnificent eagle flying to the viewer’s left with an imperial crown on his head. The detail to the eagle’s wings is just outstanding having lots of gold bullion work and even an eye which appears to be some type of a taxidermy accoutrement. The eagle is in colors of brown, gold, yellow and gray. The bird’s talons grasp a beautiful hand done brocade Imperial flag. The flag of course has the Imperial eagle with the striped colors of red, white and black featuring an Iron Cross and a laurel branch over the flag. Below this is a series of war implements consisting of a torpedo, a mine, a life preserver, an anchor, an oar and a boat hook. Again, the work is beautiful. In the middle of this assemblage of naval war implements is a crest shaped cut out which is bordered and was meant to contain a photograph of the original owner. I did not have the original owner’s photograph but was lucky enough to find a photograph of a Vice Admiral which works perfectly with this silk. Around the bottom border of the silk are oak leaves at the right and laurel leaves at the left. At the lower portion of the silk are the blue letter branch of the naval words in capital letters, “MATROSEN ARTILLERIE”. On the opposite side is most likely the name of the area where the base was located, “KLAUTSCHOU”.

I had this silk framed and covered with special plexiglass which is light resistant. The frame is a black border with a silver highlight and a red inner border. A fabulous silk here in near full mint condition. It is amazing that something well over a century old could have stayed in this outstanding condition. I also had a case made for the framed silk. The case is all made in wood and lined with red velvet material. It is equipped with hinged hardware and a handle for carrying. A great package all set to be sent to your house and ready to go up on your collecting wall. I have seen a lot of Imperial silks over the years but this one is not only the largest but best conditioned most well done example I have seen to date. The Chinese were experts at this type of work and they specialized at the turn of the last century in making these silks for visiting navies throughout the world. A great opportunity here to really acquire something nice to set off an Imperial naval collection or just to add much color and interest to your collecting room.

Mint Minus. $3,495.00

ART #31948C Hitler Bronze on Marble Base

This Hitler bronze is not the usual darker color but is a more gold color bronze. The bust features Hitler in his usual pensive gaze outward. The detail throughout the Führer is exceptional throughout his well-known hairdo, staring eyes, pointed nose and small brush mustache. This bronze is extremely heavy so it must be a solid mass. It is also artist signed on the reverse, “J. Steger”. The bronze measures overall about 9-inches high and about 3½ inches wide. The Führer’s neck sits upon a nice period marble base. The base is an off-white color with specks of brown and tan grains running through it. The marble is about 3½ by 3½ inches and about 2½ inches high. The original felt base appears to still be on the bottom being a dark purple color. A very nice Führer bronze here and great to put on your desk or display with your collection.

Near Mint. $1,895.00

ART #29239 Helmeted Wehrmacht Soldier Bust with Dedication Plaque

This Helmeted Wehrmacht Soldier Bust with Dedication Plaque is a commonly seen subject but this particular example is exceptionally well done. It is also fairly large, measuring 9-inches in height and 6-inches across the shoulders. The helmet depicts a Wehrmacht decal on the right side showing a half-closed winged eagle with swastika. On the left side it has the national eagle. The design of the helmet would be the M-16 style and also has very large air vents. The face of the soldier below is a serious profile depicting a stylized very handsome man. The chinstrap of the helmet is shown below the chin area. The soldier’s neck is filled with muscle as is his partial chest area. The area beneath the arms tapers down to a lower base which adjoins to a block of marble. This bust has a remarkable patina which is an even black satin color. It is extremely beautiful. The marble block below has the corners cut to make for a smoother design. It is a gray marble having fine darker graining running through all areas. There is a piece of felt on the bottom which we installed as this was missing from the item when acquired. The obverse of the marble base has a beautiful silver plaque which is stamped, “800” in the lower corner. The plaque has the corners cut and it is retained with two small brads, one on each end. It has a three line engraved dedication, “Zur Erinnerung / a.d.Fliegergruppe (P) / Wilhelmshaven”. This presentation is in memory of flight group P which was garrisoned in the harbor of Wilhelmshaven. I would think that this flight group would have consisted of naval pilots. This is an extremely fine looking art piece and will really set off a grouping of other naval related air memorabilia.

Near Mint. $1,295.00

ART #3785 Oil Painting of a Third Reich Hunter

This oil painting has been framed in the last 20 years or so, and it is all set to hang up in your collecting room. The painting overall in the frame measures 20 inches by 16 inches. It depicts the upper torso of a National Hunting Association member complete with hunting tunic and hat. The hat has the boar bristle sprig coming up the back of it and it is also complete with the Third Reich hunting insignia, consisting of an open-winged eagle looking to the viewer's left and clutching a wreathed mobile swastika. The face of the man is well done and the uniform shows the darker green collar and shoulder boards with a lighter green color to the tunic itself. The painting is artist signed, looks like "Jos. Laejeriski" and has "München 1942"signed at the upper top section of the painting. A good chance to decorate your hobby room here for reasonable money.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $495.00

ART #27319 Imperial Bavarian Framed Service Time Memory Board

This Imperial Bavarian Framed Service Time Memory Board is quite well done and appears to still be in itsoriginal frame. The frame is a brown wood and is complete with the original backing and hanging devices. The frame measures 21 inches by 17 inches. There is a gray matte that runs around the border and the interior background is a green color. Applied to the background is the silvered slogan “zur Erinnerung/an meine Dienstzeit”. This, of course, means “In Memory of My Service Time”. There is a colorful depiction of the Bavarian prince regent Luitpold shown in his bemedalled uniform with dried flowers around his portrait. Below and to the left of the regent is a semblance of Germania. She is holding up an orb in one arm and a sword in the other. In the center is an Uhlan style facsimile of a shoulder board and to the right is a little house over sets of standartes. Within the house is a photograph of the original owner of this framed presentation, who is celebrating his service time. The owner is in a photograph, showing him in officer’s Uhlan uniform, complete with great coat, sword and flat-topped Uhlan pickelhaub. The sword has one of the shaving brush style portepees and overall, the photograph is still very well preserved. This framed presentation would go very nicely in a collecting room.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $250.00

ART #20714AF Silvered Tank Plaque

This plaque is much heavier than most examples. It has a silvered depiction which is mounted on a black painted square oak base. The plaque measures approximately 10-inches by 10-inches and the silvered depiction mounting is about 7 inches by 7 inches. The square silvering has a three-dimensional "Kamphwagen I" coming over a rocky path and driving right into the viewer's face. This tank is perched up at a 45-degree angle and just could not look better. It is the first style tank which was developed by the Nazi's in 1935 having a four cylinder engine, four drive wheels for the treads and equipped with two machine guns. As we know this firepower was nowhere near what the Nazi's would have by the time the war started. The depiction, though, is fantastic and really would look good in anybody's collection. Below the tank area is a plaque which is nailed to the oak wood meant for a dedication. The plaque was never dedicated indicating it may have gone unsold or the jeweler just never got around to it. Whatever the case this is something that anyone would love to have for their collection. A great looking art object.

Near Mint. $595.00