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ART #48263 Print of Exner Painting Of Hitler

This 17 and half inch by 28 and a half inch print is of the famous painting made of Hitler by Willy Exner in 1935. Apparently Hitler approved of the result and authorized a run of prints to be sold throughout Germany. Exner eventually exiled from the official state artist slave plantation run by Goebbels after it was discovered that he was a Freemason, although this had no discernible effect on the sale of his work.

This example is not in good condition, looking to have been very aggressively liberated during the war. Considering the subject matter it is amazing that it wasn’t burnt, run over by a Jeep, tossed into a latrine, or all three.

Perhaps properly matted and framed it would make an interesting display piece.

Fair. $750.00

ART #48147C Deluxe Framed Lithograph of Reichsjägermeister Hermann Göring

This framed lithograph of Göring wearing his Jägermeister uniform is extremely captivating and would make for a perfect centerpiece with a fine Hunting/Forestry collection. The piece is quite large with the frame measurements being 25 inches X 31 inches. The lithograph with surrounding matting measures 22 inches X 16 inches. Göring's beautiful uniform includes his shoulder boards and collar insignia, along with a long breast ribbon citing his awards. Göring wears his hunting "Hut", complete with eagle and swastika cap insignia and his removable boar's sprig, which I believe was actually produced of chamois hair. (As part of my personal collection, I own his original hut sprig which is contained within a round metal container with threaded removal cap and I have no doubt this is the same accouterment shown in the lithograph). Göring also wears his prized Pour le Mérite medal with ribbon at his throat. The details of the lithograph are very exciting to view and literally jump off the paper. Below Göring's figure on the center white matte is a fine printed facsimile signature, Göring.

The professional framing work is of highest quality using the special glass produced to curb fading from light rays. The mint-conditioned modern frame is of wood being a brown color and highlighted with a lighter tan color on the edges. The reverse retains its paper backing. A wonderful package here for the hunting/forestry collector.

Mint. $1,295.00

ART #47897 Framed Porcelain Of Colored Roe Buck (Rehbock) In Forest - Rosenthal

This lovely portrait on porcelain depicts a roe buck with his left front leg raised and standing in a forest glen, next to a tree stump. A most beautiful depiction and perfect for display with a hunting/forestry collection. The color porcelain is artist-signed with a "K" initial being that of Professor Theo Kärner, the master artist that also worked for Nyphemburg, Allach as well as Rosenthal.

The porcelain remains in its original frame which is a brown color with gild edges. Overall the presentation is about 7 3/4 inches by 7 3/4 inches. The reverse is still factory sealed having the gilded brown color paper Rosenthal seal, as well as the stock number ink-stamped below, "No 2 Rehbock". In the upper right corner there is a retailer tag, "Porzellan-Kristal / Westermann / Sundern . Tel. 217". The wire hanging device attached is the typical German triangular type hardware.

A very nice item.

Mint. $495.00

ART #45878 Large Imperial Patriotic Naval Painting, "THE LAST MAN"

This Imperial Naval painting known as "The Last Man" is a large work measuring 32 inches by 42 inches in its original frame. The painting depicts a surviving sailor clinging to destroyed ship debris upon an angry ocean and waving the Imperial German War Flag. There are several other shipwrecked seamen attempting to stay afloat in the ocean waves near him. In the distance are two victorious British warships puffing black smoke from each of their four funnels and flying the White Ensign. The entire scene is quite dramatic and does accurately capture what must have been the horror of a sailor's fate in a war at sea.

The scene depicts the World War I naval Battle of the Falkland Islands which occurred on 8 December 1914, resulting in a crushing defeat of the Germans by the British. Only 10 British lives were lost with the Germans losing 1800 lives and six war vessels including the armored cruiser, "Scharnhorst", she being relentlessly lashed by punishing broadsides from HMS Invincible and HMS Inflexible.

The painting is artist-signed, "A. Wolf", and dated "30.3. 1916". Wolf was also a sailor in the Kaiserliche Marine. There is an old brass plaque attached to the lower painting frame engraved in the German language that states the painting by August Wolf was given to the artist's mother upon his death. The plaque basically states the painting is a "gift to the mother of our comrade August Wolf who was killed in the Battle of Skagerrak; from the unteroffiziers of the 2nd Division of 'SMF Kõnig' ". It seems terribly ironic that Wolf painted this work depicting the tragedy of the Falkland Island Battle less than two months before his own death in the pyrrhic Skagerrak victory over the British (Battle of Jutland) on May 13, 1916.

The painting has two repairs which show on the reverse, but are not visible from the obverse. The painting could also use a cleaning which does not appear to have ever been performed. The original frame appears to be of 3 1/2 inch wide oak, showing some age, but still sound. The painting does not appear to have been removed from the frame. There are two large steel hanging brackets on the reverse.

A fine period original work of art here that would look marvelous displayed with an Imperial Naval collection. I had intended to keep the painting myself to enhance my personal Imperial Naval collection, but alas, there is insufficient wall space in my collecting room.

Excellent $2,495.00

ART #47899C Imperial Officer Bronze Presented To Retiring Medical Officer

This bronze-coated zinc Prussian military figure is most impressive measuring about 18 inches high. It depicts a fully-rigged soldier standing on a matching pedestal. The pedestal is attached to a three-sectioned wood base which contains two separate presentation plaques. The soldier's details are outstanding being garbed in a full field outfit complete with Prussian eagle face plate Pickelhaube, full back pack, belt with bread bag, cantine, cartridge pouches and long bayonet with shaving brush-style portepee. The soldier's arms are crossed for his right hand to grasp a standing highly-detailed K-98 rifle. He wears breeches and boots. The quality of the casting details throughout these accouterments can not be overstated. The bronze plated base, being part of the casting, is artist-signed, which appears to be, "Conrad Fels".

On the other side of the bronze base it is stamped, "I.L.S. lin velkamp".The wood base below is formed of three separate wood sections each with fine angle-mitered corners. On the upper and middle wood base portions there is a brass plaque attached to each. The upper plaque reads in script, "Irhem scheidenden Kameraden" and then below this in Gothic-style print is, "Herrn Oberstabsarzt Dr. Muecke". The plaque mounted on the below base reads in Gothic-style print, "Die Offiziere und Sanitäts offiziere" and below in script engraving, "des 6 (ten) Brandenburgischen Infanterie Regiments No 52". Both plaques are retained by brass brads, although the left bottom example appears to be a replacement. This translates to, To our retiring comrade, Oberstabarzt Dr. Muecke, from the Officers and Medical officers of the 6th Brandenburg Infantrry Regiment #52.

Quite a show piece here that could be researched and could also present an outstanding addition to an Imperial collection.

Excellent Plus. $3,495.00

ART #47367C Bronze Hitler Bust on Marble Base

This solid bronze Hitler bust is about 3 quarter size of natural life. The bronze rests on a marble base and it is about 11 inches high.

The detail to Hitler is outstanding throughout with his usual hairdo mustache and severe stern look at the viewer. The detail is outstanding throughout all of these facial parts.

The reverse of the bronze is artist signed “T. M. Linz”.

The marble base is about 2 and a high inches high by about 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. The bronze is retained via a screw that goes through the lower part of the base and through a hole within the neck area of the bust and then attaches with a nut. When we ship items like this we normally take the base off as it is much less risky to causing an accident during shipment.

This is a very nice bronze that would add much to a Third Reich collection. The size is particularly attractive not being too small and not being too big just right!

Excellent Plus. $2,995.00

ART #47368C Dedicated Small Silvered Hitler Bust on White Marble Base

This bust is very well done and is a 8 inch high example. The bust sits on a 3 inch high marble base which is 2 and a half by 2 and a half wide. The marble has a couple of very minor chips in the edges but they are nothing.

The Hitler bust is extremely well done with all features completely plain and easy to see. Hitler has his normal looking of just looking forward with a serious expression on his face. The detail to the hair mustache eyes and nose et cetera is exceptional.

The piece is marked on the reverse W. Z. 011. I believe that the lettering must have represented the initials of the artist but I do not know what the numerals mean.

Attached to the marble base is a fine silver presentation plaque. The plaque is professionally engraved Unserem lb. Niko / von seinen Kameraden / der 5 S. St. A. This dedication is translated to Our Dear Friend Nico from his Comrades in the 5th Schiffstammabteilung. This dedication makes this hitler bronze a naval item as the Schiffstammabteilungen were the units responsible for the basic naval and military training of recruits when they were inducted. This unit, #5, was set up in March 1039 in Eckernforde and was subordinate to the admiral commanding the Ostsee or Baltic region. It later served in Libau in the east and in Epinal, France. Conceivably this unit to be researched to even add more interest to this nice bust.

The bust is very attractive and extremely well made and being a nice pleasant size that will not overwhelm a space where it could be displayed.

A very fine original item here of high quality.

Excellent Plus Plus. $1,995.00

ART #46979C "The Knight at Dawn" by Jerry Crandall, Artist Signed & Autographed by Luftwaffe Ace Erich Hartmann

This beautiful aviation print measures a substantial 22 3/4 inches by 30 inches. It has never been mounted and awaits your addition of a fine frame.

This limited edition print is numbered 191 of 1250 prints, the original painted by premier military aviation artist Jerry Crandall. "The Knight at Dawn" is signed by both Jerry as well as Luftwaffe ace Erich "Bubi" Hartmann. The limited run of 1250 prints was very popular and sold out long ago, making this piece a rare addition to any art collection.

Hartmann was the most successful fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare. He flew 1,404 combat missions and participated in aerial combat on 825 separate occasions. The print was produced in 1991, only two years before Hartmann's death in 1993. I've included a link to his Wikipedia page as attempting to summarize his amazing career within the confines of an item description would be impossible.

I don't know enough about German fighter planes to describe the piece in a way that does it justice; I will let our pictures do the talking. Suffice it to say that the Crandell depicts these machines of war with both high skill and loving detail against a very atmospheric backdrop. It depicts the Blond Knight and members of his wing taking off from a mist shrouded airfield at dawn, and does so in masterful fashion.

An extremely fine post-war print here, and autographed by one of the most famous German aces of all time. Hartmann's autograph alone is worth the price of admission!

Excellent. $995.00

ART #44347C Bronze Hitler Bust

This Hitler bronze is a very large size, bring 1 ½ life time presentation. The bronze overall measures about 24 inches high and the bronze of Hitler's head itself is 17 inches . The bronze is a fine likeness of Hitler and is in perfect condition except for a very small indentation just at the very top of the head. It is nothing and it is hardly noticeable. The bronze was produced by Emil Hub. Hub lived from 1876 to 1954 and was well known for his work during the period. The bronze is signed on the back with the artist and also with most likely the casting company "WMF Geislinger, Std, and the the word dekoeyer. This bronze is of extreme weight and if ordered by the next purchaser it would be shipped with the head area separately from the marble base. The marble base is a squared block being a gray material with lots of black grains running through it. The large bronze is supported on the the base by a bolt which is removable. If you have been looking for a Hitler bronze of this size this is a good opportunity to acquire same as bronzes of this side are very rarely offered. A tremendous accent for the right person.

Excellent Plus. $9,995.00

ART #45018 SS-LAH Gymnastic 1st Prize from Licterfelde Barracks Berlin

This outstnading bronze is about 11 1/2 inches high, mounted on a gray marble base. The bronze depicts an SS athlete on parallel bars. H arms are extended upward as he grips one of the bars. The athelete is dressed in "t" shirt with shorts, belt and gymnastic shoes. The detail throughout is outstanding to his muscled body. The marble base has a couple of minor chips to the egdes and corners, but nothing serious. Attached to the obverse of the base is a patinated brass plaque. The plaque reads in three lines, "1. Sieger/ Turn Meisterschaft der L SS AH/ Berlin-Lichterfelde". Translated "1st Prize - Gymnastic Master of the SS-LAH at Berlin's Lichterfelde Barracks". Lichterfelde was the well-know barracks where the specially-selected LAH recruits were trained under the auspices of the famed general and Hitler favorite, SS-OberstgruppenfŸhrer Sepp Dietrich.

A great and very rare one-of-a kind bronze here that is just waiting for the opportunity to decorate its next owner's advanced SS collection. A very fine original item here.

Excellent Plus. $2,795.00

ART #40413 Grenadier Statue

This statue is most impressive, measuring 12 inches tall. It depicts a full equipped Grenadier mounted on a base. It has a silvered finish and a very fine patina.

The soldier is rendered in the act of preparing to lob a stick grenade. The detailing to the uniform are superb. The face of the grenadier is extraordinarily done, capturing a look of concentration as he readies himself to fling his deadly potato masher. Four additional grenades hang from his belt, along with ammo pouches, a canteen and bread bag, and a gas mask canister. The boots are also nicely detailed, as is the bayonet which is partially hidden the his brace of grenades.

The helmet has the "Frankenstein" style rivets and no breast eagle on the uniform so this probably dates from the early 1930's, although I hesitate to say this with certainty after allowing for artistic license.

The pedestal base is professionally engraved "Z. Erinnerung / an / meine / 12 / jähr / Dienstzeit / d. Kamaraden d. 2 Schwadron". This tränslates to something like, "In Memory of My 12 Years Service (with) My Comrades of the 2nd Squadron".

An outstanding period art piece here, perfect to dress up your collection.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,195.00

ART #44338C Etched Glass Röhm Portrait

This etched glass portrait is one of the neatest things I have seen and must be virtually unique. The portrait portrays an etched likeness of Röhm portrayed from the chest up having his parted in the middle hair style mustache collar tabs armband and a party pin in his tie. The likeness is undeniable although I will say that they did eliminate some of Röhm's old World War 1 battle scars. The image is shown in a white oval with black treatment for the design. Below the oval portrait is an early SA eagle etched into the glass which grasps a wreath with black mobile swastika. Above the oval image in a ribbon form is the name "RÖHM". The likeness measures seven inches by nine inches and is in its original black forest style frame. The frame is simulated wood branches with a sprig of oak leaves in each corner. Studying the reverse of the frame which has some type of a hard cardboard covering it does not appear to me as though this etching has ever been out of the frame. Can you imagine how rare something like this must be. After the Röhm purge virtually everything that has to do with the "traitor" was destroyed. Anyone that would save this likeness of Röhm I would think would be looking for trouble here as there could be some question to his allegiance to Hitler. At any rate this image is in fantastic original condition and is ultra rare. It would make an absolute great highlight to show off over a full Röhm SA dagger. A very very rare item here in choice condition.

Mint. $2,450.00

ART #40344 Grand Admiral Dönitz Portrait

This oil painting is quite an interesting depiction of Dönitz in his Grand Admiral's uniform. He is gazing rather sternly off to the left. The artist attempted to depict light falling on the face of the Admiral, which fades off in a reasonably good approximation of reality beneath his cap and towards the right of his face.

The detailing to the Naval Eagle and swastika, wreath, and "scrambled eggs" on the brim are quite well done, as are the Field Marshall batons on this shoulder boards. He also wears his Knight's Cross with Oak leaves.

The painting has some cracking but there are no cuts or repairs. It looks to be in the original wooden frame. It measures 27 inches by 24 inches.

The reverse has a tag which reads "Kriegsmarine / Stützputst Pillau / Kasino". This painting was allegedly found hanging in the submarine base at Pillau. There is also an attached hanging wire, so it's ready to be hung up.

A compelling piece of period art here. It is not expensive and would definitely add interest to a Navy Dagger collection.

Excellent Plus. $1,195.00

ART #39905 White Marble Bust of Mussolini

This bust measures 6 inches high. It depicts the “unforgettable” face of Il Duce, who is dressed in uniform complete with a helmet marked with a Fascist flag. He wears a military tunic, tie, and the usual smug expression.

An extended panel on the base reads “Benito Mussolini Dux”. I don’t see any other markings on this bust.

A great item to add to an Italian Fascist dagger collection, or as a paperweight for bills you’d rather not look at.

Near Mint. $495.00

ART #28469 Reservist Soldier Bust on Marble

This Reservist Soldier Bust on Marble would make a fine desk piece. It is only about 3½ inches high by about 3 inches wide.

As the name would imply, this is a silvered bust of a solfier. He has excellent detail to his helmet, face, collar tabs, pockets, and even the 3rd Reich eagle can be seen above the man’s right pocket. This depiction has a silver finish, and must of the original frosting still clings to it.

The bust is mounted to a white marble base, having a white felt bottom. The base has a crack running through it, but does not look like it is going to separate any further.

A nice looking desk piece here.

Excellent Plus. $125.00

ART #37561C Hermann Göring Portrait Plaque

This plaque depicts a profile of Hermann Göring, done in nickel or brass and colored black. It is mounted in a walnut base. The plaque measures 8 by 11 inches, and it is quite heavy.

The image of Hermann is very well done, and he is looking to the viewer's left. This type of plaque would have been displayed in an office or the like.

The reverse has a bracket for mounting the piece, and the bolt that hold the head in place is visible.

A great item here to spice up your Luftwaffe collection.

Excellent Plus. $495.00