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ARMYMEDALS #47018C Silver Panzer Assault Badge

This panzer assault badge is quite beautiful appearing to be one of the heavy Tombak type having nearly all of its frosted silver finish. Normally this frosting never hold up like this.

This badge is really special to look at.

The badge has a roller style hinge with straight pin and catch soldered to the badge.

Mint Minus. $495.00

ARMYMEDALS #47017C General Assault Badge

This badge outstanding detail and is a Tombak type not the zinc variety.

The detail is extraordinary throughout the wreath, eagle and swastika.

The badge is unmarked on the reverse. It has a barrel hinge with straight pin with catch soldered to the badge.

An exquisite example here.

Near Mint. $325.00

ARMYMEDALS #47015C Panzer Assault Badge

This Panzer Assault Badge is remains newlike.

It has outstanding detail throughout, with crisp deatail remains to the wreath, eagle and swastika, and detailed three-quarter view light tank.

The medal is marked on the reverse “ANS”. It has a hinged straight pin with catch soldered to the base.

A real beauty here.

Mint. $459.00

ARMYMEDALS #47016C Panzer Assault Badge

This Panzer Assault Badge has all of its silvery coating and I believe it is a zinc base.

The details remain outstanding.

It is marked on the reverse AS. The straight pin is a hinged type with catch having pedestal.

An extremely fine example here.

Near Mint. $425.00

ARMYMEDALS #46483C 4 Year Wehrmacht Service Award with Parade Ribbon

This service award consists of a medallion of about the size of a 50 cent coin.

It features a raised out Wehrmacht style half open winged eagle clutching a swastika. On the reverse is the numeral "4".

The medallion is mounted to a blue ribbon parade mount having an applied silver open winged eagle into the ribbon. The original pin is still on the reverse

Excellent. $125.00

ARMYMEDALS #45475C 4 Year Wehrmacht Service Award with Ribobn

This Wehrmacht service award medal is about the size of a quarter having a fine silver finish throughout.

The silvering is still in excellent condition featuring a raised out Wehrmacht eagle and swastika on the obverse with the number “4” within a wreath on the reverse.

The medal comes with a fine blue satin lined ribbon.

Excellent. $125.00

ARMYMEDALS #42890C German Cross in Gold

This German Cross in Gold is a very nice looking example. While original silvering on the inner area of the cross shows some minor wear and age, the enamel to the central swastika remains totally pristine and the detailing throughout the wreath is quite crisp.

The reverse of the cross reveals that it is constructed with six rivets. There is a little residue on the silvered surface, particularly around the clasp, but it is minor at best. The cross his fitted with a barrel hinge, a "Coke bottle" pin, and a soldered catch. This is a Deschler example, although it is unmarked.

A very solid German Cross here.

Excellent Plus. $2,895.00

ARMYMEDALS #42807C Army Close Combat Clasp

This Army Close Combat Clasp is an early example, with a good bronze finish throughout.

The clasp features a fine central sunburst “wings” and is covered in sprigs of oak leaves. In the very center is an open-winged eagle and swastika set atop a crossed bayonet and grenade. The detailing remains good throughout.

The reverse of the badge is marked "Peekhaus Berlin". There is a barrel hinge, a lined, "Coke bottle" pin, and a catch which looks to be damaged but still working.

Good Plus. $495.00

ARMYMEDALS #42668 Army / SS Bronze Infantry Assault Badge

This Infantry Assault Badge is quite striking, with a nice, bronze color. It is a stamped, hollow backed example, with very good detailing.

The badge is in the form of a wreath of overlapping oak leaves with a Wehrmacht eagle at the top. Aligned diagonally across the badge is a K-98 rifle with a fixed bayonet. The details are outstanding to this weapon, along with the attached sling.

This badge is unmarked on the reverse.

Excellent Plus. $275.00

ARMYMEDALS #41148C Cloth Gold German Cross

This Gold German Cross shows wear and looks as though it was cut from a uniform as there are some threads visible at the edges.

This cloth version features a sunburst border of bullion thread around a gold wreath. The wreath looks to be some type of metal and is fashioned to look like overlapping oak leaves. The date "1941" appears at the bottom.

The field is of white cloth fitted with a black cloth swastika trimmed in silver bullion wire. Silver bullion wire also surrounds the wreath. The reverse shows some wear but most of the cloth backing is intact.

A very fine cloth variant here.

Excellent. $695.00