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ARMBANDS #46031C RLB Factory Crowd Control Armband

This armband is the type that was worn by RLB personnel that worked in factories for purposes of crowd control as well as order.

This armband is of blue cotton fabric in perfect condition and is sewn up the rear. In the center of the armband is a Bevo woven “O” letter.

An interesting armband here.

Near Mint. $125.00

ARMBANDS #46029C In Service of Wehrmacht Armband

This armband is in white cotton and printed in three lines in black letters is “Im Deinst / der Deutschen Wehrmacht”.

The armband is in very fine condition with no soling and is sewn up the rear.

A nice looking basic armband here.

Excellent Plus Plus. $95.00

ARMBANDS #46028C Army Recruiting Officer Armband

These recruiting armbands are fairly rare and interesting looking.

It has a all white cotton background and is sewn up the rear. In Bevo separately sewn weave is a black Wehrmacht eagle with half open wings clutching a swastika.

A nice example here.

Excellent Plus Plus. $145.00

ARMBANDS #46027C SA Sports Armband

This armband still has good red color and is in nice condition throughout.

On the reverse of the armband it is stamped in black ink “S. A. der NSDAP Sturm 18/217”. Inside of the armband it still has the paper issue tag which is rubber stamped “17” and has a run number of 375 298.

This is the first SA sports armband that I have seen that is property marked. It makes it quite interesting.

Near Mint. $225.00

ARMBANDS #46026C SA Sports Armband

This armband is in very fine condition throughout.

It features the gold woven round oak leaf wreath with a swastika in the center and a sword superimposed over it.

On the inside is the original paper tag. The tag is ink numbered “17” and a run number of 449489.

A good solid example here.

Mint. $185.00

ARMBANDS #46025C Veterans 1st Style Armband

This veteran’s armband is on black wool which remains in absolute perfect condition with no mothing or flaws.

Sewn to the front is the insignia of the veteran’s war memorial and beneath the memorial it is red color with a white field and black swastika.

The armband is not sewn up the rear.

A very fine high quality example.

Mint. $125.00

ARMBANDS #46024C Deutsche Wehrmacht Armband

This armband was worn by civilians assisting the German army.

The yellow cotton is in perfect condition with no soiling and is sewn up the rear. The obverse is Bevo woven black thread “Deutsche Wehrmacht”.

A very fine example.

Mint. $110.00

ARMBANDS #46023C NSDAP Armband used by NSBO Organization

This armband is a standard SA NSDAP type being of red cotton and sewn up the rear.

It has a separately applied white round field and a black Bevo swastika.

Rubber stamped at the 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions of the field are NSBO organization stampings which are very legible. The NSBO was a union organization that worked with the DAF. NSBO items are quite scarce to find.

A very interesting armband here.

Mint. $325.00

ARMBANDS #46022C SA / NSDAP Armband with SA Brigade Stampings

This armband is the standard red cotton type which is sewn up the rear.

It has a white separately sewn field with a black separately sewn satin swastika. Stamped at the 9 o’clock position of the field on to the red cloth is an oval which contains the group “SA Standarte 2 / Brigade 6”. Also there is an inked name on the field which may be that of the liberating veteran “Gene R. Fredericks”.

A most interesting armband here.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

ARMBANDS #45621 NSDAP / SA Armband

This armband is in nice condition throughout retaining its original bright red cotton color.

In the center is a separately sewn white field and on the field is a separately sewn Bevo sewn black swastika. The armband is sewn up the rear.

A good early example here.

Excellent Plus. $185.00

ARMBANDS #45686 NSKOV Official’s Armband

This NSKOV official’s armband is quite rare and is of highest quality. It is produced of a dark blue black wool having no mothing and is open at the rear. The edges of the armband both have a gold bullion tress running the length.

In the center area in gold thread in the gothic style writing is the organization shown in a arch NSKOV. Below this is “Gau Koln-Aachen”. In the center of the organization designation is an NSKOV pin which features an oval oak leaf wreath being superimposed with a sword having an Iron Cross with swastika on it.

This is the first example that I have seen like this and I suspect that it must have been worn by one of the leaders of this group.

Excellent Plus. $550.00

ARMBANDS #45556 1st Style RLB EM Armband

This 1st style armband is of a darker blue cotton color still being in perfect condition and open at the rear.

Woven at the center surface is a white sunburst and in the center are the dark blue letters “RLB” positioned over a swastika.

At the reverse of the armband is printed Erha-Wupperthal gesch gesch.

A very fine example here that would display well with a 1st Model RLB dagger.

Excellent Plus. $275.00

ARMBANDS #45553 2nd Style RLB EM Armband

This armband is of a light blue cotton and is in nice condition throughout having a minor stain on the right edge of it.

The armband has a separately woven white sunburst and in the center is a black swastika.

The reverse of the armband has a number “7” which is woven to the armband. Apparently this was done to designate a certain group of RLB Luftschutz troops or whatever. Adds a little character to the armband however.

A good display example with an RLB EM dagger.

Excellent Plus. $295.00

ARMBANDS #45544 National Socialist Reich War Association (NSRKB) Armband

This armband is of all fine dark blue cotton.

Separately applied to the cotton armband is the shield insignia of the veteran’s organization having a red background with woven Iron Cross with double circled black swastika in the center.

A very fine example here still retaining its rich original colors.

Excellent Plus. $110.00

ARMBANDS #45550 Worker for Todt Organization Armband

This is the first armband of its type that I have seen. I feel that it is quite rare. The armband is of all white cotton construction and remains in perfect condition with only small signs of age.

In two lines is printed in black ink “Arbitet / fur O T”. Beside the black printed title is a rubber stamping. The stamping seems to have a swirling style swastika and the letter of the organization is very difficult to read.

The person that wore this obviously was a helper for the Organization Todt and as most collectors know Todt was responsible for the building of the great German Autobahn and also the West Wall among many other things.

A rarely seen example here.

Near Mint. $395.00

ARMBANDS #40334 Gau Level Political Leader Armband

Despite having a few minor hits on the front of this armband it still rermains in mint condition. he armband has the seven millimeter gold brocade leaves that run around the edges of both sides. The edges themselves are piped in the crimson red color which is indicative of Gau level usage. There is a fine satin lined white round field which is bordered with yellow cord.

Separately sewn inside, is a black satin lined swastika which is also piped in yellow cord. This fine armband is not sewn up the rear and on one edge there is the faint markings of the arrow with the word “Ober” to indicate which way is “up” for wearing purposes. This armband was worn by the leader of a post.

A great looking example here, and in top condition.

Near Mint. $695.00

ARMBANDS #44978 Einsatzsturm der NSDAP SA Sports Armband with Issue Tag

This is a relatively rare armband and apparently represented a action group working for the NSDAP.

The armband is sewn up the rear. It shows some usage signs and some minor soiling but no real problems.

The armband is printed with a political style eagle at the top with the head looking to the right clutching a swastika and beneath in three lines is Einsatzsturm / der / NSDAP.

A interesting armband here a great one for political collectors.

Excellent Plus. $375.00

ARMBANDS #42792C Bahnhofswache Armband

This armband is quite rare as the Bahnhofswache was a relatively small organization, consisting of Army personnel that checked papers and kept order at railway stations. You did not want to see one of these guys approaching you if your papers were not in order!

The armband is constructed of yellow cotton, with "Bahnhoswache" woven in black.

A very fine and extremely scarce armband here.

Excellent Plus. $495.00

ARMBANDS #40716C SA Motorized School "Westmark" Armband

This armband is the standard red cotton type, sewn of the rear with the usual separately applied white field and black woven swastika. The coloring remains new-like and the band shows no wear.

Stamped in a rectangle on the interior of the band we read, "MSA Sch Wm". This stamping indicates this band comes from the SA Motorized School located in Westmark.

A very interesting SA variant here.

Near Mint. $325.00