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ARMBANDS #39975C SA Reserve Armband with RZM Tag

This SA Reserve Armband is in good condition overall, with some period wear.

The red cotton is a bit dark with age, but free of obvious soiling. The applied white field is somewhat dingy but the stitched-on swastika remains in good shape. The gray brocade trim at the top and bottom of the band is slightly soiled but remains sound. There is an inked SA stamp that straddles both the field and the cotton face of the band; it has bled slightly but remains mostly legible, featuring the usual eagle and swastika with text around the edge.

The band is sewn up the rear, and is complete with the original paper RZM tag still attached on the interior.

These bands are uncommon, and this example remains in collectible condition.

Good Plus. $395.00

ARMBANDS #47043C Ortsgruppe Blockleiter Armband

This armband is in absolute flat out mint brand new condition.

It is a beautiful red wool example having fine high pile to the material. The armband is trimmed with blue edges indicating it is of ortsgruppe level. There is a gold 1 millimeter stripe below the blue edge and there are also two small gold millimeter stripes on either side of the gold brocade oak leaves that run the length of the center. The white field is a “satin” variety and it is trimmed with gold thread and the separately applied swastika also reflects the same gold thread around its perimeter. In the center of the swastika is a political pip showing a political eagle and swastika in the center.

This armband is of course open in the back as it has never been used. On one inner flap it has the printed upward pointing arrow with the word Oben above to indicate which direction the armband should be worn so that the brocade leaves are seen right side up. There is also a newlike original paper issue tag. It is rubber stamped “134” and has a run number of 088862.

All in all a terrific armband here and if you are collecting political leader items this would fit in extremely nice.

Mint. $995.00

ARMBANDS #46671 Deutsche Wehrmacht Armband

This armband is in a yellow cloth with a slight texture to its substance.

Woven to the front of the band is “Deutsche Wehrmacht''.

These armbands were worn by personnel who assisted the Wehrmacht in various drudge capacities.

This armband shows mild wear and is sewn up the rear.

A good basic, commonly seen armband here.

Excellent. $85.00

ARMBANDS #47045C Deutsche Wehrmacht Armband

This armband is in a yellow cloth and is in nice condition overall.

Woven to the front of the band is "Deutsche Wehrmacht". Also appearing on the armband is a rubber ink stamp with eagle and character letters which might be read if you have a very large magnifier and/or a lot of patience. There also appears to be some type of stamping on the reverse but it is illegible.

These armbands were worn by personnel who assisted the Wehrmacht in various drudge capacities.

This armband is sewn up the rear.

Excellent Plus Plus. $115.00

ARMBANDS #46961C Recruitment Armband

The recruitment armband is not seen too frequently. This example is in nice condition throughout.

It features an all white cotton cloth sewn up the rear. Woven on the obverse is a fine looking Wehrmacht eagle with half open wings clutching a swastika.

A good example to add to any armband collection.

Excellent Plus Plus. $150.00

ARMBANDS #43851 Deutsche Wehrmacht Armband

This armband is constructed of fine, bright yellow cotton. There are some very minor surface stains on this band.

Woven to the front of the band, in black, is "Deutsche Wehrmacht". The band sewn up the rear.

A solid, basic band here.

Excellent. $85.00

ARMBANDS #45686 NSKOV Official’s Armband

This NSKOV official’s armband is quite rare and is of highest quality. It is produced of a dark blue black wool having no mothing and is open at the rear. The edges of the armband both have a gold bullion tress running the length.

In the center area in gold thread in the gothic style writing is the organization shown in a arch NSKOV. Below this is “Gau Koln-Aachen”. In the center of the organization designation is an NSKOV pin which features an oval oak leaf wreath being superimposed with a sword having an Iron Cross with swastika on it.

This is the first example that I have seen like this and I suspect that it must have been worn by one of the leaders of this group.

Excellent Plus. $550.00

ARMBANDS #45553 2nd Style RLB EM Armband

This armband is of a light blue cotton and is in nice condition throughout having a minor stain on the right edge of it.

The armband has a separately woven white sunburst and in the center is a black swastika.

The reverse of the armband has a number “7” which is woven to the armband. Apparently this was done to designate a certain group of RLB Luftschutz troops or whatever. Adds a little character to the armband however.

A good display example with an RLB EM dagger.

Excellent Plus. $295.00

ARMBANDS #44978 Einsatzsturm der NSDAP SA Sports Armband with Issue Tag

This is a relatively rare armband and apparently represented a action group working for the NSDAP.

The armband is sewn up the rear. It shows some usage signs and some minor soiling but no real problems.

The armband is printed with a political style eagle at the top with the head looking to the right clutching a swastika and beneath in three lines is Einsatzsturm / der / NSDAP.

A interesting armband here a great one for political collectors.

Excellent Plus. $375.00

ARMBANDS #42792C Bahnhofswache Armband

This armband is quite rare as the Bahnhofswache was a relatively small organization, consisting of Army personnel that checked papers and kept order at railway stations. You did not want to see one of these guys approaching you if your papers were not in order!

The armband is constructed of yellow cotton, with "Bahnhoswache" woven in black.

A very fine and extremely scarce armband here.

Excellent Plus. $495.00