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The Allach porcelain plant was first established by Himmler in 1935. The factory was situated in the small town of Allach, not too far from Munich. In 1936, the factory was headed by SS Obersturmbannführer Professor Diebitsch. It was Diebitsch’s job to deal with all artistic and architectural questions that interested the Reischführer. Some of the most famous potters from German porcelain galleries were hired to work at Allach. They included Professor D. S. Fichter, Professor T. H. Karner and also Ottmar Obermeier.

Many of the pieces produced at Allach were not for sale and were delivered to the personal staff of Himmler who had them commissioned for presentation use. Many of the products were for sale to the general public, which included the bust of Hitler, the Fencer, various animals and also the mounted figures. There were also special porcelain pieces commissioned for the German police and the factory also made the Julleuchter. These Julleuchter were given out each year to SS enlisted man at the Winter Solstice. Most Allach porcelain creations will have the SS Kulturzeichen consisting of a set of SS Runes within an eight-sided figure positioned on the bottom of the piece. Usually this mark will be in green or black, but sometimes it is seen in white. Because of the small quantities of Allach porcelain that were produced, the prices are quite high; but given the quality, are definitely worth the money.

ALLACH #40971C SS Allach Achievement Plaque of Das Schwartz Korps Newspaper

This black-colored plaque was produced by the Allach firm. I don't think the plaque is porcelain, but rather a hard stoneware. These plaques were awarded to SS men who excelled in such things as the sales of subscriptions to the SS newspaper, "Das Schwartz Korps", during the years of 1938 and 1939. This particular plaque is the "1939" version.

The plaque measures 6 1/2 inches and 9 1/2 inches, and is about 1/4 inch thick. The plaque depicts a raised-out Political-style half-open winged eagle which clutches a wreath with swastika, Below the wreath is the date, "1939' and below the date is a set of raised SS runes. Superimposed over the runes is the news paper name, "Das Schwartz Korps" and below this, are the words "Für erfolgreiche Mitarbeit", which translates to "For successful cooperation" in English. At the two top corners of the plaque are a set of initials - "CD" at the left and "TK" at the right. I don't know the identity of the "CD" initials, but "TK" would definitely be the monogram of Theodore Kärner, the top artist working for Allach and formerly of Nyphenberg porcelain before Himmler hijacked him.

The reverse of the plaque has an inset with eight sides which enclose the famous Allach SS marking. The original paper that accompanied the award is fastened to the reverse. It has the name and SS unit of the original recipient done in pen and ink, "Au Den/ SS-Haüptscharführer/ Jos. Wirtgen/ zu SS Sturm 4/5". The address paper also includes an attached printed picture of an SS Officer with M-35 helmet, armband, cuff title, SA Sports Badge and wearing an SS dagger. Beneath the photo is the name of the SS paper, "Das Schwartz Korps" and their contact information.

A rarely seen original plaque that would work in nicely with any SS collection.

Excellent Plus. $3,795.00

ALLACH #40586 Allach Standing Roebuck

This beautiful porcelain of a male Roe Deer is spectacular, being in totally perfect condition. The figure is large, measuring just over 11 inches high. The details to the head, eye and nasal features and of course, the horns, is the best you will ever see.

The buck is standing in a forest glen above the stump of a tree. This elegant portrayal was done by the world's best true animal porcelain artist, Prof Theodore Kärner and his name appears on the bottom of the porcelain along with the marking "SS Allach". Kärner originally was one of Nymphenberg's most valued artists, when Himmler made him an offer he could not refuse to come to Allach.

This porcelain figure is quite rare, with only 88 of them being produced at Allach during the years 1938 and 1939. The "Roe Buck" figure was Allach's model Nr. 80. There is a wonderful picture of a roebuck figure that looks identical to this example in the Dennis Porell Allach book on Page 399.

I can't think of better collecting item to share with your family and even your wife will like it. The nice part about Allach is that no one knows what it is, unless you tell them. With this in mind, if you have a secure showcase in your office, our Roe Buck would also work rather well there. Guaranteed that also your secretary will like it. An important work of art here with good probable investment potential.

Mint. $3,995.00

ALLACH #39999C Small Porcelain Elephant

This small white porcelain Elephant is simply gorgeous and something I think anyone would be interested in, given that it is Allach and designed by Professor Theodore Kärner.

The diminutive pachyderm measures 3 inches tall and 4 inches long. The detailing throughout the head, trunk, ears, et cetera are absolutely fantastic.

The bottom is marked on the bottom, with a set of green Allach SS runes.

A wonderful piece here, one that your wife is guaranteed to love for once.

Mint. $895.00

ALLACH #40000C White Porcelain Vase

This Allach Vase is quite beautifully shaped, with the graceful neck running down into a bulbous bottom. The upper area is nicely flared. This piece measures a respectable 8 inches tall.

The bottom of the vase is hallmarked with green Allach SS runes.

A beautiful piece vase here; just add some flowers and you'll instantly dress up your collecting room. Everyone needs a piece of Allach and is example is reasonably priced.

Mint. $595.00

ALLACH #35752C SS Allach White Glazed Kratervase

This beautiful, line-colored vase is identical to the example shown in the Porell Allach book, Volume 2 on page 266.

The vase is six inches high with a 5 ¼ inch flared rim at the top. It is constructed from white porcelain and is decorated with colored lines of yellow, red and purple. These lines start about halfway down the vase and run to the bottom edge. The bottom of the vase is marked with a green set of SS Allach runes.

The vase is quite beautiful and is in totally perfect condition; this is the (rare) sort of piece that would be sure to please your wife!

Mint. $995.00

ALLACH #32131 SS Allach Small Colored Vase

This small vase measures about 4 ½ inches high, with a top lip of about 1 ¾ inches. It decorated with a pattern of colored horizontal lines which run around the large part of the outside. The lines are in shades of yellow, red and purple.

The bottom of the vase is marked with a green set of crisp SS Allach runes, as well as “Allach”.

This is a very attractive vase; it is listed as item #502 in the Allach porcelain catalog. It is also pictured in Volume 1 of the Porrell Allach book on page 452.

Mint. $795.00

ALLACH #28480C SS Allach 4 Branch Table Candelabra

This four-branch candleholder is fairly large, measuring approximately 13 ½ inches across. It has a round center area to which the four "branches" are attached. At the center there is a candleholder for a larger candle and each of the branches is fitted with a holder at the end for a smaller candle.

The branches are swirled where they attach to the center and there is line detail that decorates each outward stretching branch. This four-branch candleholder is a much more plain example, though, than the Rococo piece also offered by Allach. This piece is in perfect condition throughout. Very lightly on the base, the SS Allach runes can be seen and there is also perhaps a number or maybe the name of the original designer, but it cannot be made out.

A beautiful Allach porcelain item.

Excellent. $1,195.00

ALLACH #37316C Allach SS Julleuchter

I used to have a number of SS Yule Leuchter Candles to offer our collecting community, but this is the first example I have had in a while. This example is a fine piece, being perfect throughout. The candles were made at Allach in Dachau under Himmler's orders and sent to SS-NCO's as Christmas gifts. The design comes from an ancient Swedish pattern that Himmler admired while attending a museum there.

The candles are made of a reddish clay. The candle is about 8 1/2 inches high. The top is rounded and has the round slot in the middle to hold a candle. The upper area is about 2 inches around and formed into four sides which all increase to a width of about 4 inches at the bottom. Each side is decorated with a heart-style rune at the upper portion, and beneath is wagon-like wheel rune at the bottom. The two runes have dot patterns around them and they are pierced to allow light form the candle to funnel outward. There is a further bell-shape dot pattern above the heart-like rune at the top area of each side.

There are four stub-like legs at the bottom, one of which is carved on the lower surface with the SS Kulturzeichen marking on the bottom leg. This example is a beauty, still being pristine throughout and none of the usual hand grease on the surfaces. A very fine original example.

Mint. $1,495.00(#110617)

ALLACH #36391C Allach SS Candlestick

This beautiful candlestick is in all white porcelain. It is about 4¾ inches high having four legs which run outward with scrolls on the end being 6 inches wide at the bottom diameter. The candlestick has a flared rim with a barrel shape below having a series of stars which go around the bottom of the barrel shape. The legs are quite beautiful with their tapering. On the bottom is the marking with the eight sided figure having the SS markings within and the porcelain firm name below, “Allach”. Above these markings is the name of the designer, “K. Diebitsch”.

These candlesticks were designed to be presented to SS officers to commemorate the birth of their first child. There were only approximately 250 of these candlesticks produced. Karl Diebitsch was a close friend of Himmler, and was also a leader at the Allach factory. He was an SS artist and in fact designed both the SS officer degen and the 1936 chained SS officer dagger. A very fine item here to display with other SS collectibles.

Mint. $1,295.00