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ACCOUHANGERS #48149 Red Cross Officer Hangers

These hangers are in nice condition throughout showing maybe a little modest wear but both brocade straps are still in very good condition.

The upper snap clip is a plain aluminum type, with matching oval buckles, snaps and slides that remain in nice condition. Most of the plating around the snap area shows wear from a dagger but otherwise they remain in good condition.

A good set of RC hangers here.

Excellent. $995.00

ACCOUHANGERS #48192C Land Customs Official Hangers

This set of hangers shows some usage and some modest wear.

The brocade shows a little bit of soiling here and there but there is no fraying.

The mounts feature a closed pebbled box clip at the top marked DRGM, along with buckles with custom style pointed oak leaves. The snaps are the deluxe, “push up” type with pebbled surfaces and marked DRGM.

A decent set of Land Customs hangers here.

Excellent. $650.00

ACCOUHANGERS #48152 Army Officer Hangers

These army officer hangers show some mild wear throughout but the brocade is still in good condition.

The green velvet backs also show some surface wear but nothing serious.

The top clip is a plain closed type. The oval buckles and slides retain most of the original silvering.

All in all a good set of straps here.

Excellent. $165.00

ACCOUHANGERS #48074 Army Officer Hangers

These army officer hangers are in nice condition throughout measuring 11 inches in length. They are equipped with very fine brocade straps being still quite crisp and free of soiling. The reverse green velvet is also in fine condition.

The upper closed clip is the deluxe type with raised oak leaves and DRGM marked. The oval buckles and slides are in nice condition still having fairly good silvering to their surfaces. The deluxe snap clips also have good silvering being the type with push up feature. A fine set of straps here for nice conditioned army dagger.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $185.00

ACCOUHANGERS #48113 Army Sword Teardrop

This teardrop is of very fine pebbled brown leather and it is equipped with a pebbled aluminum snap clip. The reverse of the hanger is covered in gray felt which shows no wear whatsoever. I’m not sure how this particular hanger was used as there does not seem to be hookup hardware on it.

Perhaps you guys familiar with sword accoutrement know its purpose. However it is still in fine mint condition.

Mint. $75.00

ACCOUHANGERS #47831C Army Horseshoe Top Hangers

This set of rarely seen horseshoe top hangers is in first rate condition. The top bracket which gives the hangers their name is a very fine example still having most of the silvering and featuring raised oak leaves. The bracket is al equipped with two rivets which retain the brocade straps. The reverse of the bracket is DRGM marked. The brocade straps are in very choice condition being pristine throughout their textured finish. The reverse green velvet shows no wear being in perfect condition.

The oval buckles and slides still have most of their silvering and the deluxe style push up snap clips feature the oak leaves on the obverse and DRGM marked on the reverse. If you’re looking for a snappy set of hangers to really set off a fine conditioned army dagger these will work for you.

Mint Minus. $250.00

ACCOUHANGERS #47711C Army Railway Water Protection Hangers

These army railway water protection hangers have been a headscratchers for collectors for many years. Many collectors have thought that they would have been worn with the police water protection dagger but we know that this is not the case as period photographs clearly show that the police water protection daggers were worn with naval hangers. It has only been recent that we have put two and two together and realized that these hangers were produced for the elusive army railway water protection dagger. These daggers were originally produced in 1941 designed after a Paul Casberg drawing. Eickhorn was the sole producer and it is doubtful that more than a half a dozen of these daggers were made. I was fortunate enough to find one of these daggers all in parts a number of years ago and to date it is the only one that I have ever seen. The hangers on the other hand have been circulating for many years and we believe that these hangers were produced in perhaps a quantity of three or four dozen in anticipation of the army railway dagger being distributed. Because of the war effort there was never any real production of the dagger and therefore the hangers were never used. When we see these hangers they are always in mint condition and never show any wear. Obviously a quantity of them was discovered after the war and passed down through the collectors circles.The straps feature a beautiful gold textured brocade with a navy blue twin line that runs through the edges of both straps. The reverse of the hangers are a dark navy blue velvet. The top clip is a closed variety being gilded. The oval buckles and snaps have the raised out oak leaves the same as many other hanger hardware. The snaps are the pebbled type being “push in”. They have the square type ends on them where they connect to the brocade straps. This is an opportunity to acquire a very rare set of straps which if you are a hanger collector these could certainly highlight your showcase of straps. And, the chance might come around that some day you might come across an army railway water protection leader dagger to go with the straps. If not you still have a beautiful very rare set of hangers to show off with your collection.

Mint. $1,995.00

ACCOUHANGERS #47510C Early Gilt Brass Naval Hangers

These naval straps are in very fine condition throughout. They are equipped with the black moire obverses and fine black velvet reverse. The mounts are all brass throughout with the two lion mask buckles having nearly 100 percent of their origins gilt finish. The buickles are not marked on the reverse. The snap clips are also brass type with good gild to the snap that retains the chain and regaining hook. The chain and regaining hook are of steel and perhaps where gilded brass at one time as their are faint signs of it. The other snaps are also all brass not showing much gild but that is the nature of these accouterments. This is an extremely fine set of hangers that would work well on a dagger from the 1920’s up to about 1938 or so. After 1938 the standard Kriegsmarine hangers were normally gilded aluminum. So this is a perfect set for a really nice early naval dirk.

Near Mint. $695.00

ACCOUHANGERS #47534C SS / Police Over-shoulder Harness Hanger

This over the shoulder hanger consists of a white strapping equipped with adjustable buckles. It is worn over the right shoulder and hangs down over the left hip area. At the bottom of the canvas is a black leather teardrop which is sewn to the canvas and the teardrop is equipped with a snap clip.

There is a little minor age on the snap clip but it is not bad. The reverse leather of the teardrop is in brown. This would make an excellent accouterment if someone were finishing off a police officer tunic. It is in fine condition and ready to be installed.

Excellent Plus. $395.00

ACCOUHANGERS #47211 Army Sword Carrying Teardrop Hanger

This teardrop hanger is made of brown leather having finished leather on both sides with a diamond style pattern.

It has a loop area at the top for insertion of a narrow belt and at the center obverse is a nickel plated snap clip.

A nice accouterment to finish off a sword.

Excellent Plus. $75.00

ACCOUHANGERS #47619C Army Brown Leather Teardrop Sword Hanger

This hanger measures 6 and half inches in length.

It is composed of good brown leather showing some mild usage and on the reverse the leather color is green. It has a loop at the top which is folded over and held by a boss button and there also is a leather loop to keep things in place.

At the top is a closed box clip. At the bottom of the hanger is a nickel plated snap clip to hook on the carrying ring of the sword. A nice example here to complete your edged weapon.

Excellent Plus. $135.00

ACCOUHANGERS #47189 Unusual Army Officer Hangers

This set of army officer hangers is quite long measuring almost 12 inches. They are also a bit unusual in that instead of the plain closed box clip at the top there is a Luftwaffe deluxe style clip.

The Luftwaffe clip is the style that is marked UE10 and DRGM and it also has the raised oak leaves on the clip and snap clip.

Looking at the hangers it appears as though this clip was replaced at some time during the life of the hangers, although I cannot say for sure when.

The hardware consists of the oval buckles and slides with raised oak leaves. This hardware shows some usage but still has most of the original finish. The lower snaps are the pebbled style and they are push in type.

The reverse of the hangers shows some modest wear but the green felt is still in good condition.

An interesting set of officer hangers here.

Good Plus. $165.00

ACCOUHANGERS #47212 SS / Police Over the Shoulder Degen Hanger

This hanger is composed of canvas strapping that was worn over the shoulder of the wearer and at the bottom of the strapping there is a black frog-like device to which is attached a nickel pebbled snap clip.

The reverse of the frog is of brown leather and is unmarked.

This hanger is in remarkable condition and is a real winner. It could be worn with an SS officer degen NCO degen or either a police officer or NCO degen. A really fine accoutrement here that would really set off your piece.

Mint. $250.00

ACCOUHANGERS #46776C RAD Officer Straps

These straps are in nice condition throughout the leather being a darker brown color and still supple with no signs of rot or any problems.

The hangers are equipped with a closed clip at the top which is of aluminum. The rectangular buckles below are pebbled as are the slides. The snaps are the deluxe type which have pebbled surfaces and they are the style which you need to push upward to open. Both snaps are DRGM marked on the reverse.

A fine set of straps here for an excellent plus to near mint RAD officer.

Excellent Plus. $895.00

ACCOUHANGERS #46781C TeNo Leader Brocade Hangers

This set of TeNo leader hangers are in nice condition. The original owner adjusted the buckles upward from where we usually see them which gives them a little bit more length. The buckles are set in place and assumedly this is the position where the dagger was worn. These straps measures overall 10 inches in length.

The brocade is in beautiful condition with its black textured cloth being decorated with twin aluminum style lines which run the length. The top clip is a closed aluminum type. The round buckles are in nice condition simulating a gear wheel and the blackening in the backgrounds is still all there. These buckles are marked A on the reverse indicating that they are a product of Assmann.

The slides are in good condition being also of aluminum and the lower snaps are the type that are push in being pebbled and having rounded surfaces where they enter the brocade straps.

The reverse black velvet is in choice condition showing no wear.

A very fine set of TeNo Leader hangers here. TeNo leader brocade hangers are very difficult to find.

Near Mint. $2,395.00

ACCOUHANGERS #46778C Land Customs Hangers

This set of land customs hangers shows modest age. The straps are still quite crisp throughout and are still stiff.

The brocade is a fine texture aluminum having twin green lines that run the length. The hangers measure 11 inches overall.

The straps are equipped with a closed aluminum clip at the top and attached to the clip are two leather rounded straps which are sewn to the brocade. The leather shows mild usage.

The buckles and slides feature the pointed oak leaf design and have all of their aluminum coating. The lower snaps are the push in type having pebbled surfaces and squared off backs where they attach to the straps.

The green velvet reverse is in pristine condition showing no wear.

A very nice set of customs hangers.

Near Mint. $995.00

ACCOUHANGERS #46435 SS / Police Black Leather Degen Hanger

This degen hanger is a very fine teardrop with all black leather construction on the obverse and reverse.

It is built with an adjustable loop at the top having a boss which holds it closed. The closed clip at the top is nickel plated. The snap clip at the bottom is also nickel plated showing only the most modest of age. This teardrop measures 7 and a half inches in length.

A great item to complete your SS or police degen.

Excellent Plus Plus. $450.00

ACCOUHANGERS #46434 SS / Police Black Leather Degen Hanger

This teardrop hanger is in terrific condition throughout. The leather is still new-like and makes a very fine presentation.

The upper loop section has the adjustable area with a boss and button hole along with a black retainer loop. At the bottom area is a nickel plated snap clip to which the plating is still perfect.

The reverse of the teardrop is done in a brown leather.

A very fine item here to complete a near mint or mint SS or police degen.

Mint. $450.00

ACCOUHANGERS #46231 RAD Bullet Hanger with Applied Swastika

This bullet hanger is most curious as it has an applied swastika which appears original to the time.

The bullet hanger has a good loop area with wire attachment above for connecting to a belt loop. The leather throughout is in good condition and at the lower portion there is a snap clip which is not marked on the reverse.

The bullet hanger is also stamped with some markings that appears to be "BRW772" which I guess relates to a RAD group and on the reverse of it it is also maker marked which appears to be Otto Binde Berlin 1937.

Applied to the left side of the bullet hanger is a nickel plated swastika. It is held on to the piece via a copper brad. Obviously something like this would not have been per regulations but as we all know with large groups of people there was always someone who broke the rules. Anyhow it makes for an interesting looking RAD hanger.

Excellent Plus. $595.00

ACCOUHANGERS #46437 Early RAD Hanger with Wearer Applied Belt Loop

It is quite rare to find the early RAD hanger as because of their design they did not last too long. The weight of the hewer U fitting pulling against the leather of this hanger quickly wore through at the bottom areas so most of these early hangers were abandoned for the later bullet style which has the snap clip.

This hanger is in very nice condition being of all black leather. It shows only the most modest of wear and the lower loop area. It is held closed by a separate black strap having buckle and hasp. Apparently the original wearer wanted his hewer to hang a little lower so he applied a custom made black leather belt loop to the end in order to accomplish this purpose. An interesting addition period here the likes of which I have not seen in the past.

A fine example here to apply to an early hewer.

Excellent Plus Plus. $495.00

ACCOUHANGERS #46300 Early RAD Short Hanger with Period Added Bullet Style Ending

This RAD hanger is most curious and ingenious.

It is the early style hanger being of all leather with a folded up end which is secured by a strap and buckle. As we know these hangers tended to wear out because of the weight of the hewer so in the case of this example the original wearer had a bullet shaped bottom added to his short hanger to help with this problem as well as protect his uniform from the swing of the hewer.

A very interesting period combination here that would look quite well on an early RAD hewer. This is the first time I have seen this ingenious creation.

Excellent Plus. $475.00

ACCOUHANGERS #45754C Army General’s Hangers with Missing Snap

This set of army General’s hangers is in nice condition throughout and are 100 percent original.

The upper box clip is the deluxe type with raised oak leaves and DRGM stamping. Almost 100 percent of the gild remains.

The buckles and slides are also finely gilded featuring the raised oak leaf designs. There is little wear to this gilt finish. The left lower snap is the deluxe push up type having oak leaf decoration on the obverse and marked “DRGM” on the reverse. Most of the gilding also remains on this snap. Unfortunately on the right side the lower snap is gone to time. It is possible that someone out there had a gilded deluxe snap that would work for these hangers. If this were the case the hangers are only priced at about half their value so this replacement snap could be of great enhancement as well as value to this set of hangers.

The straps are also in excellent condition with very fine brocade and the reverse velvet shows only the most nominal of wear.

A great opportunity here for the right person.

Good Minus.$350.00

ACCOUHANGERS #45892C Social Welfare Hangers

This set of social welfare hangers shows some usage and maybe a little soiling to the front brocade but it is not bad.

The brocade straps have the textured inside with twin gray lines which run the length. The reverse of the straps is covered in gray velvet which also shows just minor usage.

The snap clip at the top is a pebbled aluminum example. Matching the clip are the rectangular buckle and slides which also feature a pebbled finish. The snap clips are the push in type and also have the pebbling.

A good decent set of hangers here which could also serve on a Red Cross piece as well as a social welfare piece as we feel that both daggers were worn simultaneously with the two types of hangers.

Excellent. $695.00

ACCOUHANGERS #45894C Bulgarian Air Force Hangers

These hangers are very elusive and quite beautiful. They belong to the small delicate gilded daggers worn by the Bulgarian air force before and during the war.This set is quite long being 12 inches and is obviously German made. The brocade on the obverse is the same as that seen on German army officer hangers. The reverse is also the same being a green velvet. The brocade and velvet are still in nice condition throughout.

The snap clip at the top is most unusual as it is a closed clip except that the center section of the closed clip there is an additional snap clip mechanism which is spring loaded. The buckles and slides are the army type with raised oak leaves however they are heavily gilded. The snaps clips are the push in variety being pebbled having matching gilt.

If you have one of these Bulgarian air force daggers I would think that to own this hanger also would be quite a feat.

Excellent. $895.00

ACCOUHANGERS #45893C Croatian Army Officer 1st Style Hangers

These hangers are quite unusual and are obviously German made. At first glance the brocade almost have the look of a diplomatic type but with closer scrutiny the pattern is different having a series of chain link style figures that connect and run the length. The reverse of the straps has a green velvet. The straps show a little bit of soiling and some wear but no abuse to the reverse.

The top clip is similar to what we see on a 2nd model Luftwaffe hanger having all raised oak leaf designs and it is marked on the reverse DRGM as well as RZM UE10. The oval buckles and slides are the traditional German army type with raised oak leaves and the snaps are the deluxe push up type with oak leaves on the front and DRGM marked on the reverse.

A pretty rare set of hangers here and quite good looking.

Excellent Plus. $695.00

ACCOUHANGERS #45903 Army Leather Sword Teardrop Hanger

This teardrop hanger is of brown leather and is in overall good condition being 8 and half inches long.

The top closed clip would be for hooking the hanger to a snap clip sewn into the owner's tunic and the lower clip is a large dog leash style having good nickel plating which would fit on to the U bracket on the back of a sword's scabbard.

Overall a good example here that can complete your army officer sword.

Excellent. $125.00

ACCOUHANGERS #44883C RAD Bullet Hanger

This bullet hanger is a little different than we normally see them. It has a long loop which is part of the bullet section below and at the same time encompasses the snap clip with a separate strap sewn in. It makes for quite a good looking rigging here all in black leather being in very very fine condition.

The snap clip is the usual nickel type having toned nicely. It is marked on the back “A” and the letters “A” and “S” beneath and also it has the RAD triangle with 37 below this. This is probably the year it was produced.

On the reverse half of the hagner is the leather backing and the lower bullet portion is backed with a black felt. The felt shows some wear and age but still remains at about 80 percent.

A very nice bullet hanger here just waiting for the right hewer to mare up with it.

Excellent. $495.00

ACCOUHANGERS #45184C Red Cross Officer Hangers

This set of Red Cross officer hangers is in fine shape and are nice and long measuring 12 inches in length.

The brocade is in nice condition being a gray color with twin silver stripes being piped with red edges. The reverse of the straps has fine gray velvet cloth showing little to no wear. The top clip is a plain style aluminum snap version. The buckles are of oval aluminum with matching aluminum slides. The snaps are a smooth push in type.

A very fine set of straps here that would go nicely with a near mint to mint Red Cross officer piece.

Near Mint. $995.00

ACCOUHANGERS #44803C High Ranking Diplo / Government Official Gild Hangers

This set of hangers is rarely offered and a pleasure to see. They would have been issued to a high ranking government official or diplomatic corps official.

The brocade has the traditional herringbone design with a gold look to the thread. The brocade shows only mild age but not wear and no problems whatsoever. The reverse of the straps are covered in a black velvet. There is some surface wear to the velvet itself but no wear through.

The top clip is an aluminum example with a push in snap. The clip was once all gild finish but most of the gild surface has worn off over the years but it is still able to be seen in the inner areas as well as on portions of the enclosed bottom section of the clip. The rectangular buckles and slides still reflect almost all of the gilt finish on the obverse and also on the reverse areas. These buckles and slides appear to have perhaps have had a brass base. The eyelets and buckle ends also appear to be brass and the eyelets are gilt. The snap clips below are a push in variety and they have rounded tops. They also have a pebbled finish. Most of the gild is worn off the outside areas of these snaps but the inside recesses as well as other parts still have much of the original gilt remaining. It is interesting to note that the longer clip on the right hanger is installed with the snap on the reverse. For some reason this must have been the choice of the original wearer as there is no question that the hangers reflect wear in this method.

If you have a Diplo or GO that you feel belong to a higher up these hangers would be outstanding to put with the dagger. These are rarely offered and rarely seen. A great set of absolute original straps here.

Excellent. $2,995.00

ACCOUHANGERS #44094C RAD "Bullet" Hanger

This RAD "Bullet" Hanger is a fine example, being complete with the separate belt loop at the top.

The leather throughout the hanger has some minor attic crazing on the finish but it is still sound and serviceable.

The snap clip hooked to the black belt loop is marked with "A" on the reverse, indicating the Assmann firm, as well as "A&S", the production year "37", and an RAD triangle.

The nickel clip below is also marked in the same fashion.

A very nice RAD "Bullet" example here.

Excellent Plus. $525.00

ACCOUHANGERS #43341 Army Officer's Hangers

This set of Army Officer's Hangers has desirable deluxe fittings. The closed box clip at the top is decorated with a fine pattern of oak leaves and is marked "DRGM" on the reverse. This set measures 10 inches long.

The buckles and slides on these hangers also have the crisply detailed oak leaf pattern, as do the deluxe, "push-up" snaps.

The brocade strapping remains in nice condition, being constructed of textured aluminum. It shows age but not wear. The reverse surface of the straps is covered in fine green velvet, free of fraying or worn spots.

A nice set of Army straps here.

Excellent Plus. $195.00

ACCOUHANGERS #40352 Luftwaffe Officer's Hangers

This set of Luftwaffe Officer's Hangers measures 10 ½ inches long. It is fitted with deluxe mounts. The upper snap slip is decorated with raised oak leaves and is marked "UE 10 RZM" and "DRGM" on the reverse. The textured gray brocade straps are in fine condition, with no obverse wear. The velvet backing shows slight wear, mostly at the top, but these hangers to look to have been only lightly used.

The rectangular buckles and slides are decorated with raised oak leaves. These oak leaves have an almost gilded look to them, something we see on Luftwaffe Officer's hangers; these are not to be mistaken for General's hangers, however! The "push-up" snap clips also have this gold tint, as well as raised oak leaves on the surfaces. Both of the snaps are marked "DRGM".

A very nice set of Luftwaffe Hangers here.

Near Mint. $225.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39607C Luftwaffe General’s Hangers

This set of Luftwaffe General’s hanger are the genuine article. On many Luftwaffe General’s Hangers we see what appears to be gilding but in reality is just the discolored lacquer; that is not the case here.

The upper clip is plain and unmarked, with remnants of gilding around the lower areas. The buckles and slides have some gilding left in the recesses. The snaps also have some gilding but for the most part it is gone.

The brocade is still excellent, as are the aluminum stripes. The reverse high-pile velvet has a bit of wear but it nothing bad.

An outstanding opportunity to acquire a set of genuine Luftwaffe General’s Hangers.

Excellent Plus. $595.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39608C Early Army General’s Hangers

This set of General’s Hangers are the real deal and there is no question about it. They are in very nice condition overall and measure 11 inches long. Apparently the original owner was an early Army General because these hangers are the style with brass hardware; this type of hardware was only used for a short time after the Army Dagger was introduced.

The top clip has about 95% of the gilding intact. The oval ring and slide on the right side have nearly 100% of the gilding, as does the pebbled snap clip at the bottom. The left strap has a little bit of oxidation on the buckle and slide but easily retains at least 70% of the gilding. The left “push-in” snap retains nearly all of the gilding.

The brocade is in excellent condition. These are best early version General’s Hangers I've ever had on offer.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $795.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39502 Social Welfare Hangers

This set of Social Welfare Hangers is in outstanding condition. The straps are still stiff, indicating they were hard ever used, if at all.

The brocade straps are a light gray, textured affairs, with a pair of dark gray lines that run the length. The reverse is in lighter gray, high pile velvet that remains in choice condition.

These straps measure about 11 inches long. The top clip is pebbled aluminum, as are the buckles and slides. The snaps at the bottom are the “push-in” style and retain most of their fine original plating.

A fine set of Social Welfare straps here.

Mint. $1,095.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39486 Social Welfare Hangers

This set of Social Welfare Hangers remain in very fine condition throughout, and they measure about 10 ½ inches long.

The straps are gray, with a textured brocade center and a set of dark gray accent lines running the length. The velvet backing of the straps shows just a bit of wear.

The top clip is constructed of crisply pebbled aluminum, as are the rectangular buckles and the slides. The lower snap clips are the “push-in” type, and retain about 50% of the original plating they once had.

A nice set of scare Social Welfare Hangers here. These are getting hard to find these days.

Mint Minus. $995.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39368 Social Welfare Hangers

This set of Social Welfare Hangers measures about 10 ½ inches in length.

The brocade straps feature a light gray bullion background with a finely textured material. There are twin lines of dark gray the run the length of each strap.

The hardware is of aluminum. The snap clip has a pebbled finish on the obverse and is smooth on the reverse. The buckles and slides have matching pebbled finish. The lower snaps are the style with square opening where they attach to the straps, with pebbled finishes on the “push-in” mechanism.

The reverse of the straps are covered in a gray velvet that shows very little usage.

A fine set of straps to add to your Social Welfare dagger here.

Near Mint. $850.00

ACCOUHANGERS #33579C RAD Bullet Hanger

This RAD Bullet Hanger is the long type that is complete with a belt loop. The belt loop is retained by a wire-like fitting which makes it permanent to the lower section. This bullet hanger is of all matching black leather on the obverse. The leather has quite a bit of attic crazing throughout its surfaces but it is still sound.

It is interesting to note that the exact copy of the RAD complicated scabbard designs is pressed into the lower part of the bullet style section. This pressed in design occurs when the heavy hewer is laying on this leather and there is a hundred degree heat in the attic. It makes for an interesting design here on this hanger. The snap clip is a heavy nickel type being unmarked on the reverse. The reverse of this hanger is black leather except for the lower bullet section which is a brown color.

It looks as though, at one time there, was a felt covering over this brown leather but only traces of it remain. Still a nice example here to put with your RAD Hewer.

Excellent. $495.00