Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Accoutrements - Officer's Hangers
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ACCOUHANGERS #39811 Kriegsmarine Hangers

These Kreigsmarine Hangers are about as nice a set as you could hope to find. They are constructed with an aluminum base with a fine gilded finish; this gilding remains 100% intact throughout the lion mask buckles and snaps. The moire straps are lined on the front and covered with perfect high-pile velvet on the reverse.

The hangers are also equipped with a sturdy regain chain and hook. The lion masks are very beautiful, with very crisp relief.

If you have a mint Naval Dagger that you would like to display in high style you will not find a better set of original straps.

Mint. $695.00(#081517)

ACCOUHANGERS #39773 Army Officer’s Hangers

This set of hanging straps is in choice condition. They are very long, measuring about 11 ½ inches.

The brocade is in very fine condition, free of soling and with no faults. It has the nice, textured areas in the center. The reverse sides of the straps are also in fine condition, with the green velvet showing no traces of wear.

The top clip is a closed type, decorated with oak leaves and marked “DRGM”. The buckles and slides have nearly all of their silvered finish and are in great shape. The same is true of the deluxe, “push-up” style lower snaps. These snaps are decorated with oak leaves and marked “DRGM” on the reverse.

A very choice set of Army Hangers here, suitable for a dagger in top condition.

Near Mint. $125.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39503 Red Cross Leader Hangers

This set of Red Cross Leader hanger are very long, measuring almost 12 inches. The brocade remains in beautiful condition, with gray textured straps accented with twin bullion lines bordered in red.

The reverse of the straps are covered in gray velvet which also remains in excellent condition.

The top snap clip is constructed of aluminum and has a plain finish, as do the oval buckles, slides, and “push-in” style snaps. The snaps have most of the original silvered finish intact.

An extensively fine set of RC Leader Straps here that would go great with a mint dagger.

Near Mint. $995.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39607C 2nd Model Luftwaffe General’s Hangers

This set of Luftwaffe General’s hanger are the genuine article. On many Luftwaffe General’s Hangers we see what appears to be gilding but in reality is just the discolored lacquer; that is not the case here.

The upper clip is plain and unmarked, with remnants of gilding around the lower areas. The buckles and slides have some gilding left in the recesses. The snaps also have some gilding but for the most part it is gone.

The brocade is still excellent, as are the aluminum stripes. The reverse high-pile velvet has a bit of wear but it nothing bad.

An outstanding opportunity to acquire a set of genuine Luftwaffe General’s Hangers.

Excellent Plus. $595.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39608C Early Army General’s Hangers

This set of General’s Hangers are the real deal and there is no question about it. They are in very nice condition overall and measure 11 inches long. Apparently the original owner was an early Army General because these hangers are the style with brass hardware; this type of hardware was only used for a short time after the Army Dagger was introduced.

The top clip has about 95% of the gilding intact. The oval ring and slide on the right side have nearly 100% of the gilding, as does the pebbled snap clip at the bottom. The left strap has a little bit of oxidation on the buckle and slide but easily retains at least 70% of the gilding. The left “push-in” snap retains nearly all of the gilding.

The brocade is in excellent condition. These are best early version General’s Hangers I've ever had on offer.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $795.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39539C Hitler Youth Leader’s Hangers

It is a very rare event indeed that I am able to offer a set of Hitler Youth Leader’s Hangers. These hangers recently came with a HJ Leader’s Dagger from a western Pennsylvania family.

These hangers are the style that would have been worn with an Eickhorn HJ Leader’s dagger; I know this by the RZM and maker’s marks that appear on the leather. They are slightly longer than those used with Hörster examples, measuring 10 ¾ inches overall. The leather is in perfect, supple condition; it is a great looking blue-black leather.

The shorter hanger is stamped on the reverse with an open RZM circle and the code of the leather producer, “L2//4/37”. “37” of course is the year of production. After the code is three-legged swastika stamp, clearly indicating that these hangers were made by the Lüneberg firm. This is the firm that made the famous cased hangers that accompanied the Viktor Lütze Feldernhalle Dagger.

The hardware consists of plain silvered metal. The reverse of top clip is marked “UE 10 RZM”. All of the silvering remains on this piece of hardware. The same is true of the buckles and slides, as do the “push-up” snaps. The snaps are marked “UE 10 RZM” and “DRGM”.

These straps are ultra-rare and represent an amazing opportunity to complete an appropriate HJ Leader’s Dagger. You will be hard pressed to find another pair these days.

Near Mint. $4,695.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39502 Social Welfare Hangers

This set of Social Welfare Hangers is in outstanding condition. The straps are still stiff, indicating they were hard ever used, if at all.

The brocade straps are a light gray, textured affairs, with a pair of dark gray lines that run the length. The reverse is in lighter gray, high pile velvet that remains in choice condition.

These straps measure about 11 inches long. The top clip is pebbled aluminum, as are the buckles and slides. The snaps at the bottom are the “push-in” style and retain most of their fine original plating.

A fine set of Social Welfare straps here.

Mint. $1,095.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39486 Social Welfare Hangers

This set of Social Welfare Hangers is I very fine condition throughout, and measure about 10 ½ inches long.

The straps are gray, with a textured brocade center and a set of dark gray accent lines running the length. The velvet backing of the straps shows just a bit of wear.

The top clip is of pebbled aluminum, as are the rectangular buckles and the slides. The lower snaps are the “push-in” type, and retain about 50% if their original plating.

A nice set of hangers here.

Mint Minus. $995.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39462 Kriegsmarine Hangers

This set of hangers are the gilded aluminum style that was worn by the Kriegsmarine. The lion head masks are in choice, matching condition, showing wear only the highest portions of the design. The snaps show modest wear at the ends.

The brocade moire is in perfect condition on the obverse, while the reverse has just the mildest of wear on one edge of the shorter strap. The upper snap on the short strap is fitted with a chain and regain hook.

These hangers would pair nicely with a choice Naval Dagger.

Near Mint. $695.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39435 Luftwaffe Officer’s Hangers

This set of Luftwaffe Hangers is equipped with the rarely seen rectangular buckles that have edges that are more rounded than those normally seen. We don’t see this type very often.

They measure about 11 ¾ inches overall. The brocade is in perfect condition, being a fine gray color with a pair of bullion stripes that run the length. The reverse is covered in fine, high-pile blue-gray velvet and shows no wear.

The snap clip at the type is marked “DRGM” on the reverse, as well as “A”, in a circle, indicating the Assmann firm. The buckles are in good condition, as are the matching slides. The deluxe, “push-up” snaps are also marked with the Assmann “A”.

A really fine, difficult to acquire set of Luftwaffe Straps here.

Mint. $225.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39453 SS/Police Sword Hanger

This 8 inch black leather SS/Police Sword Hanger is a real beauty. It is in the teardrop shape, and is equipped with a closed box clip the top, closed by a boss.

The lower are has a sewn leather strap which accommodates a nickel-plated snap clip. All of the plating is intact on this piece of hardware. On the reverse the leather is a pleasing brown color.

A rarely seen hanger here.

Near Mint. $395.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39368 Social Welfare Hangers

This set of Social Welfare Hangers measures about 10 ½ inches in length. The brocade straps feature a light gray bullion background with a finely textured material. There are twin lines of dark gray the run the length of each strap.

The hardware is of aluminum. The snap clip has a pebbled finish on the obverse and is smooth on the reverse. The buckles and slides have matching pebbled finish. The lower snaps are the style with square opening where they attach to the straps, with pebbled finishes on the “push-in” mechanism.

The reverse of the straps is in a gray velvet that shows very little usage.

A fine set of straps to add to a mint Social Welfare dagger.

Near Mint. $850.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39304C Two-piece RAD Bullet Hanger

This RAD Bullet Hanger is in very choice condition. It is the style which has the belt loop attached to the lower portion of the hanger by means of a wire loop rigging.

The obverse leather is black. There is some noticeable wear on the upper portion of the hanger, but the lower, “bullet” potion is still in pristine condition. The reverse of the lower portion is of unmarred brown leather, marked “D. A. BR. 438” and “Th. Seibold /Offenbach A. M. / 1938”.

Attached to the hanger is a snap clip of patinated nickel. This clip is marked with an “A”, “AS”, as well as a RAD triangle set above the date “37” on the reverse.

If you are looking for an RAD hanger to mate up with a nice RAD piece I think this one will easily meet your needs.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $650.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39321C “Over-the-Shoulder” Sword Rig with Teardrop Hanger

This sword rigging has the canvas strapping with is worn over the wearer’s shoulder. Attached to the lower reaches of the strapping is the leather accouterment that has a snap clip sewn to it.

The accouterment would have accommodated the sword ring, but in the case of this example there is also a leather teardrop hanger attached. This allowed the wearer to carry this sword at a lower angle.

The teardrop is in choice condition, exactly matching the upper portion. This hanger has an adjustable nickel button and is fitted with a bright nickel snap clip.

If you should have a nice sword this hanger rig will complete it nicely.

Mint. $225.00

ACCOUHANGERS #36843 RAD Long Bullet Hanger with Belt Loop

This RAD Hanger has the matching black leather belt loop attached to the lower portion via a wire style connector. The leather below is in matching black, and in good condition. The lower portion of the hanger has the bullet shape, which shows a little bit of wear from a once present hewer.

The buckle above is the typical nickel variety, and is marked on the reverse with a large “A” and the initials “A” and “S” below. To the right of this is an RAD triangle and the date of production “37”.

The reverse of this hanger is all in brown leather. It is marked with apparently the unit of the RAD it was assigned to, being “1 38 B. A. Fü.”. Additionally it has the maker mark “Th. Seibod/Offenbach A. M. / 1937” stamped into the surface.

This hanger is really a top of the line variety, and is still in outstanding collectible condition. It would really enhance a nice RAD hewer. These hangers are getting difficult to encounter, and nice ones like this come with a pretty good price tag attached.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $595.00

ACCOUHANGERS #33579C RAD Bullet Hanger

This RAD Bullet Hanger is the long type that is complete with a belt loop. The belt loop is retained by a wire-like fitting which makes it permanent to the lower section. This bullet hanger is of all matching black leather on the obverse. The leather has quite a bit of attic crazing throughout its surfaces but it is still sound.

It is interesting to note that the exact copy of the RAD complicated scabbard designs is pressed into the lower part of the bullet style section. This pressed in design occurs when the heavy hewer is laying on this leather and there is a hundred degree heat in the attic. It makes for an interesting design here on this hanger. The snap clip is a heavy nickel type being unmarked on the reverse. The reverse of this hanger is black leather except for the lower bullet section which is a brown color.

It looks as though, at one time there, was a felt covering over this brown leather but only traces of it remain. Still a nice example here to put with your RAD Hewer.

Excellent. $495.00

ACCOUHANGERS #35862C Long RAD Bullet-Style Hanger with Belt Loop

This RAD Hanger is a very fine example being the two-piece type. The upper portion has a belt loop with nickel snap clip attached. This clip attaches to a wire holder which is attached to the lower leather portion of the bottom of the hanger. The bottom portion features the bullet style RAD leather backing which protects the wearer’s leg area from wear to the uniform.

There is a snap clip which rests as the upper portion of the bullet leather. This snap clip as well as the snap clip for the belt loop are Assmann marked and also have the date, “37”. The reverse of the hanger has a brown colored leather while the obverse leather is all black.

This hanger is in exceptional condition and would nicely accommodate a good conditioned RAD hewer. These two-piece hangers are quite difficult to find these days.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $650.00

ACCOUHANGERS #35353 Unidentified Black Leather Hanger

This leather hanger measures about 5 1/2 inches in length, and about 3 1/4 inches wide, with the built in belt loop being slightly narrower at the upper section. The hanger is composed of fine black leather, which is nicely made, and has two, standard SA style, snap clips installed at the lower section. The snap clips are leather retained, which is further held by rivets. The reverse of the hanger is a fine tan color.

I do not know the purpose of this hanger. It is possible that it is some type of an equipment device, but I do not know. If you do know what this hanger is, it could be a great addition to your collection of field gear, or whatever.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $250.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39119 Army Hangers

This set of Army Hangers is a nice and long, measuring 11 inches and having deluxe mounts. The closed clip at the top is decorated with oak leaves and has “DRGM” stamped into the surface.

The oval buckles have silvered patination, as do the slides. The “push-up” style snaps nicely match and are marked “DRGM” on the reverse.

The brocade is in nice condition on the front, showing some normal age. The reverse of the straps shows mild wear but has no real fraying.

A good set of Army Hangers here.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39071C Kriegsmarine Hangers and Woven Blue Belt

This set of Kriegsmarine Hanger is in choice condition throughout. They have the lined moire fabric on the obverse and fine velvet backing. The straps show little to no wear.

The hardware is of gilded aluminum. The lion mask buckles are and exact matching, showing only minor wear to the high raised areas of the design; this is barely noticeable, however.

The snaps are of matching gilded aluminum. There is a matching gain and regain hook at the top snap of the shorter strap.

Accompanying this set of hangers is the original to the piece blue woven Kriegsmarines“under the tunic” belt”. This belt has two belt loops of brown leather. The “D” rings are in the same matching state as the hangers. The belt has a fine leather tab and a matching gilded aluminum belt buckle.

A really great set here for a mint Kriegsmarine dagger. I find that naval straps are really difficult to obtain these days, so get these while you have the chance.

Mint Minus. $795.00

ACCOUHANGERS #39085C Three Piece NSKK Hanger

This complete three piece NSKK rig consists of a short hanger, belt loop and a grip retainer loop.

The short hanger has good, supple leather with nickel plated hardware. The retainer loops is still present on the short hanger. It also is stamped “RZM L2/30/41”, indicated it was made in 1941. The grip retainer loop also has RZM stampings.

The belt loop is of fine black leather with a nickel-plated “D” ring.

A nice set to pair up with a late model NSKK Dagger.

Excellent. $250.00

ACCOUHANGERS #38880C Luftwaffe Officer's Hangers

This set of Luftwaffe Officer's Hangers is quite long, measuring just about 11 ½ inches overall.

The brocade straps are in beautiful condition, with textured gray strapping decorated with bullion striping. The reverse of the strapping has perfect, high-pile velvet backing, also in gray.

The hardware consists of a plain snap clip and rectangular buckles and slides that have been decorated with a fine pattern of oak leaves. The snaps are the pebbled, “push-in” types.

An extremely fine set of Luftwaffe Hangers here.

Mint. $235.00

ACCOUHANGERS #38877C Army Officer's Hangers

These Army Officer's Hangers are in extremely nice condition, measuring about 10 ¼ inches in length.

The brocade straps are in very fine condition, showing little to no age. There is a little bit of minor mothing but no real wear.

The mounts are very good, the upper closed clip being decorated with oak leaves. Riveted metal tabs act to retain the straps. These tabs are “DRGM” marked and are stamped with oak leaves. The buckles and slides retain the original silvered finish, as do the “push-in” snap clips. It is good to see hardware in this kind of condition.

A great looking set of Army Hangers here.

Near Mint. $175.00

ACCOUHANGERS #38326C Unissued Leather Sword Hanger

This Sword Hanger is of choice brown leather and appears to be unissued. The total length is about 15 inches.

At the top there is a “D” ring to which is connected and chain and regain hook. The straps is holed in several areas for adjustment purposes. At the bottom area is a rectangular nickel-plated buckle and a leather strap with a snap clip. This nickel-plated clip is marked “DRGM” on the reverse, along with what is presumably a patent number.

If you have a mint Army Sword this rarely seen accouterment would make a very fine addition.

Mint. $225.00

#38043 Social Welfare Hangers

Social Welfare Hangers are becoming fairly difficult to obtain. This set is probably the finest set I've ever had the pleasure of handling.

The straps are still stiff and are in mint condition. The brocade has beautiful silvery lines running the length, accented with twin lines of dark gray. The reverse is a high-pile gray velvet with no wear at all.

The top snap clip is of aluminum, with a pristine pebbled finish. The pebbling is so crisp you could almost file your nails on it! The same is true the of the buckles and slides. The snaps are the “push-in” type, and show almost no signs of ever having been used.

All of the silvered finish is intact throughout, a very rare thing to see and speaking to the exceptional quality of this set.

If you have a mint Social Welfare or Red Cross dagger that needs completion, this set of straps will certainly fit the bill.

Mint. $1,195.00

ACCOUHANGERS #37827 Kriegsmarine Hangers

This set of Kriegsmarine Hangers is the gilded aluminum type. The gilding is in excellent condition, being 100% intact on the short strap and showing just the most modest of wear on the lion mask on the longer strap.

The strap are the black lined moire type with black velvet backing. The velvet is in excellent condition on the short strap, while the longer has evidence of a minor repair. This repair was implemented between the two buckles of the lion mask. It is not that noticeable and doesn't detract from the set, and looks to be period as it does not glow when subjected to a UV light. The upper clip on the short strap is equipped with a hook and regain chain.

A good set of Kriegsmarine straps here, priced accordingly due to the repair.

Excellent. $495.00

ACCOUHANGERS #37081 RAD Officer's Hangers

This set of RAD Officer's Hangers had a couple of problems with the leather when we first received them. There was a near break in the right strap, and some problems with left strap under the buckle area. We have successfully repaired these tow flaws, and this set of hangers would make an outstanding display set assuming the weight of the dagger is not put on the straps. They are priced accordingly.

These straps measure 9½ inches in length. The leather is the typical tan color, and there is no visible rot or problems. The hardware includes a closed upper clip which is the deluxe style with a pebbled finish. The buckles are the square type, and have the typical pebbled aluminum finish; the same is true of the slides. The matching aluminum snaps are the “push-in” type, and also have a matching pebbled finish.

A good set of straps here to display with your RAD Officer's Dagger.

Excellent. $495.00

ACCOUHANGERS #37110 Luftwaffe Officer's Hangers

This set of Luftwaffe Officer's Hangers are fairly long, measuring slightly over 11 inches. The top clip is the style that is plain throughout, and there is a cast-in “DRGM” on the reverse.

The brocade straps are in choice condition, showing little in the way of age or wear. The gray velvet on the reverse is in similarly choice condition.

The buckles are the rectangular style with raised oak leaves, a pattern repeated on the slides below. The snap clips at the bottom are the “push-in” style, having a pebbled finish.

A very fine set of Luftwaffe Hangers here.

Near Mint. $225.00

ACCOUHANGERS #36848 2nd Model Luftwaffe Hangers

This set of Luftwaffe hangers shows very little usage and the front brocade straps are still in pristine condition. These straps feature a textured gray color, having twin aluminum lines that run down the edges of both.

The reverse features a gray velvet, with some very mild wear at the very top of the left strap but otherwise showing little use.

The straps measure about 11 inches. The upper snap clip is the deluxe type, having oak leaf decoration throughout the obverse area. The reverse is marked “DRGM” as well as “U.E. 10 RZM”. The buckles are the rectangular type, and they have raised oak leaves which match those of the slides. The lower snaps are the deluxe variety, with the “push up” mounting. The face of both snaps has raised oak leaves, and, on the reverse, are marked “A”.

A fine set of straps here for a Near Mint to Mint 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $195.00

ACCOUHANGERS #36849 Army Officer's Hangers

This set of Army Officer's Hangers is approximately 11 inches in length. The front brocade of this set is in excellent condition, featuring a finely textured aluminum bullion.

The reverse of the straps is covered in green velvet. There is a little bit of wear at the top of the straps, but the velvet itself shows little in the way of usage.

The box clip is the deluxe type, being marked “DRGM” and having raised oak leaves. The oval buckles and slides feature the overlapping oak leaf decoration, and still have most of the original silvering on the surfaces. The snap clips are the deluxe type, having in the “push up” type snaps. The faces are decorated with oak leaves. The reverse of the snaps are stamped “DRGM”.

A fine set of hangers here for a good conditioned Army Officer's Dagger.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $165.00

ACCOUHANGERS #28489 SS/Police Degen Hanger

This Degen Hanger is nearly 8” in length. It consists of a straight black leather strap, which is bent over at the top to secure a pebbled “D” ring. There is a boss which holds the leather in place.

At the lower area there is a nickel-plated buckle. Attached to the the reverse of this buckle with an additional leather strap is a black painted “dog leash” style snap clip.

The hanger shows some mild use, but still has fine leather and pleasing black surfaces. This is an excellent hanger that would have been affixed to a snap clip on a belt and attached to the sword from the carrying ring on the scabbard.

I have not seen this configuration in the past, but it is certainly a fine, rarely seen accoutrement.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $295.00

ACCOUHANGERS #35908 Deluxe 2nd Model Luftwaffe Hangers

This set of Luft Hangers shows some mild wear on the reverse with a little bit of minor fraying but not too bad. For the most part the gray velvet backing are in good condition. The obverse brocade features the textured gray straps having twin aluminum stitched lines that run the length. The straps are equipped with a snap clip that we do not see too often. It is the style that has raised oak leaves but the oak leaf sprig is only on the snap portion of the clip with leaves also being on the lower set of closed boxes that accommodate the straps.

The straps are retained by metal fold over tabs. These tabs are both “DRGM” stamped at the top and on the obverse they features stampings of twin oak leaf sprigs next to each other. The tabs are held via rivets. The rectangular buckles and slides are matching gray metal having raised oak leaf decoration and the deluxe “push up” style snap clips have the oak leaf decoration on their obverse. A nice set of hangers here that would go well with an Excellent to Excellent Plus 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger.

Excellent. $195.00