Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Accoutrements: Frogs & Loops
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ACCOUF&L #40087C K98 Bayonet Frog with Luftwaffe Property Numbers

This K98 Bayonet Frog is in excellent condition, with good leather, stitching, and rivets.

The reverse is marked with Luftwaffe property numbers; they read "RB-NR. 0/0335/0018".

An excellent frog to complete your K98 bayonet.

Excellent Plus. $75.00

ACCOUF&L #40088C K98 Bayonet Frog

This frog is still in condition, with good leather, stitching, and rivets.

This frog is unmarked on the reverse.

If you have a naked K98 Bayonet, this frog will dress it up nicely.

Excellent. $50.00

ACCOUF&L #38341 Brown Leather Belt Loop

This brown leather belt loop is in excellent condition throughout, with a good dark color and dual accent lines running down the edges.

The “D” ring is a steel example that has darkened with age.

An excellent example to complete your SA hanger.

Excellent Plus. $65.00

ACCOUF&L #38120 TeNo Hewer Frog

This TeNo Hewer Frog is a real beauty, being in perfect condition throughout. This frog has really great black leather which is still new-like. The leather is equipped with a retainer strap and an intact button hole which looks almost unused. The aluminum boss below is also in good condition.

The frog is equipped with the covering piece of leather that goes over the snap clip protecting the scabbard from damage. The snap clip is of nickel, and is marked with an Assmann “A” on the reverse.

If you have a mint TeNo hewer that needs a frog this piece would work perfectly; it is easily one of the nicest examples of the type I've ever offered.

Mint. $995.00

ACCOUF&L #37914C SA/NPEA Brown Frog

This SA/NPEA Frog is in choice condition throughout. It is the style that has a hole to admit a lug, and is the proper width for a SA or NPEA scabbard.

There has been a notch cut out on the right side. This notch would have accommodated the eyelet and ring on a SA scabbard.

The reverse of the frog is stamped “RZM L2/44/38”. Beneath is the name of the manufacturer, “Kernstück”.

This is a great frog if you are looking for something to accompany a SA or NPEA Dagger.

Near Mint. $495.00

ACCOUF&L #37543C Brown SA Vertical Hanger

This SA Vertical Hanger is in very fine condition, showing some period wear but with no problems whatsoever with the supple brown leather.

The reverse of this hanger is in the usual “coffin” shape, and is slightly longer those we normally see. It has three nickel-plated rivets used to reinforce the leather.

The lower retainer loop and upper retention strap and both sound and supple on this piece. The upper strap is slightly thinner than the norm, and has a squared, round cornered buckle and hasp. The snap clip if of nickel, marked “A” and “DRGM”. This style of snap clip dates the hanger as an early example. We know that certain SA groups used a vertical hanger, mostly marching bands and mounted Reiter units.

A very rare SA Hanger here, all set to be added to your early SA Dagger.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $495.00

ACCOUF&L #37509C TeNo Hewer Frog

This TeNo Hewer Frog shows some mild age and traces of usage but it is still all here. The leather is black and has a rivet on the reverse. The rivet retains the attachment mechanism and consists of an aluminum snap clip. The clip is marked “A” on the reverse, indicating it is an Assmann piece.

The leather retainer straps which crosses the bayonet is missing the end piece which normally has a button hole; this frog is priced accordingly. The protector flap which covers the snap clip is still intact.

This is an excellent frog to install on a TeNo Hewer, and is a prime candidate for a little restoration work.

Excellent. $595.00

ACCOUF&L #36806C Black Leather SS/NSKK Belt Loop

The leather of this belt loop is in excellent condition throughout, showing some mild age.

It is sewn closed to retain the nickel “D” ring. This “D” ring is smaller than we normally see, but it is large enough to do the job.

A good example here to add to a short hanger or SS vertical rig.

Excellent. $95.00

ACCOUF&L #36475C Black Belt Loop with “D” Ring

This Black Belt Loop has very fine leather construction, joined together with a rivet.

The “D” ring affixed at the top of the piece is a steel-based, nickel-plated type.

This Belt Loop would make a fine addition to a SS or NSKK Dagger.


Excellent Plus, Plus. $125.00

ACCOUF&L #36476C Black Belt Loop with Aluminum “D” Ring

This Black Belt Loop is constructed of finely conditioned leather, which is trimmed with lined edges and kept closed by a stout rivet.

The “D” ring affixed to the top of this belt loop is a pebbled aluminum type, showing some mild wear.

A fine Belt Loop here, which would work equally well an SS or and NSKK Dagger.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $125.00

ACCOUF&L #35842C Black / Brown Leather Belt Loop with Brass “D” Ring

This leather belt loop is either a very dark color brown or black; under normal lighting conditions it is difficult to tell what color it actually is!

The leather is decorated with the twin lines, one running on each edge, and is retained by a stout rivet. The “D” of this piece ring is a pebbled brass type.

This would be the exactly type of loop that would really look outstanding on a chained NSKK Marine dagger. A nice belt loop here!

Mint Minus. $175.00