Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Accoutrements: Frogs & Loops
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ACOUF&L #44504C K-98 Frog with NCO's Troddel

This K-98 Frog remains in good condition throughout. It is a standard type, with quad-rivet construction.

The frogs looks to have a maker mark and date of 1940, but these are mostly obscured.

Attached to the frog is what appears to be the original NCO's troddel. This troddel remains in the original tie and is set in place. The strapping is leather and is a grayish color. It remains in good condition. The slide is woven gray leather, with a green ball cap and a bullion lower ball. The insert is aluminum with a green stripe.

A nice rig here, perfect to complete your K-98 bayonet.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

ACCOUF&L #44361 Black Leather Belt Loop

This belt loop is in very fine condition with great leather throughout and trim lines on the edges.

The trim lines are somewhat antiques and add some visual interest to the piece; this would make your nice SA (or possibly NSKK) just a bit nicer.

The leather of this hanger remains sound with no fraying, wear, or other major issues. There is some curling but this is very minor.

It is equipped with a nickel plated D ring.

This belt loop would be outstanding for a SS dagger or an NSKK dagger.

Near Mint. $85.00

ACCOUF&L #44362 Dark Brown SA Belt Loop

This belt loop is a very dark brown color being almost black. I am not sure if this is simply aged brown leather or if this was by design.

It has a rivet holding the nickel plated D ring and overall is in very nice condition.

This belt loop if darkened with a little shoe polish could work well on an NSKK dagger or if you have a dark hanger for your SA perhaps it would match up well.

A very nice SA Belt Loop here.

Excellent Plus. $65.00

ACCOUF&L #36536C Two Piece SA Belt Loop with Retainer Strap

This belt loop and retainer strap are in very choice, new-like condition.

The leather used to construct both the belt loop and the retainer strap exactly matches in color and grain.

The belt loop and retainer strap both have trim lines along the edges of each.

There is a finely pebbled "D" ring attached to the loop. The retainer strap of this rig is marked "L2 / 338 / 41" and it has a good, working snap.

A very fine SA accoutrement here.

Mint. $225.00

ACCOUF&L #43734C White Police Parade Frog

This Police Parade Frog measures 9 ½ inches long. It is the quality type with four rivet construction.

The white coating remains in good condition, toning to an ivory color.

The reverse is stamped with the name of the only I maker I know who made these white frogs, "A. Fischer / Berlin 2 / 1937".

These frogs were used for the police bayonet on honor or guard duty. They are quite rare and very desirable

Excellent. $500.00

ACCOUF&L #43609C SS Marked Dress Bayonet Frog

This SS Marked Bayonet Frog is constructed of sound black leather and remains in fairly nice condition.

The area above the hole, however, is just beginning to tear, so great care would be needed to install it properly on a scabbard. This wear and tear could probably be repaired with a little know-how.

The reverse surface of this frog is marked "SS", "11/41", and "RZM".

A very rarely seen SS Marked Bayonet Frog here.

Good Plus. $350.00

ACCOUF&L #42755C Large SS / NSKK Leather Belt Loop

This a larger sized SS / NSKK belt loop, the standard types being of slightly smaller proportions. It is constructed with good, sound leather that is free of rot or other issues.

The hanger has a rectangular ring installed at the bottom, which retains good plating.

I'm not sure if this loop would have been used for a dagger; given how stout it is, it looks like it was designed for something larger and heavier.

An interesting variant here, and a must if you collect period rigs.

Excellent Plus. $75.00

ACCOUF&L #37914C SA/NPEA Brown Frog

This SA/NPEA Frog is in choice condition throughout. It is the style that has a hole to admit a lug, and is the proper width for a SA or NPEA scabbard.

There has been a notch cut out on the right side. This notch would have accommodated the eyelet and ring on a SA scabbard.

The reverse of the frog is stamped “RZM L2/44/38”. Beneath is the name of the manufacturer, “Kernstück”.

This is a great frog if you are looking for something to accompany a SA or NPEA Dagger.

Near Mint. $495.00

ACCOUF&L #37509C TeNo Hewer Frog

This TeNo Hewer Frog shows some mild age and traces of usage but it is still all here.


The leather is black and has a rivet on the reverse. The rivet retains the attachment mechanism and consists of an aluminum snap clip. The clip is marked “A” on the reverse, indicating it is a high quality Assmann piece.

The leather retainer straps which crosses the bayonet is missing the end piece which normally has a button hole; this frog is priced accordingly. The protector flap which covers the snap clip is still intact.

This is an excellent frog to install on a TeNo Hewer, and is a prime candidate for a little restoration work.

Excellent. $595.00